Chat Essential


Create a GPT-3 powered virtual assistant that can talk about your business in seconds. Simply install our free WordPress plugin and choose the WordPress content you want your virtual assistant to be trained with. That’s it!

When you install the plugin, we automatically ingest your WordPress website content and create a custom GPT-3-powered virtual assistant capable of talking about your business.

You can use the plugin to deploy the virtual assistant to your website or create QR codes that start chats with your virtual assistant when scanned.

For customers that want to chat directly with you, you can live chat from SMS text.

No apps to install or websites to monitor.


  • Customize your GPT-3 powered virtual assistant by configuring what website content and knowledge kits to use.
  • Deploy the chat to your website or generate a QR code that launches a chat when scanned.
  • Configure which US phone number you live chat with customers from and which email receives chat transcripts.


  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Create an account by entering an email and password
  3. (Optionally) enter a US mobile phone number capable of SMS text to enable live chatting

That’s it! A GPT-3 powered virtual assistant is automatically created for you.


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