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A Comprehensive Investor Relations Website Solution – Allowing simplified implementation with ShortCodes. Website Content Automatically Updated, HTTPS Secure, Responsive / Mobile-Friendly, Lighting Fast and World Class Support.

Getting started

We will provide you with a Business ID and API Key. Next, visit the Settings/B2i options area to see available ShortCodes and ShortCode parameters for customization.

B2i Example Pages | Live View

Modules Available

  • SEC filings
    Automated – Realtime – Multi-format – XBRL files & Viewer – Email Alerts

  • Stock Quote / Historical Chart / Historical Data
    Automated – Email Alerts – 15 Minute Delayed

  • Financials / Fundamentals
    Automated – Extracted From SEC Filings as Reported or Historical – Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Income Statment

  • Press Releases
    Automated – Realtime – Multi-format – WordPress post – RSS Feed and Email Alerts

  • Email Alerts
    Opt-in Sign-up Form, Corporate Branded Emails, Automated Email List Manager, Dashboard Reporting, Contact Export, Receive Sign-up Notifications, A-B Sign-up Test

  • OTC Disclosures
    Automated – Email Alerts

  • Documents Lists
    Presentations, Annual and Quarterly Reports, Charters, Governance Documents & More

  • Event Calendar
    Automated Reminder Emails

  • Customizable Banner Messages
    Completely Custom Code blocks with scheduled display / expiration – great for adding earnings call information to your home page or investor landing page for easy access

  • Directors / Management

  • Committee Composition

  • Analysts

  • Shareholder material request system

  • Institutional Holders
    Automated – Shares Held, Holding Value, Percentage, Changes

  • Insider Holdings
    Automated – Officers & Directors, Shares Held

  • Dividends
    Automated – Declared Date, Ex Date, Payment Date, Amount, Total for Year, Frequency, Change

  • Quarterly Reports – Multi Section Downloads
    Versatile Usage – documents/links list with scheduled display / expiration, section expansion, custom code ability and much more

  • Contact Us
    Form and Powerful Webform Handlers with auto-reply, email notify, CRM integration and More


  • Automated and Realtime
    Save time and money with our website automation tools.

  • Regulatory Disclosure
    Remove the frustration and concern for website regulatory disclosure

  • Website Compliance
    Compliance for SEC, NYSE, NASDAQ, ADA, GDPR, CASL

  • Keep Contacts Informed Automatically
    Realtime email notifications – Consistent communication is the foundation for Investor Relelations Excellence

  • Seamless Integration
    Using our shortcodes, your data is pulled into your website. No iframes, no sub-domains. Keep control of your webpages and user experience.

  • Website Continuity
    Your content and design never get out of sync with your corporate website because you don’t give up control.

  • White Glove Content Management Service
    Extremely responsive service! We take pride in helping you when you need support.

Client Feedback

“This is exactly what we’ve been looking for! A plugin to keep our data updated without losing control of our investor webpages.”
NYSE Listed Company

“We knew a tool like this had to be available. Thank you for offering such an easy to use plugin.”
NASDAQ Listed Company

“Your service is so responsive, we feel as though we are your only client.”
Investor Relations Firm

“It’s about time someone brought a tool to market that keeps equity data updated on my website without charging a small fortune.”
Microcap Company

“This has allowed us to offer publicly traded companies a complete website solution”
Wed Design Firm

B2i (Business to Investor) Technologies, Inc. has been providing Investor Relations products and services since 2000 including these same plugins that have now been made available through WordPress. Our product offering has continuously grown to meet industry demand with valued input from our clients. Our business philosophy is centered on providing excellent personalized customer service while offering cost effective products and services. We challenge you to find a more customizable, better priced offering with our world-class, dedicated customer support.

B2i VIP Services are ready to support you and can perform edits and send email notifications for content that is not automatically updated and take more of your website maintenance off your plate to allow you to spend time on other key tasks. Your conference call events, investor presentations, annual reports and any other documents and information can be posted to your website and email notifications sent to subscribers.

