Advanced Gutenberg Blocks


Advanced Gutenberg Blocks is the perfect tool for the new WordPress Editor:
* New blocks: Dozen of new and awesome blocks
* Block management: disable native blocks you don’t need
* Editor tweaks: options to customize the editor experience
* RichText tools: missing the old TinyMCE buttons? Bring them back in a click


  • Notice: Display a sweet Info/Advice/Warning/Avoid/ notice
  • Post: Display pretty posts link (from any post type)
  • WooCommerce Product: Display WooCommerce Product in your post
  • WooCommerce Add to cart button: An add to cart button to quickly purchase a WooCommerce product
  • Banner Ad: Monetize your website by inserting banner Ads in your content
  • Text + rectangle Ad: Monetize your website by inserting Rectangle Ads in your content
  • WordPress Plugin Card: Display a Plugin informations from the official WordPress repository
  • Website Card preview: Do you like how Facebook, Twitter or Slack display a sweet preview to a website in a card? Don’t be jealous, we’ve made the same for you in WordPress!
  • Testimonial: Display a testimonial with a picture, text, name and company
  • Google Map: Display a customizable Google Map in your content
  • Click to Tweet: a nice click to tweet box featuring a content ready to be retweeted
  • Table of contents: An auto generated, dynamic summary for your long posts
  • Intro: A nice first paragraph for your posts
  • Giphy: Quickly search and insert a GIF from Giphy
  • Unsplash: Find beautiful pictures from the best free photos stock
  • Code: Finally the code block you deserve with dozens of themes and languages

Block management

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks features a setting page with all the blocks where you can edit default settings and manage your blocks

Deactivate blocks

Don’t want some of the blocks (from this plugin or the WP default ones) ? Disable them in one click from the blocks management page!

Tweak Editor settings

Customize a lot of settings within the editor without a line of code:

  • Customize Editor width (and wide blocks)
  • Customize default colors in palettes
  • Disable custom color button in palettes
  • Customize default font sizes
  • Disable custom font size option
  • Activate Wide blocks
  • Activate default blocks stylesheet when theme doesn’t handle blocks styles
  • Activate responsive embeds

RichText Tools

Bring back your Tiny MCE buttons in the editor toolbar in a click to improve your writing experience.

  • Sub and sup
  • Remove formatting
  • Code (now native)
  • Striketrough (now native)
  • Selected text color (now native)


Create your own blocks and register them in the Advanced Gutenberg Blocks settings page.

Built with performances in mind

Don’t worry about performances: only the needed scripts are loaded in frontend.


Help me making great blocks! Join the project on Github


This plugin uses the awesome Create-Guten-Block Boilerplate by Ahmad Awais!



This plugin provides 9 blocks.

  • Advanced Gutenberg Blocks
  • Advanced Gutenberg Blocks
  • Advanced Gutenberg Blocks
  • Advanced Gutenberg Blocks
  • Advanced Gutenberg Blocks
  • Advanced Gutenberg Blocks
  • Advanced Gutenberg Blocks
  • Advanced Gutenberg Blocks
  • Advanced Gutenberg Blocks


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Go in ‘Blocks’ menu to manage blocks and settings

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

What is Advanced Gutenberg Blocks?

AGB brings new blocks for the new WordPress editor and a settings page to configure them. AGB also provides a page to tweak the WordPress editor, and deactivate native blocks that you don’t want to use.

Does the blocks exists in standalone?

No, but only the needed scripts are loaded in front, so don’t worry about performances

I have a block idea! How can I reach you?

Just throw me an e-mail at maxime [at] dysign . fr and let’s get in touch!


10 Οκτωβρίου 2019
I was looking for a good Gutenberg Google Map block, after searching and testing dozens of bloated shortcode based stuff I found this. My intent was only to use the Google Map block but i actually love all of them. Good work, and it is even open source !
31 Ιανουαρίου 2019
I installed it, inserted a table of content block, saved and opened the preview...there it was. A nice looking ToC of my last post with links to the corresponding headlines. Took me 3 minutes to do it all together. 5 stars are not enough!
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Σύνοψη αλλαγών

1.9.8 (12/04/2020)

  • Fixed: Due to a bug on, translations for the blocks are defined directly on this plugin

1.9.7 (11/04/2020)

  • Fixed: missing strings in translation

1.9.6 (10/04/2020)

  • Fixed: translations in editor weren’t properly loaded
  • Fixed: issue in add to cart button
  • Fixed: an error causing every block to crash (due to formats doubles)
  • Improved: remove formats that are now in core (strikethrough, inline code, color)
  • Improved: updated some depreciated code
  • Improved: use of WooCommerce v3 API if available thanks to Julià Mestieri
  • Improved: WooCommerce blocks can find variables products thanks to Julià Mestieri
  • Improved: Updated the way the plugin handles translation to fit standards (02/03/2020)

