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EventPrime is an easy to use, beginner-friendly WordPress Events Calendar plugin. Using the EventPrime events plugin, you can now create events with a single click. Just click on a date from the Events Calendar 📅 in the WordPress backend and begin creating an event starting from that date. Create free as well as paid Events by enabling Bookings 🎫 from EventPrime’s Event Settings. Booking payments via PayPal, frontend event submission, and email customizations are some of the features also supported for free in our WordPress Events Calendar plugin.

The EventPrime events plugin also allows you to create and assign Event Types, Performer(s), and Event Site(s) to your Events.

EventPrime is the newest WordPress events plugin built by the RegistrationMagic plugin team and in active development since past 12 months. EventPrime provides WordPress users the same level of control over event management that RegistrationMagic provides over user registrations. We are eager to get as much feedback from you as possible on our new event booking plugin.

For any issues, bugs, feature requests and general help, contact our awesome support!

Cheers, EventPrime Team

With our WordPress events plugin, you now have an event management system to create an event list the way you always wanted. No more difference between the event calendar you create from the back-end and the calendar that is visible to users on the front-end. The Event Calendar on the front-end will appear exactly the way you configure it from the back-end. A WordPress Events Calendar plugin never worked so effortlessly as EventPrime does. Event management in WordPress is now as easy as it can ever be, thanks to the EventPrime events plugin.

EventPrime is a WordPress Events Calendar plugin that supports free event bookings, paid event bookings, single day events, multi-day events, event performers, event sites, event gallery, event registration, event calendar widget and a lot more. Check out our Starter Guide to get up and running with this awesome event manager tool.

If you want more of our new WordPress events plugin, do check out its Extensions. We have added Live Seating, Event Analytics, Event Sponsors, Stripe Payments, Offline Payments, Recurring Events and a lot more planned for the future!

EventPrime Backend

Events Calendar

  • Create or Edit Events directly from the Events Calendar.
  • Click on a date on the calendar to open the Add Event Popup form.
  • Set Event Start & End Dates, All Day Event, Enable Bookings, Booking Price, Event Type, Event Site, and Performer(s) from the Add Event Popup.
  • View events on the calendar as colored bars spanning from the start date to the end date of the event.
  • Hover cursor over an existing event in the calendar to view its details in a quick popup.
  • Drag and drop events from one date to another in the calendar to quickly change event dates.
  • Click on an exiting event in the calendar to open the Edit Event Popup. Allowing you to edit event details on the fly.
  • Click on the Dashboard link from the Event Details Pop-up to access Event Dashboard for complete event manager toolkit. You’ll find all settings associated with an event in the Event Dashboard for more detailed event configuration.
  • Change view of the Events Calendar to Monthly, Weekly, Daily, List, or Cards for better event visibility.

Event Settings

  • From event settings, you can further customize your events.
  • Set event type for event categorization.
  • Add a description to let your attendees know in detail what the event is about.
  • Upload a feature image for the event.
  • Upload a gallery of images for the event.
  • Enable custom link for the event. This will be required if the event on your event calendar is supposed to link to an external URL.
  • If bookings are enabled, you can set specific booking start date and end date.
  • Enable or disable display of event booking status on the frontend.
  • Allow or disallow booking cancellations.
  • Hide or show the event on the event calendar widget.
  • Hide or show the event on the frontend event calendar.
  • Write a custom note on the event page to display to event attendees.

Event Dashboard

  • From the event dashboard, you can access event settings, assign event site, assign performers and also access options provided by some of EventPrime’s extensions. All from one single page.
  • You can also see a brief list of all latest bookings for the event from the event dashboard.

Event Types Manager

  • Create or Edit Event Types that you can then assign to Events.
  • Set specific name, color, age group, image, and special instructions for your Event Types.
  • Events in the Events Calendar will appear in the color of their assigned Event Type.

Event Sites Manager

  • Create or Edit Event Sites that you can then assign to Events.
  • Event Sites have their own name, description, address, date of establishment, seating type, operator, Facebook page, and photo gallery.
  • Sort Event Sites Alphabetically or by their number of events.

