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25 Οκτωβρίου 2022 1 απάντηση
awesome plugin, the only one that offers exactly what I wanted for setting up my ads by date of contract with my advertisers. The support is very responsive to answer my questions and help me set up the module exactly as I wanted
3 Σεπτεμβρίου 2021 1 απάντηση
I used this plugin for sticky ads. The result is great. A suggestion: If possible, it would be nice if it could be determined what to do when the Adsense ad request returns empty. Turning off the sticky ad slot or replacing it with another ad… I recommend this plugin to everyone.
9 Αυγούστου 2020 1 απάντηση
First, thank you very much for this great plugin and hope that you will come up with a full analytics report. Excellent support from Rafał Osiński, fast response even on Sundays, replies and updates plugins in seconds. The interface is simple, nice and clean and user friendly. Highly recommended and I will definitely use this plugin on all my sites
23 Μαΐου 2020
tl:dr; People, I don’t understand how this plugin is going under the radar? This is a top notch plugin. Try it for yourself, it speaks for itself in it’s simplicity and versatility. Now here is a full review because this plugin earned it: I wanted a versatile way to create hundreds of banner ads quickly, with minimal data entry. To that end, I checked out all the popular plugins for ads that been updated in the last year, starting with those that had the most installs + update most recently. I also filtered out plugins that restricted too much functionality for their PRO versions. I tried the data entry process for creating these banner ads on a lot of the popular ad plugins. While some of them met my criteria, I eliminated some ad plugins because the data entry was too time consuming per banner ad and I eliminated the rest because I didn’t have the granular ability to place the ads as shortcodes, or inject ads automatically into content without purchasing an upgrade out of the box. I’m not opposed to paying for plugins, I just like to pay for plugins after they’ve proved valuable to me. So I got to AdFoxly after trying other plugins simply because there was only 1 review here and the install base is not super massive compared to some of the bigger plugins. On the plus side, it was updated recently so I was hopeful. I installed the plugin and found it to be everything I wanted. I could automatically inject ads where ever I wanted, I could use them in shortcodes or in templates. Best of all, I was able to create 180+ banner ads and have them all displaying in the right positions in just a few hours from installing the plugin. I was in love! However, all was not right because one fateful page reload the connection interrupted mid-transfer and I was horrified to see 180+ ads displaying on the page. I looked in the source code and was concerned to see that my ads which were set to refresh on page load, were being preloaded and hidden. This makes sense for the timer rotation option, but since that was disabled it meant I was making my ad blocker go insane ever page load with 180+ blocked ads hidden in the background. I was concerned that Google wouldn’t like that either. I looked on the support forum here and it was basically empty, but I figured it was worth reaching out with my issue and seeing if they could make it so only one ad appeared if they’re set to refresh on page load. Within 24 hours they released an update that solves my problem. With that one bump in the road solved by the developer so quickly, I am left with the ad plugin of my dreams. Seriously, I just tried so many freaking ad plugins and this one was a breathe of fresh air, and best of all, comes with an attentive developer who knows how to quickly respond to support issues. You’ve earned this 5 star review from me. Thanks again for the plugin and the support.
25 Ιουνίου 2019 1 απάντηση
Simple and easy-to-use plugin. I’m glad that you shared this piece of code with the WordPress community. I can’t wait for the new features!
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