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With Announcer plugin you can add beautiful and professional looking notification bars to your website. You can display custom message you want like promotions, cookie usage notes, welcome notes, privacy policy note etc. You can use this to increase user engagement in your website or boost sales and services.

You can add Call-To-Action buttons easily to the announcement bar and assign roles to them like opening a link or closing the announcement itself.

View Live demo of the plugin.

⭐ Features

Announcer plugin is feature rich and powerful enough which you cannot find in any other plugin.

  • Create multiple announcements.
  • Supports stacking if there are more than one announcements in one page.
  • Schedule announcements for a date-time range including timezone.
  • Supports both fixed and sticky bars.
  • Call-To-Action buttons.
  • Add messages to both top and bottom positions.
  • Re-display messages or hide permanently using cookies.
  • Insert any content into announcement message like forms, images, shortcodes.
  • Can use shortcodes in messages.
  • Create rules and Conditionally display announcements based on page.
  • Responsive first design and works well on smaller/mobile screens.
  • Multiple layout options, colors to choose and customize the announcements.
  • Automatic display based on time/page scroll.
  • Open/close animations.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No coding knowledge required.
  • Translation ready.
  • Clean and lightweight plugin.
  • GDPR complaint.

🚛 Use cases & ideas

You can use Announcer plugin to display announcement or message banner on your website for things like,

  • Promotional messages like coupons, during seasonal sales.
  • Cookie consent message.
  • Welcome message.
  • Privacy policy notes.
  • Terms and conditions changes.
  • Site wide important announcements.
  • News.
  • Forms like “email newsletter” using shortcodes of subscription plugins, wpforms, mailchimp etc.
  • Launch of new products.
  • New blog post.
  • Feedback messages.
  • Sharing icons, links.
  • Offers on products.
  • Messages like COVID-19 updates to visitors.

💎 PRO version

There is a PRO version available and it includes below features to further enhance and spice up your announcements even better.

  • Countdown timer – Display a countdown timer next to your announcements to notify any deadline or to increase engagement. You can customize the countdown timer as you want.

  • Animation – Want to grab the attention of your announcements ? You can add animation to your CTA buttons and funky transitions to the bar when they open/close

  • Visitor conditions – With this feature you can target visitors based on conditions like referrer, browser, OS, device type, user login status, user role, number of times user has visited the site, number of times user has logged in and more !

  • Shortcode – You can insert the announcement anywhere on your website using Shortcode like post/pages or even in theme templates directly

Get the PRO versionView demo

👋 Feedback

If you have any issues or have any idea to share please post them in the support forum.


  • An example announcement added to the top of the page.
  • Multiple announcements in one page. An example of automatic stacking.
  • Sticky/floating bar.
  • An example on mobile/smaller screen.
  • Admin screen - Manage announcements created.
  • Admin screen - Editing announcements.
  • Admin screen - A collage of settings available.


  1. Extract the zipped file and upload the folder Announcer to to /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Announcer –> All announcements menu on the left navigation pane to manage all the announcements.
  4. Click “Add announcement” to add an announcement.
  5. Customize the announcement and publish it.

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

How many announcements can we create ?

We can add unlimited announcements to the site, there are no restrictions.

Can I add multiple announcements to one page ?

Yes, multiple announcements can be added. The announcements will stack over automatically.

Can I add shortcodes to the announcement ?

Yes, any kind of content, formatting which are regularly added to posts/pages can be done to announcement content.

Can I hide the announcements in certain pages ?

Yes, the plugin allows to create custom rules to decide where the announcements have to be displayed.

Can I display the announcement after some time ?

Yes, you can configure time to display the announcement after page load in certain time.

Can I schedule announcements for the future ?

Yes, a time range can be configured for every announcement which will display the announcement within that range.

Will caching plugins affect this ?

No, the announcements are not affected by caching plugins. You need to clear the cache after a new announcement is created.

Who can created/edit announcements ?

Out of the box only administrators can create announcements. You can use other plugins to add capability to other users to create/edit announcements on your own.

Can I place the announcement using shortcodes on my own ?

No, right now the announcements will be displayed automatically on the page and it cannot be placed manually using shortcodes.

For more FAQs, please visit the plugin homepage


24 Οκτωβρίου 2021
The Announcer plugin is a great little tool for bringing special information, like your cookie policy, sales, and events to the attention of your readers.
31 Μαΐου 2021
Es muy fácil de usar, además se puede establecer reglas de donde y donde no, se debe mostrar la barra, ideal para las landinpage. Le agregaría que se pudiera configurar la vista desde el movil.
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Σύνοψη αλλαγών


  • New: “Custom” display option to open the announcement as needed using JS API.
  • New: New option to add extra padding to the announcement bar.
  • Fix: Apostrophe not saved when button text is CTA.
  • Fix: jQuery exception when trying to add padding when admin bar is shown.
  • Fix: Disable autocomplete for the schedule date picker.
  • Fix: “Terms of post” criteria was not checking the post type.
  • Fix: Minor enhancements to admin settings field.


  • New: Announcement can be scheduled with time.
  • New: Timezone can be selected for scheduling the announcement.
  • New: A mini editor is included to add HTML to announcement message.
  • New: Option to order announcement when they are stacked.
  • Fix: Preview not working.
  • Fix: Announcement message with slashes was not working in preview.
  • Fix: Close icon now has a text on hover.
  • Fix: Announcement reopens when display on page scroll is selected.


  • New: Announcement message is switched to a plain text box rather than rich editor to avoid unwanted formatting.
  • New: Preview announcements before publishing.
  • New: Can enter title/hover text for CTA buttons.
  • New: Quick toggle switch to activate/deactivate the announcements.
  • New: Custom taxonomies and terms can now be selected in location rules.
  • New: Close announcement option upon clicking CTA button.
  • Fix: Undefined index cta_buttons upon saving the announcement with no buttons.
  • Fix: Replace PHP constant __class__ to __CLASS__.
  • Fix: Issue with display on page scroll.
  • Fix: Optimized responsiveness for smaller screens.


  • New: Added support to set gradients as background color.


  • New: Plugin is rewritten from scratch with modern design, new interface and features.
  • Note: Announcements from v3 will not be automatically migrated. Announcement positions like above loop is not available in this version. Please make a note of the announcements when in v3 and create them in v4.