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Classified Listing is a fully responsive WordPress plugin by using this plugin you can create a classified listing website easily.

Classified Listing plugin will work with any standard coding WordPress Theme.

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Classified plugins included all necessary features that need to build a classified listing website. It has wide range of back end settings for site admin and front end ad posting management system like user can add/ edit / delete his post any time.


Need Any Help?

  • For any bug, support or suggestion please mail
  • We provide 15 hours live support

Features Specification

  • Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • Set Listing duration no of days.
  • New Listing threshold no of days
  • Fields control for Listing View.
  • Fields control for detail View.
  • Report as Abuse.
  • Add to Favorites
  • Contact form on Listing detail Page.
  • No of Image control per listing.
  • Auto or Manually listing approve.
  • Max 3 Level of Location like State, City, Town or can set custom level.
  • Currency control
  • Offline & PayPal Payment system
  • Full Control of Email mail message and notification.
  • Primary, Link, Button & Label color control.
  • Image size control for Thumbnail, Gallery.
  • Max image upload size control.
  • Social Share Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Linked IN & Pinterest
  • Re-captcha control for Registration, Listing, contact form and Report abuse form
  • Permalink control for listing detail page.
  • Pricing option for each post
  • Unlimited category
  • Unlimited custom fields.
  • Import Location features.

Pro Features

  • Unlimited category and Location level
  • User Verification system
  • Allow Multiple user Role
  • Authorize & Stripe Payment system.
  • WooCommerce Payment integration
  • Live Chat [Chat between buyer & contractor]

Unlimited Custom Fields

You can create unlimited custom fields and set them category wise. Or can create group and fields under then group.

  • Text Box
  • Text Area
  • URL
  • Number
  • Select
  • Radio
  • Checkbox


  • You can create Unlimited Locations.
  • We have 3 level of location like country => City => State or State => City => Town
  • You can use 1/2/3 any level as your need.
  • We have import option as CSV so you can easily import bulk of location.

User Dashboard Front end

Each user can control him person data and listing from front end.

  • Manage Listing Edit/ Delete/ promote
  • Manage Favorite
  • Manage Payments
  • Edit Account Info

Image Control:

All image size can control like gallery image, thumb image and max image size can upload a user.
Payment Features:
From admin end you can enable payment option for your listings.
You can make review from the listings we have option to create payment for listing.
Featured Listing: Admin can set how much $ per post for Featured listing and how many days (ex Featured ad $10 for 30 days)
Free Plan: You can set free

Payment Options:

  • Offline and Payment payment option included in free version

Mail Notification Option:

  • You can enable/ disable when admin or user get email notification
  • Also full control of email body text with proper tags.

Admin notifications:

  • New Listings Submission
  • Listing Edited
  • Listing Expired
  • Order Created
  • Payment Received / Order Completed
  • Contact message is sent to a Listing owner

User notification:

  • Listing Submission
  • Listing approved/ Published
  • Listing about to expire (reached renewal email threshold)
  • Listing expired
  • Listing expired & reached renewal reminder email threshold
  • Order Created
  • Order Completed

Ad Publishing Control:

  • Settings for auto approve ads or each ads admin manually approve then published in site.
  • Same control for listing edit after edit admin need to approval or it manually approve.

Widget Included:

We have 4 categories Included

  • Classified Listing – Categories
  • Classified Listing – Filter
  • Classified Listing – Listings
  • Classified Listing – Search


  • For my account Page use: [rtcl_my_account]
  • For Checkout Page use: [rtcl_checkout]
  • For Category wise display use different parameters you can use as you need:[rtcl_categories view="list" orderby="id/count/name/slug/term_group/custom" order="ASC/DES" columns="4" description=0/1, show_count=0/1, icon=0/1, image=0/1, hide_empty=0/1, pad_counts=0/1, equal_height=0/1]
  • Listing form : [rtcl_listing_form]
  • For Listing display use this shortcode different parameters use as your need: [rtcl_listings category="1,3,4" location="2,3,4" orderby="wp_query wordpress supported" order="ASC/DES" listings_per_page=20 listing_top_per_page=4]
  • For Filter listing use this shortcode different parameters use as your need: [rtcl_filter_listings location="2,3,4", category="3,5,6", related_listings=0, type="all", limit=8, orderby="wp_query wordpress supported" order="ASC/DES", view="grid/list", columns=4, show_image=0/1, image_position="top", show_category=0/1, show_location=0/1, show_labels=0/1, show_price=0/1, show_date=0/1, show_user=0/1 show_views=1/0, pagination=0]

Need Any Help?

