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Με το Contact Form 7 μπορείτε να διαχειριστείτε πολλαπλές φόρμες επικοινωνίας, και μπορείτε να προσαρμόσετε την φόρμα και το ευέλικτο περιεχόμενο αλληλογραφίας με απλή markup. Η φόρμα υποστηρίζει Ajax αποστολή, CAPTCHA, Akismet φιλτράρισμα ανεπιθύμητων και άλλα.

Docs and support

You can find docs, FAQ and more detailed information about Contact Form 7 on When you can’t find the answer to your question on the FAQ or in any of the documentation, check the support forum on If you can’t locate any topics that pertain to your particular issue, post a new topic for it.

Contact Form 7 needs your support

It is hard to continue development and support for this free plugin without contributions from users like you. If you enjoy using Contact Form 7 and find it useful, please consider making a donation. Your donation will help encourage and support the plugin’s continued development and better user support.

Privacy notices

Με τις προεπιλεγμένες ρυθμίσεις, το πρόσθετο από μόνο του, δεν υποστηρίζει:

  • track users by stealth;
  • εγγραφή όλων των προσωπικών δεδομένων του χρήστη στη βάση δεδομένων,
  • Αποστολή όλων των δεδομένων σε εξωτερικούς servers;
  • χρήση cookies.

If you activate certain features in this plugin, the contact form submitter’s personal data, including their IP address, may be sent to the service provider. Thus, confirming the provider’s privacy policy is recommended. These features include:

Recommended plugins

Τα ακόλουθα πρόσθετα προτείνονται για τους χρήστες του πρόσθετου Contact Form 7

  • Flamingo by Takayuki Miyoshi – With Flamingo, you can save submitted messages via contact forms in the database.
  • Bogo by Takayuki Miyoshi – Bogo is a straight-forward multilingual plugin that doesn’t cause headaches.


You can translate Contact Form 7 on


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This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Contact Form 7


  1. Μεταφορτώστε ολόκληρο το φάκελο contact-form-7 στον κατάλογο /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen (Plugins > Installed Plugins).

You will find Contact menu in your WordPress admin screen.

For basic usage, have a look at the plugin’s website.

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

Έχετε ερωτήσεις ή αντιμετωπίζεται κάποιο πρόβλημα με την Contact Form 7; Χρησιμοποιείστε κατάλληλα αυτά τα κανάλια υποστήριξης.

  1. Έγγραφα
  2. Συχνές Ερωτήσεις
  3. Support forum



8 Απρίλιος 2021
It's not as easy as drag'n'drop form builders but I see the manual approach as way better. It needs a bit of technical understanding but nothing people can't learn. There's almost nothing impossible with this plugin which isn't impossible with forms in general. I can fullheartedly say: If we need forms we use Contact Form 7. No hesitation.
7 Απρίλιος 2021
Stopped working because they now have tons of garbage integrations they are trying to sell. 90% of which were offered free from other developers. I will rebuild every form with pencil and paper before I pay for anything from these hacks. Even if I move to a paid form, I will never pay you.
6 Απρίλιος 2021
Author removing jQuery when most wp sites still use jquery is a horrible ideea, especially adding a plethora of scripts that slow down your website.
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