Integration for Contact Form 7 and ActiveCampaign


Contact Form 7 ActiveCampaign extension sends form submissions from Contact Form 7, Contact Form Entries to ActiveCampaign when anyone submits a form. Learn more at

How to Setup

  • Go to “ActiveCampaign Accounts” tab then add new account.
  • Go to “ActiveCampaign Feeds” tab then create a new feed.
  • Map required ActiveCampaign fields to contact form 7 fields.
  • Send your test entry to ActiveCampaign by clicking “send to ActiveCampaign” button.
  • Go to “ActiveCampaign Logs” tab and verify status of previously sent entry.

Connect ActiveCampaign account

Connect any contact form 7 to ActiveCampaign account by simply entering ActiveCampaign API key. Additionally, you can connect multiple ActiveCampaign accounts to Contact Form 7.

Map ActiveCampaign fields

Select any ActiveCampaign Object then Map ActiveCampaign fields to any contact form 7 fields. Plugin displays all ActiveCampaign fields.

Filter contact form 7 submissions

Filter contact form 7 submissions sent to ActiveCampaign based on user input. For example , send those customers to ActiveCampaign who check “Subscribe to newsletter” checkbox.

Manually send to ActiveCampaign

Send contact form 7 submissions to ActiveCampaign when someone submits a contact form. You can manually send contact form 7 submissions to ActiveCampaign by clicking “Send to ActiveCampaign” button.

ActiveCampaign logs

View a detailed log of each contact form 7 submission Whether sent or not sent to ActiveCampaign and easily resend contact form 7 submission to ActiveCampaign.

Send Data As ActiveCampaign Member Notes

Send one to many contact form 7 form fields as ActiveCampaign Contact notes when someone submits a contact form on your site.

Create Or Update Contact in ActiveCampaign

If a member already exists in ActiveCampaign , update it otherwise create a new member in ActiveCampaign.

Premium Version Features.

Following features are available only in premium version Contact Form 7 ActiveCampaign Pro.

  • ActiveCampaign Contact tags.
  • Phone number field and all custom fields of ActiveCampaign.
  • Add Contacts to multiple ActiveCampaign lists.
  • Google Analytics Parameters and Geolocation of a visitor who submitted the form.
  • Lookup lead’s email and phone using email and phone lookup apis.
  • 20+ premium addons

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This Plugin is a fork of cf7 ActiveCampaign Plugin written by @codeincept


  • Connect ActiveCampaign Account to contact form 7.
  • Map ActiveCampaign fields.
  • ActiveCampaign logs.
  • Manually Send Contact form 7 submission to ActiveCampaign.
  • Get email infomation of contact form 7 entry from Full Contact(Premium feature).
  • Get Customer geolocation, browser and OS (Premium feature).

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

Where can I get support?

Our team provides free support at

Contact form 7 ActiveCampaign Integration

  • Simply Connect your ActiveCampaign account.
  • Go to Feeds and create ActiveCampaign feed, map contact form 7 fields to ActiveCampaign fields.
  • Test by submitting a form or go to Contact Form Entries and open any entry then press “Send to ActiveCampaign” button.
  • Go to ActiveCampaign Logs and verify if entry was sent to ActiveCampaign.


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  • fixed “optin conditions” issue.


  • fixed “escape variables” issue.


  • fixed “form fields” issue.


  • fixed “debug xss” issue.


  • fixed “last camp message” issue.


  • fixed issue with entries plugin.


  • fixed php8 issues.


  • Initial release.