  • Fixed: a bug with plugin block and missing strings for translation

1.9.5 (27/02/2020)

  • Added: You can now transform text and intro in notices blocks thanks to Frederico Bond
  • Improved: the way styles and scripts are loaded
  • Improved: Updated code to handle depreciations
  • Improved: Some security improvments (Thanks to Camilo517)
  • Fixed: some bugs in e-commerce blocks thanks to Julià Mestieri
  • Fixed: overrided editor and theme annoying styles in editor
  • Fixed: Blocks deactivation
  • Fixed: Custom editor width that didn’t worked anymore on some themes
  • Fixed: some blocks that couldn’t get custom classes thanks to Theremingenieur
  • Fixed: multiple errors

1.9.4 (28/10/2019)

  • Ready for WordPress 5.3
  • Fixed: Some styles, script and the Noto font were loading in front, increasing HTTP requests for nothing

1.9.3 (09/10/2019)

  • Fixed: Text domain wasn’t properly called
  • Fixed: Removed WP texturize in block content to avoid — being transformed in – thanks to @lukaszmn
  • Fixed: Table of content entities and tags are handled better thanks to @lukaszmn
  • Improved: Added support for new languages: TypeScript and JSON thanks to lukaszmn
  • Fixed: Code block line Wrapping works fine thanks to @mcbenton
  • Fixed: Plugin blocks works again thanks to @dezodev
  • General improvements

1.9.2 (06/04/2019)

  • Fixed: Issue in website block
  • Warning: OpenGraph API has changed plans. You must login and accept new free plan so the website block works again.

1.9.1 (21/03/2019)

  • Improved: missing strings are now translatable in every language

1.9 (07/03/2019)

  • New: You can now add buttons to the editor Toolbar to improve the Tiny MCE experience
  • Improved: Updated the way the plugin unregister blocks (following this issue)

1.8.5 (24/01/2019)

  • Fixed: Better default values handling in PHP rendered blocks
  • Fixed: Post block didn’t display post Thumbnail anymore

1.8.4 (22/01/2019)

  • Fixed: Notice Block needed more depreciation scheme after fixing messy SVG icons
  • Fixed: Table of Content JS didn’t work for people who changed the native jQuery version on theme

1.8.3 (22/01/2019)

Big update with a few new features but a lot of fixes. I’ve heard you on and Github! Thanks for your support.

  • French translation up to date
  • New: Code Block now supports plain text (Thanks to ronisbr)
  • New: Table of content is now foldable (Thanks to fethomm) and has more options: default header text, maximum level depth and folded by default
  • Improved: API Key fields in block management page are now only accessible for ‘manage_options’ capabilities (Thanks to Sebastient Serre)
  • Improved: Dashboard styles
  • Improved: Paragraph can now be transformed in Intro block
  • Fixed: Some PHP data validation where messy (Thanks to Thierry Pigot)
  • Fixed: Error with Post Block rendering
  • Fixed: Code block JSX lang is now properly working
  • Fixed: Code block Rust lang is now properly working
  • Fixed: Code block Shell lang is now properly working
  • Fixed: Escaped code in code block to avoid issues with apostrophes (thanks to Pwharton)
  • Fixed: PHP lang was hard to choose because of a missing CSS z-index attribute
  • Fixed: Plugin without icon now displays a placeholder image
  • Fixed: Get full size image in Post Block thumbnail if Large is not available
  • Fixed: Bug with Notice block icon rendering
  • Fixed: When a block invites to set API key, the URL to blocks management page is now always good (even on multisite)
  • Fixed: Depreciation in Notice block now works
  • Fixed:   chars are no longer appearing in Table of Contents Block

1.8.2 (02/01/2019)

  • Fixed: Bad settings values in CodeMirror in Code Block
  • Fixed: Bug preventing PHP code in front in Code Block

1.8.1 (28/12/2018)

  • New Setting: Long lines wrap in Code block
  • New Setting: Highlight lines in Code block
  • Fixed: Custom Post Types on Post block
  • Fixed: Search broken on product block
  • Fixed: Admin CSS/JS didn’t load on non english languages

1.8 (27/12/2018)

  • New block: Code with syntax highlighting, dozen of themes and languages
  • Improved: Gmap block supports wide and full alignment
  • Optimization: Better performances

1.7.1 (21/12/2018)

  • Fix: Giphy now works on HTTPS sites
  • Fix: Unsplash image description

1.7 (21/12/2018)