B2i offers additional integrated solutions, which are full featured and cloud based to handle your website, CRM, email marketing needs, conference calls, webcast and whistleblower phone hotline/web form solutions.

Other Services

Other services include: Conference calls / Webcasts / Whistleblower hotline and web solution. Contact Us for more details.

More Information

More information about each plugin and our Live View demonstration site: https://b2i.cloudaccess.host/

SAAS Pricing

While this plugin is free, the datafeeds are based on the B2i service which is licensed software for a fee.
Pricing is very straight-forward, and Yes We Offer Customized Solutions and base new development on customer feedback.
For this reason, we want the opportunity to engage with our clients during the discovery process to make sure all of your FinTech needs are met.


  • Install and Activate the plugin. Then go to Settings / B2i Options and enter your credentials and click the Save button.
  • While on the Settings / B2i Options page, Scroll down and expand one of the modules and copy the ShortCode
  • Paste the ShortCode onto one of your WordPress pages and Update the page to Save.
  • View your page.


  1. After receiving your credentials from our team, Install b2i Investor Tools automatically or by uploading the entire ‘/b2i’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the ‘b2i Investor Tools’ plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings / b2i options to enter your credentials received.
  4. Begin crafting your IR Site with the available shortcodes.

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

How does the plugin work – Tech Talk

All of our plugins integrate seamlessly into your website, allowing your CSS to control the look of the data. We AJAX all the data into the page to be part of your website, not an iframe, not a link carrying vistors away from your site and not a different domain that is out of your control. Press releases have an additional option to be posted into your website as a WordPress blog post to leverage your themes customized display.

Data licensing

B2i Investor Tools plugin is based on B2i’s Software As A Service hosted application. We offer our SAAS products and services for an annual fee, determined by the features used to create your solution. Our up-front price guarantee offers the lowest cost or we will beat competing product cost by 10%.

WordPress multi-site installations

Yes! our plugin works with WordPress multi-site installations

Demonstration and testing

Contact us for a temporary Business ID and Key for demonstration and testing. Easily switch to your company’s data by changeing out the credentials.

Plugin support

B2i offers email and phone support with direct access to developers. We encourage feedback and release new features based on user input and requests.