Performers Manager

  • Create or Edit Performers that you can then assign to Events.
  • Performers have their own type (person or group), name, role, cover image, and description.
  • Sort Event Sites Alphabetically or by their number of events.
  • You can also create events that are a match between more than one Performers. Configurable from the Event Dashboard.

Attendees Manager

  • View a complete list of all Attendees for all your events.
  • Filter Attendees by their events, booking time, and booking status.
  • See a table of Attendee details containing their booking ID, username, email, and number of tickets per booking ID.
  • Edit Attendees’ individual booking details and also add note for an attendee which the attendee can see on his/her event booking.
  • Download booking details of Attendees in PDF format.
  • Send notification emails to Attendees.
  • Access the transaction log for an Attendee’s booking.
  • Add multiple notes to any booking.

Global Settings

  • Enable or disable email notifications and customize email content.
  • Configure PayPal payment processor and choose currency of payments.
  • Configure APIs for Google Map, Facebook, Google Calendar for external integrations.
  • Set default pages for EventPrime frontend.
  • Enable or disable display of past events on frontend.
  • Choose default event calendar view for the frontend.
  • Enable or disable event filter options on the frontend event calendar.
  • Hide or show bookings of past events on the backend Attendees list.
  • Set time format in which event time will display on the frontend event calendar. This option can be either 12-hour format or 24-hour format.
  • Add your own custom CSS code to customize the look of EventPrime’s frontend.
  • Change the notification messages that appear on the frontend event submission page.
  • Set the default status of events that are submitted from frontend.

EventPrime Frontend

The Event Calendar

On the Front-end, the EventPrime events plugin sports a beautiful yet convenient event calendar layout. The events can be displayed monthly, weekly, daily, event list, or as event cards. Hovering over any event in the calendar will display the event card in a pop-up. Viewers can see all information in brief about an event on this event card. Clicking on the event card will lead to the individual page for that event. Users can register as attendees for an event if event registration is enabled for it.

Directory Pages

In addition to the comprehensive Events Calendar view, the EventPrime events plugin offers complete directories for entities associated with events. The directory pages are created automatically on your site along with the installation and activation of our WordPress events plugin. These pages contain shortcodes for their respective directories. So you can use the shortcodes to add them onto any other pages you’d like. The directory pages are:

  • Event Types Directory
  • Event Sites Directory
  • Performers Directory

We are planning to add customizable parameters to these directory shortcodes in the future. So you can setup these directory lists in more than one ways.

Submit Event

From the Submit Event frontend page, any user can submit his/her own event. The admin can then review, edit and publish that event on the Event Calendar. The Submit Event page has the following options:

  • User submitting an event can submit its name, start date, end date, description, event type, venue, and performers.
  • Enable bookings, set booking start and end date, and also set the booking price.
  • Upon submitting the form, user will see a confirmation message that is customizable from the Global Settings.
  • Upon submitting event, EventPrime will send an email to site admin that a new event has been submitted with the event’s details.

Single Entities

The EventPrime events plugin also allows you to create individual entity pages using shortcodes with ID parameter. Shortcodes are availabe for the following pages:

  • Single Event
  • Single Event Type
  • Single Event Site & Location
  • Single Performer
  • Submit Event

User Account Area

The Directory and Single entity pages are for displaying Events and related entities. For a user to see his/her own activity with events, our event booking plugin offers a full-fledged User Account Area on the front-end. With this EventPrime page, users can login and manage their event booking. Users can also cancel their event booking and find directions to Event Sites where Events are booked.


The EventPrime events plugin offers you 4 highly useful widgets to setup anywhere on your site. These are:

  • Countdown Event Widget- This is a reverse countdown to upcoming events which you can select from the Widget settings. The upcoming events countdown displays the Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds left till the event goes live.
  • Slider Event Widget – This widget is a slideshow of the Featured Images from various Events on your site. Clicking on a Feature Image from the slideshow will lead to that Event’s individual page.
  • Calendar Event Widget – A smaller view of the Events Calendar that lists upcoming events underneath it.
  • Event Site Map – This widget contains Google Map with markers of all Event Sites & Locations.

