Gum Elementor Addon


This plugin addon for Elementor Website Builder it mean you need install Elementor plugin and activate before.


The plugin offers inbuilt widgets that help to create design more attractive.

  • Slideshow – Slideshow based Superslides engine with part: heading, subheading, text and two action buttons.
  • Gum Heading – Heading with line decoration.
  • Pricing table – Pricing table with two pricing systems.
  • Recent post – Show recent post list.
  • Blog term – Show recent post list.
  • Post meta – Show sortable post meta for single post.
  • Post term – Show sortable post term and divider for single post.
  • Post related – Show related post for single post.
  • Post adjacent – Show previous/next post for single post.
  • Popover button – Hotspot button icon.
  • Special Option – Inner section width like Top section, Inner section position like common widget.


  • Slideshow
  • Popover widget
  • Pricing table
  • Accordion with icon inside accordion title


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Make sure Elementor Website Builder was installed and active.

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

Are this plugin work with Elementor Pro

Yes it is, this plugin work with regular and pro version.

Any video documentation?

Not yet


Δεν υπάρχουν αξιολογήσεις για αυτό το πρόσθετο.

Συνεισφέροντες & Προγραμματιστές

“Gum Elementor Addon” είναι λογισμικό ανοιχτού κώδικα. Οι παρακάτω έχουν συνεισφέρει στη δημιουργία του.


Σύνοψη αλλαγών


  • Improvement: Adding post term widget
  • Improvement: Adding post related widget
  • Improvement: Adding post adjacent widget
  • Improvement: Adding recent posts widget
  • Improvement: Adding blog term widget


  • Improvement: Adding post meta widget


  • Improvement: Adding recent post widget


  • Improvement: Adding icon inside accordion title ( native accordion widget )
  • Improvement: Adding heading widget with line decoration


  • Improvement: Adding % wide option for content width option ( slideshow widget )
  • Improvement: Adding icon position option ( left/right ) for elementor native icon list widget


  • Improvement: Adding color, weight option for slide title ( slideshow widget )


  • Bug fixing: 2nd button color ( slideshow widget )


  • Bug fixing: popover width on mobile screen


  • New widget added: popover hotspot button


  • Improvement: expand plugin capability
  • New widget added: pricing table and toggle price button


  • Bug fixing: thumbnail widget not displayed on specifiec condition


  • Initial release