9 Αυγούστου 2021
I was asked to find a way to build an Investor Relations website for one of my clients which would allow them to escape the absolutely insane fees of Intrado. I installed and tried so many plugins and was starting to despair ... until I found this one! This plugin met all our needs, was easy to install, easy to use, and easy to customize with CSS. In addition, the personal support I received in getting started was literally unparalleled by any plugin developer I've ever interacted with. I literally couldn't be more pleased!!!
2 Ιουλίου 2021
I'm using this plugin for more then 3 years and Yesterday after I updated my site (wordpress, theme and plugins) I was needed support to fix some sayout so i wrote to the support theme and they sent me css code to fixed my problem in 1 day. Good job guys!
3 Νοεμβρίου 2020
Super easy plug in to sharply showcase what key financial information you want to share on your site. Very easy to set up. Sent in my request - had a meeting that day and we were on our way to getting up and running. Love all the options for stock quote design, the flexibility in getting our PR's onto our site, and how the calendar works. I was easily able to add new functionality to our site to improve the experience for our investors on our site. Great support and flexibility with the plug ins and super easy to use. Plus the email service was something I didn't know I needed, yet now that we have it, it solves a major opportunity for improvement we needed.
15 Ιουλίου 2019
If you need to make your site SEC compliant, simply get this plugin. It's a one-stop shop solution that covers well beyond your requirements, and comes with support that is second to none. Excellent experience. I have a client that is a public company, and was in the beginning stages of trading, so I (the IT guy) was tasked with adding the specific requirements to our website that would meet the specifications set by the SEC for publicly traded companies. I had internal guidance regarding the need for SEC filings, stock ticker, chart, and etc. The rub was having to keep these documents up to date going forward, and the need to allow use of the XBRL viewer, which I had never heard of. I had all of the pieces in front of me, but was looking at a topic I did not understand, and only able to find one tool per requirement (stock ticker, document viewer, etc). I saw that there was going to be a lot more ahead in terms of updating newly released documents, making sure all of the tools (plugins) stayed working, and relying on our internal team to tell me about required updates as they came along. *** Plus they have a funky requirement for XBRL viewer to be available for the docs within the page, and an iframe looked like the only possibility....*** Nightmare on the front and back end of this project in terms of hours spent and keeping it maintained. So, at about 11pm, with my frustration level going through the roof, I came across this plugin that checked every box for me. Like too many tasks I am handed, this needed to be done yesterday, so I figured I would not be able to get this plugin up and running before the next day, and I would have to explain to my client that they'd have to wait for me to get their site to full compliance..... To my shock and delight, I got an email from Joe at b2i confirming the (pleading) message I had just sent on their website's contact form (yea at 11pm) - that I needed someone to call me ASAP, albeit late at night. I have dealt with support companies basically every day for just about a decade, and Joe is one of the incredibly rare guys that is there with every bit of information you didn't even know you needed to ask for. Truly one in a million. From the beginning until I was fully set up and fully compliant (an hour at most), he gave me the technical information I needed, gave me business-side recommendations to pass to my client, explained the shortcodes I needed out of the gate, showed examples of other layouts, and got me set up so I never have to think about this plugin again. Joe is the type of support guy that makes an IT person, like myself, look like an absolute hero. Covers every base, and personally handles the technical requirements. Followed up with me immediately after it was set up, gave us flexibility so management could make payment arrangements... an absolutely and utterly amazing experience. And yes, from my first message to b2i, to being completely done with this.... under an hour. My client was ecstatic the next morning. Joe equipped me with so much information about the base compliance requirements and features we could use to really go beyond what the SEC would ever ask for.... I looked like a absolute genius while Joe did all the work. (This is not to say I did not give Joe his due credit, but at the end of the day, the problem I was assigned was handled before the next morning... BOOM). b2i is a company that knows the SEC requirements inside and out, and their plugin is technically flawless. It's their primary business from what I see on their website, they've been around for (I believe) about 20 years. I can tell they take pride in producing a tool that knocks these SEC requirements completely out of the ballpark. I don't care what anyone tells me, the cost of this plugin is less than what it would cost to pay any developer to build out these features and keep it up to date in perpetuity. Plus, I sleep much better knowing that I don't have to worry about either myself or someone else missing and update and getting pegged by the SEC. And if you're not a developer, it's ridiculously easy... plus you can just ask for Joe! Thanks to Joe and b2i for turning my hours frustration into dropping a few shortcodes on a page and sleeping like a baby.
17 Δεκεμβρίου 2018
The plug-in is very straight forward and integrates easily into your wordpress site.The support is rapid and extremely responsive. B2i listens to their customers and adapts accordingly. Looking for to future releases for additional customizations.
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Συνεισφέροντες & Προγραμματιστές

“B2i Investor Tools” είναι λογισμικό ανοιχτού κώδικα. Οι παρακάτω έχουν συνεισφέρει στη δημιουργία του.


Σύνοψη αλλαγών


  • Business users can receive email when contacts signup for email alerts
  • Custom naming for Management and Director div
  • Custom SEC Filings Links – Add links to any filing
  • Custom Domain for SEC Filings links – controlled in B2i Portal & DNS
  • Social Share tools on Press Release – open in Floating window style – controlled in B2i Portal


  • Update to posting Press into blog – preserve style and link tags – controlled by setting in B2i portal
  • Update to blog posting to offer “Call home” option for validating Item Key
  • Begin processing Press releases categories
  • Integrate NewsFile Corp Wire service
  • Investor Tagging – Email opt-in module can be placed in multiple locations and use tag for source
  • Email List Group Filters for having alternate groups of lists.