3 more widgets can be added to our WordPress Events Calendar plugin using the “Event List Widgets” extensions.

What’s Next?

Our WordPress events plugin is in active development with a lot of features planned ahead. Here’s a quick glimpse of what we have in queue for the future…

  • Multiple Payment Gateways – It is always important for an event organiser to accept event booking payments with their choice of payment gateway. EventPrime event booking plugin is going to make it easier for event organiser by adding more payment gateways. In addition to the existing payment gateway support with PayPal.
  • Import/Export Events – No event organiser or event planner tool can work standalone. That is why EventPrime team is going to add Import/Export events feature to work with other popular event management tools.
  • More Event List Widgets – We plan to add more widgets to our event list plugin. Widgets such as Featured Events, Recommended Events, Most Popular Events etc. Our aim with these widgets is to propel EventPrime to become the best event list plugin for WordPress.
  • Save Events – Event attendees find it easier when they are able to save preferred events to their user accounts for future reference. The EventPrime event list plugin will soon give this power to such event attendees.


  • Event Manager Backend Page
  • Event Type Manager Backend Page
  • Event Site Manager Backend Page
  • Performer Manager Backend Page
  • Add New Event Backend Form
  • Event Dashboard Configuration Options
  • Event Settings Backend Form
  • Global Settings Configuration Options
  • Shortcodes Backend Page
  • All Events Card View on Frontend
  • All Events Calendar View on Frontend
  • Single Event View on Frontend


  1. Download the plugin zip.

  2. Open your WordPress Dashboard and access the ‘Plugins’ menu tab.

  3. Click on the ‘Upload Plugin’ button and enter path of the plugin zip that you downloaded. You can also drag & drop the file to the ‘Upload Plugin’ button.

  4. Click on the ‘Activate Plugin’ button.

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

How can I get started with EventPrime?

Check out our Starter Guide to get up and running with EventPrime.

I found a bug in EventPrime. How should I report it to you?

That’s easy. Just write to us at our Contact page and our support team will get in touch with you in a matter of minutes.

I like EventPrime, but it doesn’t have some of the features I really require. How can I get them?

We are always happy to hear your particular needs and requirements. Similar to reporting a bug, just write to us at our Contact page. Our support team will contact you right away.


12 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020
I had a problem with the time format when submitting events from the front end. It shows the standard "American" time format mm/dd/yy) instead of the European (dd/mm/yy). I received thorough directions of how to change that in a .js file and everything works. Very fast reply too. 5 stars.
4 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020
I am very satisfied with the plug-in and the support. It's easy to use. Another plugin caused a little trouble. But the support helped me very quickly. I can only recommend
9 Ιουνίου 2020
Hi, This is really very promissing plugin with the potential to be No. 1 in their field. Please keep the high level!
29 Μαΐου 2020
I've been searching high and low for a user-friendly events and calender plugin. Luckily, I stumbled upon Event Prime about a year ago, and have since been using EP on several of my websites. The plugin works seemlessly, and is one of the best event planning plugins for WordPress in my opinion. It is super easy to setup and use. The best of all is that it integrates with PG and RM, and can be added as a tab on the PG user account dashboard for each reach and navigation. When I want to create an event, I simply navigate to the calender, click and add event. You can also add photos, who the host is, the date and venue to your events. In the PRO version you can charge for events or bookings, which is great! Awesome plugin, with great functionality in both the FREE and Premium version.
29 Απριλίου 2020
I've been using TEC for years because there was nothing better. I always hated it, its settings, its bloatness, its use, its ugly templates, its horrible setting screens - I hate TEC. But what else? There was no viable alternative for TEC until now. Thank god you guys changed that. From now on, bye bye TEC and hello EventPrime. I've been using it for 1 site now, but more will follow soon. This is golden, please stay active and hopefully the community will pick this up.
24 Μαρτίου 2020
I tested lots of event plugins for wordpress. All have their ups and downs, that's true for EventPrime too! But i rarely found a tool that's so easy to integrate, worked with my existing templates and where support is blazingly fast!
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Σύνοψη αλλαγών


