Import Aliexpress products with your own unique AI Generated Product descriptions within seconds. This Aliexpress Product Importer is designed to accomodate large stores and advanced importing features Alister will help your dropshipping store grow (proven track record)!
Just input the product URL or an ID and Alister will fetch all the necessary data directly from Aliexpress.
Once product data is fetched, users can transform and add any additional information they need, including title, categories, images, description, properties and more.

Alister provides two main services to users by calling back to alister servers:

  1. Generates description using features and title – 100 generations per day
  2. Fetches data from aliexpress using the product URL or ID

Both of these services don’t require account creation.


  • Description generated by AI
  • Ability to set product properties directly from the plugin
  • User-friendly UI to modify attributes for variable products


  • Requires woocommerce plugin to run
  • Upload plugin files to your plugin directory or install using wordpress plugin store
  • Once you activate the plugin, you will be able to access it from your admin page sidebar


28 Δεκεμβρίου 2022
This can't get any easier to use: copy&paste either the URL or the ID, it automatically starts to do its thing. If it can get what it needs, you are well on your way. If for some reason it cannot process the URL (like if the product isn't available to be shipped to your location), it errors out. The message could be more verbose but that is really nitpicking. The AI is BRILLIANT. No more broken English or culturally incorrect wording. Instead you get a configurable number of options to us. Select one and it drops it in the description. Move down and verify the images are ok. Select what variations you want to process (including being able to change the variation label to something you want - NICE!!), then set your price multiplier (including the shipping if desired). Double check that things look ok, then either push to draft or publish. The only glitch I've come across - and it might not be a glitch but instead Ali-foolery, is that sometimes shipping comes up with a cost when the Ali says its free (better than the alternative) and randomly, the Ali price is WAAAAAAAAAAY off, like an $8 widget on Ali comes up as a $6000 item in Alister. This is random and repeatable on the same item so suspect something is lost in translation or Ali is playing weird. Just push to draft and fix the numbers. Oh, and if you don't set a price, it puts it out of stock. Overall, I'm completely pleased with this plugin. Kudos!
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  • Fix: Uploaded images no longer break the drag and drop feature


  • Initial release