  • Chart Settings – Grid Alpha, Grid Color
  • Debugging messages for blog posting
  • Gap in version between JS API Plugin & WP Plugin – Sync versioning

  • Update vendor dependency for CMB2
  • Update instructions
  • Fix default name of Financials div

  • Update readme file


  • Financial Statements – Extracted from SEC Filings – multiple layout options
  • Chart settings added: Chart Background Alpha, Chart Border Color, Chart Border Alpha, Chart Multiple Instances on page
  • Press releases List layouts 5, 6, 7 available – examples o=”5″
  • Press releases List now database driven templates for unlimited layouts
  • Documents Lists – Year filter
  • Documents Lists now database driven templates for unlimited layouts
  • Management & Directors now database driven templates for unlimited layouts
  • SEC Show filing Type groups on list display
  • Multi-section display – Layout 2 added


  • CSS override for several modules
  • Symbol display separate setting for Chart to override symbol label on background
  • Email Subscribe & Unsubscribe Custom Endpoints
  • Email Notifications setting to have all list checked / hidden
  • Email Optin Verify Email and Custom Endpoint
  • SEC Filings Date formats
  • Calendar Date formats
  • Calendar Date Locations
  • Quarterly Filings aka Multi-Section Downloads aka Page Code module – new layout


  • Multi-instance on page – Press Release / Libraries
  • Add options for setting custom icons for SEC Filings
  • Stock Quote Detail parameters added
    • Date formats
    • Set custom arrows url to image or charater
    • Set custom thousands and decimal separator
    • Override exchange
  • Stock Historical parameters added
    • Date formats
    • Set custom thousands and decimal separator
  • Stock Chart parameters added
    • Set custom thousands and decimal separator
  • Press Release Viewer database template driven – easily add custom layouts
  • Bug Fix on Press Viewer module


  • Press Release viewer – displays latest item, can work with the Press Release module
  • Many Stock Chart settings added
  • Show Header for document lists
  • More date formats added for document lists


  • SEC Viewer: include logo and change icons with CSS
  • Press Release: new window to view items with custom urls, domain and template
  • SEC Filings: Date format 2
  • Chart: More label size and color controls through parameters
  • Custom Domain usage for Press Release Emails – allows you to use a custom domain/sub domain
  • Management and Director module CSS control and customization


  • Committee Composition custom icon available
  • Committee Composition option to link to director profile when used on same page
  • SEC Single Filing View – Layout 4 & 5


  • Press Releases Date parameter to control location
  • Bug fix for Press Releases RSS


  • Updated CSS for chart period selector
  • Updated display items for Directors and Management
  • Ability to Show RSS feed on Press Releases module
  • Press Release output 3 and 4
  • Press Release Date Format 5 and 6
  • Press Release Custom CSS in B2i Portal
  • SEC Filings Custom CSS in B2i Portal
  • SEC Filings more Filings types added to filter – Registration Statements, Special Disclosures
  • SEC Filings Text header
  • OTC Disclosures now offered


  • maintenance Release – Remove unused variables


  • SEC Single Filing View – Layout 3 – lo=”3″
  • Ability to control Left Margin on Stock Chart
  • SEC instruction updated to use form types filters


  • Tested fully compatible with WordPress 5.2.3
  • Section 16 update – Link on Filer to view all filings by filer
  • Dividends ShortCode added for Automated dividends
  • Corporate Profile ShortCode added


  • Tested fully compatible with WordPress 5.2.2
  • Tested fully compatible with Multi-site enabled WordPress installations
  • Update posting Press Releases to multiple tags


  • Option for Press releases to open as PDF when clicking on headline list
  • Option for Press releases to use an HTML template. Template will need to be loaded into the B2i portal.
  • Option for Multi-Section to have top section already open
  • Option for Multi-Section to control section count returned
  • Option for Multi-Section to disable header Divs
  • Updates to Chart for better visual display
  • Option for Document list data sort by Date or Title
  • Year filter for Press Releases and Libraries


  • Allow Calendar to use custom images for Date and Time icons
  • Update posting Press Releases to multiple categories
  • Allow Press Releases posting to use current time for WP install