  • Added event date and time in Booking confirmation email notification
  • Added option to restrict Event submissions by User Role in Global Settings
  • Added new Logout tab in user profile section
  • Minor design changes


  • Disabled feedback form on plugin deactivation
  • Added South African Rand currency
  • Fixed Hide Booking Status toggle issue in frontend card view
  • Added feature to manually input time in datepicker


  • New Extension Launch: Admin Attendee Bookings
  • New Extension Launch: Event Wishlist
  • New Extension Launch: Event Comments
  • Added Event Site name on single event page
  • New Feature: Enable/Disable option to display Event Site address on single event page
  • Added clickable link to redirect to Event page on Event Name in My Bookings tab on User Profile page
  • Fixed Event Name not appearing identical in admin and frontend
  • Fixed PayPal configuration message position in Global Settings -> Payment section
  • Added option to share event on Google Calendar without API from the single event page


  • New Feature: Enable/Disable option to send Booking Pending Email, Booking Refund Email, Event Submitted Email, Event Approval Email
  • New Feature: Enable/Disable option to send all Admin emails
  • New Feature: Enable/Disable option to send all User emails
  • New Extension Launch: Event List Widgets
  • Fixed Event page filters issue with plain permalink setting
  • Fixed issue with email to user when admin approves user’s Submitted Event from event settings page
  • Fixed Attendee booking deletion issue with Cancelled booking status
  • Added option to not delete Attendee booking directly if Booking status is Completed


  • Added compatibility with Coupon Codes extension
  • Added compatibility with Guest Bookings extension


  • Fixed Show Cart button issue on Booking Page
  • Fixed Issue with increment of Attendee Name textbox on seat click


  • Added compatibility with new update for Recurring Events Extension
  • Added compatibility with new update for Offline Payments Extension


  • Fixed Errors Appearing on Frontend Event Submission Page
  • Fixed Issue with Prev & Next Buttons Not Appearing on Datepicker on Frontend Event Submission Page


  • Added option to upload Featured Image from frontend event submission
  • Added option to create Event Sites from frontend event submission
  • Design changes for the frontend event submission form
  • Fixed Booking Start Date time issue on frontend


  • Patch fix for Zoom level feature added in 1.7.2


  • Added option to set Zoom level for Event Site map


  • Fixed future Recurring Events appearing on card view on frontend


  • Users can now see their submitted events on their frontend User Profiles


  • Fixed event filter issues on the frontend


  • New Feature: Event Sites for the All Events page can now be set from the [em_events] shortcode
  • New Feature: Disable Attendee names with Event Bookings from the Event Settings
  • Fixed issue with shortcodes appearing in uppercase


  • Fixed bug with Events display in Card view when Event Type is selected from shortcode


  • Added navigation link on Event Dashboard to go back to the All Events page
  • Minor design changes in the backend


  • New Feature: Default starting date for the frontend calendar can now be set from Global Settings -> Regular Settings
  • New Feature: Default View and Event Types for all Events page can now be set from the [em_events] shortcode
  • New Extension – Attendees List: Display names of your Event Attendees on the Event page or within the new Attendees List widget
  • Multiple minor bug fixes


  • New Feature: Add Attendee names with bookings
  • Multiple minor bug fixes


  • Included Material Icons within the plugin for frontend
  • Fixed minor bug in Google Map rendering on Event Site edit page


  • New Feature: Export event in iCal format from Event page on frontend
  • New Feature: Add Organizers to events with Organizer name, phone, email & website
  • Fixed minor bugs in event booking process


  • Fixed minor bugs in frontend event submit functionality
  • Fixed minor bugs in event calendar locale change


  • New Feature: Added new shortcode to allow frontend event submissions
  • New Feature: Added new option to change event status from the backend
  • New Feature: Now using the Site Language setting from WordPress General Settings to change display of events calendar according to that locale


  • New Feature: Option to change time format on event calendar from Global Settings -> Regular Settings
  • Update: First day of week on event calendar will use the same option as ‘Week Starts On’ in WordPress General Settings


