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We help more than 200,000 businesses worldwide to attract users and convert them into clients.

New in 4.0 (formerly WAme) 📍

🌈 Say hello to colors. We’ve redesigned the entire interface of the chat window, now you choose a color, and we customize all the visual theme of the Widget.

🍾 Triggers. Your pages can interact with and show the chat window or launch WhatsApp when user clicks or an item appears when scrolling. You just need to add a few css classes.

⌁ What you can do with ✅

🛎 Insert a contact button on your website.

Define in which pages or zones it should appear, the delay time, if you want it to the right or to the left, only on mobile phones or also on the desktop.

🔮 Magic contact button for WhatsApp.

Add your logo, profile picture or even an animated gif. You can define a tooltip to capture the user’s attention, the limit is set by your creativity.

📝 Edit at publication level.

You can change general settings on every Post, Page, Product or CPT. In the right side you will find metabox where you can modify Phone, CTA, Message and display options.

🔴 Show a notification.

Use a balloon on the button to get the user’s attention. In this way, you ensure that you do not miss any important message you want to give them, surprise them in a less intrusive way.

📯 Create call-to-action messages.

For users to click on the button, use custom CTAs on each page, product or section. Welcome them, help them and offer them offers or promotions. You can read more about this topic here.

💬 Customize conversation start messages.

So that the user does not waste time in writing. This way you will be able to know from which page it comes or what product is being consulted when you start the first conversation.

🛒 Integration with WooCommerce.

Define CTAs and Custom Messages for product pages, you can use dynamic variables such as {SKU}, {PRICE} or {PRODUCT}.

🏁 Analyze the conversion data in Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Remember, you do not have to do anything, the plugin already creates and computes the events by itself. You can read more about this topic here.

💱 Customize different languages.

To be able to support all your users, wherever they are. Our plugin is compatible with WPML and Polylang.

🌚 Dark Mode.

Display the chat window with dark colors and white text. From settings you can activate it or leave it automatic so that it detects the configuration of devices in dark mode.

👨‍💻 Developer friendly.

Fully extensible, with lots of filters and actions to extend its functionality or change behavior.

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WhatsApp and WhatsApp Logo are brand assets and trademark of Facebook, Inc. is not in partnership, sponsored or endorsed by Facebook, Inc.


  • Set phone, button text and call to action.
  • Set button image and tooltip.
  • Set chat window color theme.


  1. Upload the entire creame-whatsapp-me folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

WAme now is

From version 4.0 we change our name to
To avoid using several prefixes from old and new versions we have decided to rename all them to the new joinchat.

  • All analytics events change from WhatsAppMe to JoinChat
  • All css styles change from wame or whatsappme to joinchat.
  • All actions and filters change from wame_ or whatsappme_ to joinchat_.

I can’t see the button or it’s over / under another thing

You can change the position of the button so that nothing covers it by adding this CSS in Appearance > Customize > Custom CSS:

.joinchat { z-index:9999; }

Higher values ​​of z-index are above, the default value is 1000.

If you need to move up:

/* always */
.joinchat { --bottom: 60px; }

/* mobile only */
@media (max-width: 480px), (max-width: 767px) and (orientation: landscape) {
  .joinchat { --bottom: 60px; }

What about GDPR? don’t use cookies. save two localStorage variables for proper operation:

  • joinchat_visited to know if is the first time on site or is a returning user.
  • joinchat_hashes if you set a Call To Action (CTA), when user launch WhatsApp or close Chat Window the CTA hashed is saved to prevent show automatically that CTA again.

Google Analytics integration send a custom event when user click to launch WhatsApp.

If Global Site Tag (gtag.js) detected:

gtag('event', 'click', { 'event_category': 'JoinChat', 'event_label': out_url })

If Universal Analtics (analytics.js) detected:

ga('send', 'event', 'JoinChat', 'click', out_url })

If your tracker doesn’t have the standard name ‘ga’ you can set your custom name with ‘ga_tracker’ setting:

add_filter( 'joinchat_get_settings', function( $settings ){
    $settings['ga_tracker'] = 'my_custom_GA_name';
    return $settings;
} );

Google Tag Manager integration send an event (if GTM detected) when user click to launch WhatsApp:

dataLayer.push({ 'event': 'JoinChat', 'eventAction': 'click', 'eventLabel': out_url });

Facebook Pixel integration send a custom event if Facebook Pixel is detected when user click to launch WhatsApp:

fbq('trackCustom', 'JoinChat', { eventAction: 'click', eventLabel: out_url });

Other integrations

There is a Javascript event that triggers automatically before launch WhatsApp, which can be used to add your custom tracking code (or other needs).

  $(document).on('joinchat:open', function (event, args, settings) {
    // Your staff
    // Note: is the link to open, you can change it
    // but only, or current domain are allowed.

WPML/Polylang change Telephone by language general text settings can be translated with the strings translation of WPML/Polylang. You only need to save settings to register strings and make them ready for translation. But “Telephone” is not translateable by default. If you need different phone numbers for every language add the following php code in your theme functions.php and save settings.

add_filter( 'joinchat_settings_i18n', function( $settings ) {
    $settings['telephone'] = 'Telephone';
    return $settings;
} );


24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020
Se instalo en 5 minutos funcionando. facil cambiar muchos parametros. Sobre todo muy facil incluido los profanos.


2 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020
Super plugin... Thanks for free add-ons
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Σύνοψη αλλαγών


  • NEW: show tooltip on hover button
  • NEW: hide on mobile when user fill forms
  • CHANGED by default clear all plugin data on uninstall.
  • FIX remove unnecessary get option ‘whatsappme’


  • FIX notification balloon text color white
  • New js event ‘joinchat:starting’


  • FIX WP Super Cache clear cache error on save
  • Image thumbnail fallback if possible


  • FIX WP Super Cache clear cache error on save


  • Minor changes: better encode emoji detection, check WooCommerce version, css fixes and improvements


  • NEW: Clear third party cache plugins on settings save.
  • FIX php error on image resize.
  • UPDATED International Telephone Input library to v.17.


  • Better public settings JSON output
  • Re-fix WAme deactivate


  • Fix WAme deactivate


  • Encode emojis if DB not support utf8mb4.
  • Better update from WAme (no manual activation required).


  • minor fixes.


  • NEW: brand.
  • NEW: Widget theme color.
  • NEW: CSS class triggers to open chat window.
  • Lighter, reduced assets size and deleted images.

CHANGED for SEO: All analytics events change from WhatsAppMe to JoinChat.

CHANGED for Devs: All css classes, actions and filters change from wame or whatsappme to joinchat.

See changelog.txt for older changelog