  • Tested fully compatible with WordPress 5.0.1
  • New link option for Press Releases to integrate on app page, using custom domain and short urls
  • Configurable Post IP list for future updates to posting service
  • New option for controlling Press Release links – open in new window instead of just new tab
  • New option for controlling Press Release links – open in custom domain with custom URL and template
  • Updates to make APIkey included for all shortcodes
  • ClassNames added in Chart to reference Date and Selector buttons


  • New options for controlling SEC text links and icons links
  • Version 2.0 of Investor Request Information
  • Version 2.0 of Investor Profile
  • Management and Directors – stay open – no collapse option


  • New option for Stock Detail Quote plugin: c for custom. You can create your own layout and CSS and store in the B2i CMS. The plugin will use this for the display. More data point available (EPS, PeRatio, PbRatio and Dividend items)
  • Add parameter for document list to turn off CSS
  • Version 2.0 of Email Alert sign-up
  • Version 2.0 of Contact Us


  • New option for Press release story to open in / consume the list div and write a “Back” link
  • New shortcode for year over year, quarter over quarter results with downloads and links for items like 10-Q, earnings release, webcast link, transcript, slide presentation and can include much more including delay and expiration dates and times for each item or section. VERY powerful tool and display!
  • Example links posted on shortcode page


  • New Stock Detail Quote format: options are now 1-7
  • New options for controlling chart: scroll bar, period selector, cursor, and volume chart.
  • New shortcode for analyst
  • New shortcode for custom code includes timed display and expiration


  • Add ability for unique names for sec based on t parameter.
  • Add ability for SEC custom sdiv name to override the default div name.
  • Add ability for Stock custom sdiv name to override the default div name.


  • More examples
  • Post IPs updated
  • update documentation and formatting


  • Add New option for Press Releases to display a summary of the body
    • parameter su=”400″ where 400 is number of characters of the press release body to show
  • New format style for Stock Quote f=”6″


  • Add Date format parameter for Press Release plugin: df=”1″ Currently accepts 1,2,3
    df=”1″ May 3, 2018
    df=”2″ 05/03/2018
    df=”3″ 03/05/2018
    df=”4″ 03 May 2018


  • Fix for chart custom period selected on mobile devices


  • added parameter for calendar to control year as parameter
  • added mode m=”0″ for calendar to return all events (past and future)


  • added parameter for chart to control colors with parameters
    c – HTML color for line and fill: default 666666 (no # needed)
    cc – HTML color for chart cursor: default ff0000 (no # needed)
    lc – HTML color for top label color: default 666666 (no # needed)
    lc2 – HTML color for other label color: default 666666 (no # needed)


  • made https default on all plugins
  • added parameter for chart to make default display period: p=”” – acceptable values: 10d, 1m, 3m, 6m, 1y, max


  • Press Releases Update: Restrict headline character count displayed.
  • Email Alert Update: Multi-lingual handling.
  • Plugin Update: versioning on JavaScript reference to prevent cache when updating plugin.


  • Feature Update: B2i now automatically posts press releases into your WordPress post system. This allows you to leverage themes that format your post and use other plugins that work with your WordPress post.


  • Chart updates, Press release expand funtionality


  • Add historical quote search


  • New Stock plugin with multiple format display options
  • Event Calendar update to retrieve Past events


  • Quarterly Financials: Cash Flow, Income Statement, Balance Sheet


  • Event Calendar, Institutional Holders, Insider Holdings


  • Parameters for Document lists


  • Added Event Calendar


  • Fix for Detailed Quote parameters being passed with default values


  • Added Directors Committee composition chart


  • Added custom control over SEC div to load data in


  • Added paging feature for Documents list/Showcase


  • Added search feature for Press releases and drop down/select option for tags


  • Added ability for Press releases to use a link instead of floating div


  • Added Interactive Chart and shortcode


  • updated readme file for clarity on setup process
  • Added new parameters for controlling https for all plugins, parameters for controlling content height / width.


  • Initial public release