  • Fixed: Validation error messages on Event Settings page


  • New Feature: Custom link for Events
  • New Feature: Option to add custom CSS code from Global Settings
  • New Feature: Add address to Event Sites without the need to configure Google Map
  • Improvements: General UI improvements for Attendee page in backend


  • Added option in Global Settings -> Regular Settings to hide bookings of past events
  • Added option in User Profile to add/update phone number for Attendees


  • Fixed single event URL issue on frontend
  • Improved responsive layout for user profile page on frontend


  • Fixed single event UI issues on frontend
  • Fixed incorrect external links in backend


  • Added event name to the table of Attendees in backend
  • Design update for info notices in the backend
  • Added event description to event card view on frontend
  • Added compatibility with the Recurring Events extension


  • Design and UI improvements to the frontend Bookings page


  • Added compatibility with Offline Payments extension
  • Events with booking price of 0 will not show ‘Free’ on their info cards and ‘Book Now’ buttons
  • Minor improvements to the backend UI


  • Improved responsive layout for all directory pages on frontend
  • Compatibility changes added for WP version 5.3


  • Improved responsive layout for Event and Performer directory pages


  • Events can now be dragged and dropped to past dates from the calendar in backend
  • Clicking on event bar on the front-end calendar will now open its single event page


  • Added option for enabling booking and setting booking price from the Add/Edit Event Pop-up
  • Added option to delete event from the Hover Event Pop-up
  • Minor UI fixes for the front-end


  • UI improvements for the Single Event page on frontend


  • UI improvements for Event Types, Performers, and Event Sites frontend directory pages


  • Fixed minor UI issue on Performers directory page
  • Added single Event Type pages linked from the Event Types directory page


  • Improved frontend layout for Event Types directory page
  • Improved frontend layout for Performers directory page
  • Added option to upload Event Type image


  • Added new option in Global Settings -> Regular Settings to disable event filters on frontend
  • Minor UI improvements to the backend


  • Added fix for registration and booking message issue


  • Added WP dashboard menus for Event Type, Event Site, & Performer Manager pages
  • Fixed date display issue with the Event Calendar on frontend for some themes
  • Fixed some UI theme compatiblity issues on the frontend


  • Now you can create events for past dates from the Event Calendar
  • Changed the backend loading icon
  • Made minor UI improvements to the add new event popup form


  • Minor changes to texts for both frontend & backend


  • Minor UI improvements to the All Events & Single Event frontend layouts


  • Including patch for the guided tour feature


  • Added a guided tour feature for the All Events page in backend


  • Added new link on Event view popup to quickly access Event Settings
  • Minor UI improvements to the Event Calendar display on frontend


  • Minor UI improvements to the Event Calendar display


  • More tutorial links added to the backend
  • Linked frontend pages for Events, Event Types, Event Sites, and Performers from their backend pages


  • Added sorting options for Performers page in the backend


  • Fixed an issue with frontend event pagination


  • Added option to select default event calendar view from the Global Settings


  • Added support for ProfileGrid-EventPrime Integration


  • Number of Events for a Performer will now appear on the Performer card in dashboard


  • Age Group will not display on Event page frontend when the Event is open for all


  • Minor improvements to the admin Event Types page


  • Added compatibility with EventPrime Stripe Payments extension
  • Minor improvements to the admin Attendees page


  • Added new content to the Extensions page


  • Added paid bookings
  • Added compatibility with EventPrime Extensions: Live Seating, Event Analytics & Event Sponsors


  • Added better compatibility with most popular themes


  • Fixed front-end compatibility issues with other plugins


  • Minor design enhancement to Event Site card in Dashboard


  • Minor fixes to dashboard UI


  • Improvements to frontend layouts


  • Improved display for events with bookings disabled


  • Minor improvements to the frontend events calendar


  • Added link to Starter Guide in EventPrime Dashboard


  • Minor improvements to event settings and help-texts


  • Improvements to the Add Event dialog box in dashboard


  • Initial Release