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ChimpBridge – Create and Send Mailchimp Campaigns in WordPress

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ChimpBridge – Create and Send Mailchimp Campaigns in WordPress


Create and send Mailchimp Campaigns right inside of the WordPress admin.

Send Campaigns to Your MailChimp Audience in WordPress

Easily create and send a Mailchimp newsletter from right inside of WordPress. The Mailchimp native interface isn’t for everyone. Less technical users, especially clients who write their own organization’s newsletter, might be more comfortable creating content in WordPress.

ChimpBridge allows those users to connect their WordPress admin directly to Mailchimp. From there they can write, edit, and preview their Mailchimp campaigns in an interface they are already comfortable using.

Make Collaboration on Mailchimp Newsletters Easier

One of the great parts of WordPress is how useful it is to create drafts of contents. Multiple users can work together on a piece of content before publishing. That experience can now be used with Mailchimp campaigns and newsletters! Use ChimpBridge to give multiple writers access to a single campaign before it is send to your Mailchimp audience.

Limit Access to Your Mailchimp Account

Another great part of using ChimpBridge is that the plugin allows you to limit who has access to the full seat of features available in Mailchimp.

Content creators, the ones responsible for the actual content of your Mailchimp newsletters, don’t need to access everything on Mailchimp.com to do their jobs. ChimpBridge exposes them to the core pieces of Mailchimp that they need to do their job: create, preview, and send newsletters and campaigns to your audiences.

A Great Tool for Email Marketing

ChimpBridge is the ideal WordPress plugin for companies and organizations looking to get involved in email marketing. By making the newsletter writing interface familiar, you are more likely to actively write and send emails to your email marketing list.

ChimpBridge Features

  • Connect with your Mailchimp account in seconds
  • Create Mailchimp campaigns in the same interface you use for blog posts
  • Preview your Mailchimp campaign before sending to you entire audience
  • Send your campaign from inside of WordPress when you are ready

ChimpBridge Pro

ChimpBridge Pro is the premium version of our plugin. Take your Mailchimp campaign writing and sending to the next level. Its features include:

Learn more about ChimpBridge Pro at our website.


Helpful feedback is the best way we can improve ChimpBridge. A five-star review would be much appreciated if you’ve used ChimpBridge to improve your Mailchimp experience! If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Visit Our Website to Learn More

Please visit the ChimpBridge website for more information:


  • Create and send a Mailchimp campaign to your newsletter list just like a blog post!
  • Customize the sender and name for your Mailchimp campaign
  • Send a test email to make sure all looks well before you finish

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

Do I need a paid Mailchimp account to use ChimpBridge?

No. A free account works fine.

Does ChimpBridge offer any kind of email preview?

Yes, you can send a preview email to any address you want. Your campaign will be saved as a draft and sent to the email address you specify by Mailchimp.

Can I use Mailchimp merge tags in my newsletter?

Yes. ChimpBridge supports Mailchimp merge tags. The plugin offers a sidebar meta box that lets you insert common merge tags automatically.

Does ChimpBridge support Mailchimp templates?

The free version of ChimpBridge does not support Mailchimp templates. You can upgrade to ChimpBridge Pro and choose from a set of custom made email templates to use with your campaign or create your own templates.

Can I display my campaigns on my site in an archive?

The free version of ChimpBridge does not support archives. You can upgrade to ChimpBridge Pro and create a viewable archive of all the campaigns you have sent with the plugin.

Is there a way to change my default Mailchimp campaign settings?

Yes. ChimpBridge allows you to alert the From Name, From Email, and To Name settings for each campaign you send. ChimpBridge Pro offers to ability to adjust the Footer of your campaign as well.


13 Απριλίου 2017
I found that this plugin was the easiest way to send emails from within my WordPress website.
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  • Interface changes.
  • Tested with WordPress 6.2.


  • Interface changes.
  • Tested with WordPress 6.1.


  • Interface changes.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • New Merge Tag Support: EMAIL, PHONE, and ADDRESS.
  • Interface changes.


  • Interface changes.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Wording tweaks


  • Wording tweaks


  • Tweak to help/description wording


  • Removing list limit


  • Fix for editing published content


  • Tweak to the confirmation message before sending


  • Initial version