Drip Funnels


Drip Funnels helps you to turn your visitors into customers using strategic email sequences. Watch a 7-minute video overview.

We created Drip Funnels because the alternative drip email marketing products were far too complex and inexplicably expensive. Here is what you can do with Drip Funnels:

  • Send an Email Sequence to your current leads: Import your list, create a 7-email campaign, and start your visitors on an email sequence within minutes.
  • Offer your visitors a Free 7-Step Course: Give your visitors a chance to sign up for a 7-Email Course about your area of expertise!
  • Capture new leads in a simple way: Drip Funnels offers a simple Javascript snippet to record a visitor’s data and initiate them on an email sequence.
  • Personal Sequences: When crafting your email sequence, you can use a visitor’s personal information to populate the email.
  • Send an Email Newsletter: Create a simple 1-email sequence and add selected users to it.

The FREE version of Drip Funnels limits the number of funnels that can be created. Inside the plugin, you can upgrade to Drip Funnels PREMIUM (Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, Lifetime), which includes unlimited messages, funnels, and contacts.

Drip Funnels maintains core values:

Bolt on your own SMTP service to Drip Funnels. Because we are vendor-neutral, you can use your own SMTP service you prefer (eg. Mailgun, Sendgrid, or any other 3rd party plugin).

Drip Funnels sequences are sent from a CRON job that play nice with any set up. Whether you use the wp-cron, crontab, or DISABLE_WP_CRON method, Drip Funnels will work for you!

Drip Funnels is transparent about the data it collects from your visitors and puts the tools in your hands. With our fine-grained “Pending Queue”, you can check in on all emails to be sent and cancel any for any reason. Unsubscribe links are automatically added to the footer of your emails to comply with anti-spam guidelines.

Drip Funnels does not collect any of your or your visitor data. To track the success of a funnel, we recommend doing time-based experiments based on the hoped-for action (button-click, form-submit, purchase, etc). We do bootstrap a small JS library for you to add visitors to your Drip Funnels database. You can read more about that in the FAQs > Developers section of the plugin


  • Create a drip email campaign
  • Attach unlimited custom attributes to your visitors
  • View-at-a-glance and Edit-in-place.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/drip-funnels directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Find the Drip Funnels tab in WP Admin area.

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