  • For any bug, support or suggestion please mail
  • We provide 15 hours live support



  • Listing layout and filtering
  • Widget
  • Category widget
  • New listing form
  • User backend
  • Payment History
  • User account settings


Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘Classified Listing’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  3. Select from your computer
  4. Click ‘Install Now’
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download
  2. Extract the classified-listing directory to your computer
  3. Upload the classified-listing directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

Is this plugin allow front end submission?

  • Yes ads can be submitted from front end.

Is user submit listing free?

  • Yes we have settings if you want full free or pay for featured listing can enable that.

Can I make renew from ad listing?

  • Yes can enable payment for featured listing.

Is this plugin has custom fields?

  • Yes unlimited custom fields can created and set as category wise?

Is this plugin allow nested category?

  • Yes

Is this plugin allow Country – City – State?

  • Yes it support 3 level of location you can the level as your need.

Is admin end email notification?

  • Yes we have different setting so admin get notification for different action.

Can admin send email notification to ad posting?

  • Yes admin can send email notification to ad poster.

Is listing auto approve?

  • We have settings if you want to approve or manual approve you can change it.

Can I change email notification text?

  • Yes all email notification text can changeable from admin end.


16 Απρίλιος 2021
I paid for the Pro version and support, I'm having trouble with their upgrade so I bought a newer version of the plugin AND support to help. Every question has a 24-hour turnaround, they have twice now said my purchase code is invalid (it's right), they don't answer all the questions but push back hard on what we might have done wrong by blaming other plugins without digging any deeper. Their English is very poor. Every response is addressed "Dear sir!" (I am not a sir). Without this upgrade, I can't do updates to Elementor or WordPress. The software is OK, though quirky. Settings I think I've turned off still keep showing up. And see above, clarifying questions to support are not addressed well or in a timely manner. I'm frustrated enough with their support that I'm considering switching classifieds plugins to something with fewer functions that has better support to get my site properly secure.
8 Δεκ 2020
Can i use another language or is is possible to use poedit to create a new language? Thanks!
13 Μάι 2020
This Classified listing program has all the features to handle a paid or free listing website, but what makes it awesome is the great and fast technical support !!! I give it 5 star with no problem.
13 Μάι 2020
I've used a number of classified plugins but haven't found a better plugin like this. Its support system is so good that it has never received support so quickly for any problem before. In fact, it is incomparable. Thanks to the plugin admin.
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Σύνοψη αλλαγών


  • Ad WordPress 5.6 support


  • Fix price issue from admin end


  • Remove Ajax Login
  • Add Video at gallery
  • Fix payment return API url


  • Fix Image ordering
  • Encrypt user login Credentials


  • Translation fix


  • Fix some PHP Deprecated Message
  • Widget taxonomy order issue


  • Add responsive embed support as default WordPress for Listing details (Youtube, Vimio)
  • Bug fix for Search Widget
  • Fix some anonymous issue


  • Fix Paypal Transaction Issue


  • Fix some logic bug
  • Compatible with WordPress > 5.5


  • Fix error at delete plugin.


  • Update Payment update logic
  • Fix login issue for caching


  • Fix conflict with WooCommerce Mailing Class


  • Fix Text php debug error


  • Fix Category issue


  • Widget issue fix


  • PHP Link Not found Issue fixed


  • Archive page, theme support
  • SEO Support if your theme has rtcl support
  • Update template structure
  • Bug fix
  • Update coding structure


  • Fix some bug
  • Update some hook


  • Add some hook
  • Update payment system


  • Fix price issue


  • Update coding
  • Fix one bug


  • Fix mobile responsive issue at listing form
  • Fix email to listing owner at new submission, if set it publish at settings when new posting status.


  • Css change for price unit
  • Add demo for classima theme


  • New email system
  • Price unit added
  • Privacy policy and Term and condition settings
  • Update some hook and coding style


  • Fix importing issue


  • Update Importing system.


  • Fixed price issue.


  • Search by types
  • Category listing by types [Shortcode]
  • Email notification for email edit or modification.
  • Fix Source map issue.
  • Redirect option after Edit and posed new listing
  • New Price type added (Price on call)
  • Category import
  • Social Login (we support any third party plugin [shortcode])


  • Add Nofollow link for internal and external link,
  • Update visit Website button
  • Update some Function
  • Add some extra hook
  • Fix Email for order creation and completion, Post edit or update
  • Fix not found issue for .map file


  • Fix edit account conflict with woocommerce
  • Add Nofollow link


  • Fix some bug
  • Add Admin notification at new registration
  • Dynamic listing type


  • Fix payment history issue
  • WhatsApp Share button added


  • Add terms and conditions
  • Others php fix


  • Fix Paypal sandbox Issue


  • Fix favorite, report and URL field to custom field.


  • Add Sidebar condition
  • Add New registration role