Viral Buy for Me for WooCommerce


What Increase Sales for WooCommerce to Go Viral?

Increase Sales is WooCommerce addon with useful tools to achieve more sales in your woocommerce store. The plugin includes “Buy for Me” button for your shop to go viral, Advanced cross-sells product placement, Custom Continue Shopping link, Customer Conversion report, Add to Cart Button Custom Text and more!

WooCommerce Increase Sales requires WooCommerce to work.

Buy for Me Viral feature

Buy For Me allows your users to ask for a gift from their friends and families by emailing them the details about your product and requesting them to buy the product for you. The “Buy for Me” feature has the potential to make your products go viral when the visitors share your products (and naturally your brand) with their friends and families.

The “Buy For Me” button is displayed on the product single page. With one click users can customize the message and send an email their friends and families with product image.

Advanced Cross Sales

The cross sells feature strategically places your cross-sells products inline inside, at top or bottom of the Cart during checkout that users can easily and quickly add to the cart without leaving the shopping cart page. The idea is similar to what you see during checkout in a super market or a large shop encouraging impulse buys. By encouraging users to buy more related, cross sells products to their cart on the fly, it can increase sales on your woocommerce shop. Sale more with Increase Sales!

Cross-sells products will display directly under each product on the cart or at the top or bottom of the cart during checkout right when use has the most focused attention and thereby boos sales in woocommerce shops.

Add to Cart Button Custom Text

Change the default Add to Cart Button text with a catchy and more appropriate one to get more sales.

You will be able to use different custom texts for:

Single product page:
* Simple product (default: Add to cart)
* External/Affiliate product (default: Buy product)
* Grouped product (default: Add to cart)
* Variable product (default: Add to cart)
* Bookable product (WooCommerce Bookings) (default: Book now)

Archive pages (shop, category, tags…):
* Simple product (default: Add to cart)
* External/Affiliate product (default: Buy product)
* Grouped product (default: View products)
* Variable product (default: Select options)
* Bookable product (WooCommerce Bookings) (default: Book now)

Continue Shopping

Encourage the shoppers to keep shopping and Buy More by adding a Continue Shopping button on the Cart page.

Shopper Conversion Report

Track shopper conversions or abandoned cart rate. Check the statistics on how many shoppers completed the checkout process vs added to the cart only but did not complete the checkout.

What Can this Increase Sales plugin do?

🚀 Go viral with the “Buy for Me” feature. Share your products and website with Friends and Families

🚀 Increase your total sales by allowing shoppers to buy cross sells products more easily, on the fly, inside shopping cart without leaving the cart page.

🚀 This plugin also tracks shopper conversions or abandones cart rate and display statistics on how many shoppers completed the checkout process. It helps you better optimize the checkout experience.

🚀 Add Continue Shopping button on the Cart page

🚀 Use your own custom text for the Add to Cart button

Increase Sales Support, Bug Fix, Feature Request

  • We welcome your feedback and new feature requests for this chat bot! This is a new plugin and we want to improve this plugin’s features based on your feedback and suggestions. *

Let us know if you face any problem or need help with this Increase Sales plugin in the comments section.


After installing the plugin, go to its Settings page and Enable Cross sells. Make sure to have cross sells products added under each of your products. It will automatically display cross sells products during checkout on the cart page and increase sales.


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  • Cross-sells popup
  • Buy for me
  • Buy for me
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  1. Download the plugin zip file. Extract and upload in your wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. From the wp-admin panel go to plugins and activate “Chatbot”
  3. You are done.


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