Frictionless is a plugin which allows our customer to integrate both of our products with minimal configuation with settings card. With this plugin customer dont have to manage seperate code snippet and worry about updating it as we add more features.

  • Our online scheduling software streamlines the booking process, helping customers convert with less time, effort, and attention from you and your team.

  • Serve up answers and guidance for your customers on the spot. Our superior live chat experience features real experts who can book real jobs, build brand loyalty, and boost customer satisfaction.

In order for integrating chat and booking widget, Frictionless embeds and scripts on your WordPress website. Please visit for more info.


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What is Booking widget ?

An answer to that question.


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Σύνοψη αλλαγών


  • Change the way we load booking widget. It will delay loading booking widget for better browser performance.
  • Added support to hide booking widget bubble.
  • Add support to pass multiple css classes and ids to hookup booking event.
  • Improve booking buton customization.


  • Fixed book button event.
  • Introduce tabbed setting pannel to segrigate chat and booking settings.


  • Internal – improved deployment step to include assets and readme.


  • Ported hackathon code and prepare for WP approval process.