  • New Block: Search and display GIFs from Giphy
  • New Block: Search and import images from Unsplash
  • Fixed: Notice block icon bug

1.6 (19/12/2018)

  • New: Dashboard to manage blocks
  • New: separate Dashboard to disable native blocks
  • Fixed: a bug preventing activation
  • Fixed: loss of options data

1.5 (17/12/2018)

  • New Feature: “Editor settings” – tweak editor setting without code!
  • New Editor settings option: Customize Editor Width (and wide blocks width too)
  • New Editor settings option: Customize default colors in color Palette
  • New Editor settings option: Disable custom color button in color Palette
  • New Editor settings option: Customize fonts sizes and names in paragraph size selector
  • New Editor settings option: Disable custom font size option in paragraphs
  • New Editor settings option: Activate Wide blocks
  • New Editor settings option: Activate Editor blocks defaults stylesheet
  • New Editor settings option: Activate responsive embeds
  • New in Notice Block: New styles variations available
  • New in Notice Block: Notices can display an icon
  • Fixed: 2 bugs on Add to cart block

1.4.4 (10/12/2018)

  • Fixed: error on WP 4.x
  • Fixed: error on Blocks management page

1.4.3 (05/12/2018)

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg official release!
  • Blocks are now grouped in the same category in the inserter
  • Changed blocks colors in inserter menu
  • Fixed: bug in Add to cart button
  • Fixed: bug in Summary code preventing good anchors slugs
  • Fixed: bug in Post block forgetting its ID
  • Fixed: bug in Post block with no thumbnail
  • Fixed: multiple little things

1.4.2 (19/09/2018)

  • Added filters for template files
  • Fixed a bug when searching for a post or a product
  • Removed lodash dependency and use the one in gutenberg

1.4.1 (12/09/2018)

  • Fixed a bug crashing the table of contents
  • Improved React code to fit good practices

1.4 (12/09/2018)

  • New block: Table of contents block
  • New block: Subhead block
  • Checking compatibility with Gutenberg 3.8

1.3.2 (04/09/2018)

  • Compatibility with Gutenberg 3.7
  • Fixed a bug causing an error on activation
  • Fixed deactivated blocks to work with the newer Gutenberg versions
  • Rewrote Add To Cart Button because withAPIData has been deprecated in Gutenberg
  • Rewrote Product Block because withAPIData has been deprecated in Gutenberg
  • Fixed accessing WooCommerce API by adding an API Key authentification
  • Fixed dynamic search in Settings page
  • Fixed Post block when choosing other post types
  • A backend CSS style was loaded in front, causing CSS conflicts with 2 columns block

1.3.1 (07/08/2018)

  • Fixed bad URL in Click To Tweet block

1.3 (09/07/2018)

  • New block: Click To Tweet
  • Added a fuzzy search to help you find a block on settings page

1.2.7 (29/06/2018)

  • Added background color to blocks in Gutenberg Block list
  • Fixed bug preventing settings to be saved

1.2.6 (25/05/2018)

  • Fixed bug occuring when WooCommerce is not installed/enabled

1.2.5 (25/05/2018)

  • Fixed disable block functionality thanks to D Willitzer (djdesign)
  • Fixed bug on activation
  • Improved code for better performances

1.2.4 (19/05/2018)

  • Compatibility with the new Gutenberg 2.9
  • Fixed a bug on plugin activation thanks to Thierry (Theremingenieur)

1.2.3 (17/05/2018)

  • Fixed a bug occuring in plugins page

1.2.2 (17/05/2018)

  • Improved Plugin block. Now fully dynamic. Warning: You’ll need to recreate your Plugin blocks.
  • Fixed post block link
  • General improvment

1.2.1 (14/05/2018)

  • Improved Card preview data fetching
  • Fixed a bug with Card plugin API key
  • Fixed Assets version to avoid cache issues on update
  • Fixed text input labels and styles

1.2 (14/05/2018)

  • WARNING: This version breaks compatibility with previous version. You’ll need to recreate your blocks. Sorry for that, it wont happen again : I’m changing the plugin slug, textdomain and blocks ID to avoid conflict with another plugin.
  • Compatibility with Gutenberg 2.8
  • Fixed Post block issues
  • Fixed Website Card issues
  • Fixed testimonial unselectable fields
  • General improvements

1.1.1 (26/03/2018)

  • Fixed Gmap block
  • Improved front style consistency

1.1.0 (18/03/2018)

  • Added Google Maps Block
  • French Translation

1.0.0 (13/03/2018)

  • First release with a few blocks and the blocks manager