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This plugin appends an episode index to the podcast player. Currently, the only available embed for the player is for a single episode.
This plugin allows you to add your entire episode index, just the same as you have on your site.
Simply input your site and RSS URL’s on the settings page and add the shortcode to any page or post.

You can see more information on the problem this solves in this article

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Firstly, install and activate Anchor Episodes Index (this plugin).

Once activated, go to the settings and fill out the Anchor Site URL and Anchor RSS URL fields (be sure to add the URL’s without a “/” at the end, otherwise it will not work).

Then copy the shortcode you’ll see on the settings page and paste it in any page or post.

If you want to add multiple different podcasts on the site, you can define the RSS and Site URL’s as shortcode attributes instead of on the settings page. Note, you cannot currently output two players on one page.

Shortcode examples

Uses values set in the settings page:
Overrides values set on the settings page:
[anchor_episodes site_url=”” rss_url=”” max_episodes=”10″]


24 Μαΐου 2022 1 απάντηση
Great work for bringing us this plug-in! I appreciate the work. One nice feature would be if it's also possible to only show the latest podcast, without the pulldown feature. So when selecting " 1" podcast to display the is no pulldown and only the player with the latests podcast.
26 Νοεμβρίου 2021 3 απαντήσεις
This is great — simple and does what it says on the tin. One feature I'd love to see, however, is the ability to limit the number of episodes that are pulled in — rather than the entire list. It would also be good if there wasn't additional space at the bottom of the feed but it's a minor thing compared to how useful this plugin is.
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  • Initial Release.


  • Enqueued files dir path fix


  • Fixed gap between iframe and index. Improved enqueue code to avoid previous issue


  • Revert to old enqueue due to issues


  • Added loading animation and bg color when loading, added expand description function


  • Added ability for shortcode attributes to be defined for the Site and RSS URL’s, so that different podcast can be output on the site at one time.


  • Added option for user to define the maximum amount of episodes to display. Add arguments to enqueue scripts in footer.


  • Improved CSS structure so that themes conflict with the styles less. Refactored JS for better speed and readability. Removed feednami and now working with the XML directly. Improved naming throughout code.


  • Update readme. Tested for WP v6.


  • Fix minor update bug


  • RSS feed duration value changed from timestamp to HH:mm:ss. Removed conversion function and display as is.


  • episode description now respects text formatting


  • improved text formatting. added script localization to output PHP vars.