ChirpyWeb – Web Push Notifications


ChirpyWeb is the Web Push Notification platform that helps web owners re-engage with their audience beyond Emails and SMS. Now, build your website audience and send push notifications directly to their mobiles/desktops, keeping them engaged.

ChirpyWeb supports push notifications on all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and many more…

Why ChirpyWeb?

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Remind Subscribers about the products they left in their carts. Send a series of automated notifications and direct them to more checkouts.

Back in Stock Alerts

Automatically send web push notifications to your subscribers that follow products that are sold out.

Price Drop Alerts

Automatically send web push notifications to your subscribers that follow products when that product is part of a discount or sale.

Track Revenue of all the checkouts through Abandoned Cart, Back in Stock and Price Drop Alerts!

Detailed Analytics

Analyze your Subscriber’s Locations, Campaigns Sent, Impressions, and usage amongst different platforms through our Dashboard. Track Subscriber Growth with custom date range filters.

Highly Customized Prompts

Choose between a variety of permission prompt designs for desktop and mobile. Customize the prompts by editing the text, buttons, and color combination that goes with your website. Also, decide when to trigger the prompt on the website.

Granular Segmentation

Send targeted custom push notifications to your subscribers. Granularly segment your subscribers by:
– Platform
– Browser
– Geo Location
– Subscription Date
– Last Website Visited
– URLs Visited

Detailed Reports

Analyze every campaign report with:
– Campaign Status
– Notifications Sent
– Impressions (Delivered Notifications)
– Number of Clicks
– CTR (Click Through Rate)

RSS Feed

ChirpyWeb’s RSS feed feature enables you to send automated notifications to your subscribers whenever there is a new update to the RSS feed. Publishers and Bloggers can use this feature to send out a notification whenever a new article is published.

Schedule Notifications

Schedule notifications in advance with a specific date & time and let ChirpyWeb take care of the rest. Notifications can be scheduled as per:
– Specific Timezone
– Subscriber Timezone

Exceptional Support

We aim to provide the best customer experience when it comes to onboarding and support. Our Support Heros are always available to assist you.

Plugin Installation Guide:

– A free account on is required and no credit card information is needed to create the free account on
– From the Website’s Admin plan, the user needs to install the ChirpyWeb Plugin and Activate it.
– Once activated, the user needs to copy the website key from the ChirpyWeb account ( and paste the key into the ChirpyWeb plugin to confirm activation.
– Once confirmed, the ChirpyWeb prompt will be enabled on the website.
– ChirpyWeb plugin connects the WordPress API with the ChirpyWeb server ( This server delivers the web push notifications.
– The plugin installs our script on all the website pages
– This script is not adding any dependency between the WordPress website and ChirpyWeb. This (js file) SDK is used to call ChirpyWeb API to store subscription information on the ChirpyWeb server, check and show the custom prompt to ask notification permission.



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Σύνοψη αλλαγών


  • Improve plugin notice.
  • Resolved CSS Load issue on WP older version
  • Key Validation Change from Test to live.
  • Change the Short Description
  • Update error message


  • Added All the Woocommerce push notification functionality
  • Abandoned Cart Notifications
  • Back in Stock Alerts
  • Price Drop Alerts
  • Shipping Order Tracking Alerts


  • Modification in Plugin admin styles to compitible with current versiion,
  • Modification in Woocommerce Enable API