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What Is The Beaver Builder Page Builder?

Beaver Builder is a flexible drag and drop page builder that works on the front end of your WordPress website. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’re going to love taking control of your website. Stop writing HTML or wrestling with confusing shortcodes. With Beaver Builder, building beautiful, professional WordPress pages is as easy as dragging and dropping.

Watch the video below or try out the demo to see it in action!

Premium Support

The Beaver Builder team provides very limited support on the WordPress.org forums. Please feel free to post questions or bug reports, but for timely support, we recommend purchasing a Beaver Builder license.

Along with access to our expert support team, there are many time-saving features in the premium versions which make it a great value for any serious WordPress user. Get a license today.

You can also reference our Knowledge Base, or try asking the Beaver Builder community for help in either Facebook or Slack. Keep in mind, these are all folks just like you who are volunteering their time.

Join our Growing Community

There is a huge colony (yeah, that’s the term for a group of beavers) of “Beaver Builders” that would love to get to know you! If you have questions, a project to show off, or you would like to meet and network with other Beaver Builder users, you’ll feel right at home in the Beaver Builders Facebook Group or the Beaver Builders Slack Channel. Come on by and say hello.

Page Builder Features

  • Content Modules: Photo, Button, Heading, Icon, Text Editor, HTML, Audio, Video, & Sidebar.
  • Pre-made home, landing, and maintenance page templates.
  • Full-width, column-based layouts.
  • Lightweight and performant markup.
  • Photo, color, video and gradient row backgrounds.
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive layouts.
  • Add your own CSS classes and IDs.
  • Use WordPress Widgets and shortcodes.
  • Works with Pages, Posts, and Custom Post Types.
  • A friendly and supportive community.

Premium Χαρακτηριστικά

  • Additional modules: Contact Form, Tabs, Slider, Pricing Table, Map, Blog Posts, Subscribe Form, Social Icons, and many more.
  • Expert support from our world-class support team.
  • Dozens of pre-made templates.
  • Save, export, and reuse full-page layouts, rows, and modules.
  • Build your own custom modules.

Come by the Beaver Builder Homepage to learn more about what our premium features can do for you!

People REALLY LOVE Beaver Builder

Don’t just take our word for it, here are a few testimonials from happy users and customers.

“Simply put, it is the best page builder in the WordPress ecosystem. There is no close second.” – WP Crafter

“Complete design freedom with no coding and it is all fully responsive as well.” – skyboro

“Easy to use, fast to get started, real product depth, great support.” – David Bressler

Modules And Widgets

We’ve loaded Beaver Builder up with a flexible set of content modules to aid you in building stunning layouts and landing pages within an intuitive drag and drop system. Beaver Builder also supports core and third party WordPress widgets and shortcodes, so you can use Beaver Builder with all your other favorite plugins!

A WordPress Page Builder That Works With Your Theme

Yep, that’s right! Beaver Builder was designed to work with almost any WordPress theme. Try Beaver Builder on your existing website today, or consider upgrading and using Beaver Builder’s outstanding framework theme (available in Pro and Agency packages) for your next project.

A WordPress Page Builder That’s 100% Mobile Friendly

Every part of a Beaver Builder layout or landing page is fully responsive and looks gorgeous on any screen size. Responsive web design has never been easier.

A WordPress Page Builder That’s Optimized For Performance

We’ve designed Beaver Builder to create layouts and landing pages that load quickly. Many page builders load in an ungodly number of scripts and stylesheets to every page on your site. Not Beaver Builder! It only loads the assets needed for a given layout or landing page.


This plugin is compatible with ClassicPress.


  • Starting Beaver Builder from the backend.
  • Starting Beaver Builder from the front end.
  • The main editing interface.
  • Editing basic text.


  1. Install Beaver Builder either via the WordPress plugin directory or by uploading the files to your server at wp-content/plugins.

  2. After activating Beaver Builder, navigate to the settings page at Settings > Page Builder to configure the post types you would like it to work with.

  3. A Page Builder tab will appear on the Edit Page/Post area. Also, a Page Builder option will appear in the WordPress Admin Bar on the front end of your website.

For more information, please visit our Knowledge Base. Keep in mind that not all features described in the knowledge base are available in this version of the Beaver Builder plugin.

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

For information on using Beaver Builder, please visit our Knowledge Base.

For general questions or questions about purchasing a license, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.


29 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020
In my opinion, Beaver Builder has to be one of the best pieces of software available for WordPress. It's a swiss army knife of solutions for page layout that just works. Coupled with the fact that if the plugin is disabled, your pages won't be left as destroyed wrecks. And the support is world-class, responsive and you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who does it better. I've tried most of the other page builders but BB is my go to choice for all of the sites I build. As you can see, I highly recommend it.
18 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020
Hi I thought I needed some help but couldn't get support from the beaver builder main website. I'm currently using the free beaver builder plugin. So what happens is I'm using an Astra theme for awhile and for some reason, suddenly there seems to be a bug disallowing me to do responsive editing (especially with mobile). So I asked AStra about it and they tried it on another theme Twenty twenty and it seems like the bug still persists. So I thought that it could be from the beaver builder plugin. Here's a video of Astra trying out beaver builder from my wp-admin: https://a.cl.ly/d5uEoJp4 Please help! Thanks!
14 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020
I don't have much complaint, where the product is concerned, especially Beaver Themer, as it has been a great tool for us. Beaver Builder page builder has got much more clunky over time and it's not that great a tool for responsive design and far behind Elementor. But this review is about the Customer support, witch is dreadful. You will wait in most cases over 1 day for a reply and when it does arrive, it is usually a one line response, with no pro-active analytics, even though, we've submitted various clues for consideration. You then have to go through the process of submitting another message and the 24 hours waiting period. Wake up, this 2020 and providing good support should be a couple of hours, or even minutes - We closed our account and have moved to Elementor
28 Αυγούστου 2020
Beaver Builder support is superb! Helpful in all BB issues, and not afraid to give helpful tips for related issues that are not generated by their code. They are always positive in their attitude also, which a great PLUS! Good Job BB Support Team!
12 Αυγούστου 2020
I spent years building websites for clients using Divi, but now I've moved to Beaver Builder and I love it. Everything is so simple to use and you have control over every little detail. There is a wide range of modules and the Powerpack modules are even better. The support is top notch. Quick responses and always try their best to help. Highly recommend using Beaver Builder for building websites.
13 Ιουλίου 2020
Had the pleasure of meeting Robby through my company's CEO in 2017 at a WordCamp...years later, I don't know which I like more, him, or the plugin. lol I use Beaver Builder on like every site I touch. It's stupidly easy, and you can (sadly?) accomplish almost everything you'll need in the lite/free version (depending on your sites/goals of course). Use Beaver Builder! (Only I would remember something so mundane from a WordCamp, but I still want a beaver plush, Robby. XD)
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