Nav Menu Trim


Nav Menu Trim plugin trim html id/class attributes of Nav Menu.


If you have any trouble, you can use the forums or report bugs.


Small patches and bug reports can be submitted a issue tracker in Github. Forking on Github is another good way. You can send a pull request.

Translating a plugin takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. I really appreciate the hard work from these contributors.

If you have created or updated your own language pack, you can send gettext PO and MO files to author. I can bundle it into plugin.

You can also contribute by answering issues on the forums.

Patches and Bug Fixes

Forking on Github is another good way. You can send a pull request.

  1. Fork Nav Menu Trim from GitHub repository
  2. Create a feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  3. Commit your changes: git commit -am ‘Add some feature’
  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  5. Create new Pull Request

Contribute guidlines

If you would like to contribute, here are some notes and guidlines.

  • All development happens on the develop branch, so it is always the most up-to-date
  • The master branch only contains tagged releases
  • If you are going to be submitting a pull request, please submit your pull request to the develop branch
  • See about forking and pull requests

Test Matrix

For operation compatibility between PHP version and WordPress version, see below Github Actions.


  • Appearance > Customize > Menus
  • Nav Menu Trim options


  1. Download and unzip files. Or install Nav Menu Trim using the WordPress plugin installer. In that case, skip 2.
  2. Upload nav-menu-trim to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Configure settings through the Appearance > Customize > Menus > Nav Menu Trim menu in WordPress.
  5. Have fun!

Filter hooks

  • nav_menu_trim_get_options
  • nav_menu_trim_get_option


Δεν υπάρχουν αξιολογήσεις για αυτό το πρόσθετο.

Συνεισφέροντες & Προγραμματιστές

“Nav Menu Trim” είναι λογισμικό ανοιχτού κώδικα. Οι παρακάτω έχουν συνεισφέρει στη δημιουργία του.


Σύνοψη αλλαγών


  • tested up to 6.2.0
  • fix composer scripts
  • update github actions
  • fix load_textdomain method for testability
  • add msgmerge to composer scripts
  • add support section and enhance contribution section to README
  • fix license


  • add composer script
  • remove makepot:php composer script
  • change makepot from php script to wp cli
  • change plugin initialization to plugins_loaded hook
  • replace assert from assertEquals to assertSame


  • fix wp-plugin-unit-test.yml
  • add Upgrade Notice
  • change requires at least to wordpress 4.9
  • change requires to PHP 5.6
  • bump up yoast/phpunit-polyfills version
  • update wp-plugin-unit-test.yml
  • change os to ubuntu-20.04 for ci
  • add wp-plugin-unit-test-matrix.yml


  • add test case for customizer
  • update composer dependencies
  • change from protected variable to public variable for unit test
  • add timeout-minutes to workflows
  • add phpunit-polyfills
  • tested up to 5.8.0


  • tested up to 5.7.0
  • add composer scripts
  • update japanese translation
  • update pot
  • add test case
  • change constant name
  • add sponsor link
  • add FUNDING.yml
  • add donate link
  • update wordpress-test-matrix
  • add GitHub actions for CI/CD, remove .travis.yml


  • rename sanitize_callback function from sanitize_checkbox to sanitize_boolean
  • fix indent and reformat with phpcs and phpcbf
  • add composer.json for test
  • add static code analysis config


  • fix access modifier
  • fix tests
  • fix PHPDoc comment
  • fix filter nav_menu_trim_get_options and nav_menu_trim_get_option
  • change to add_action with load_textdomain
  • add sanitize_checkbox


  • update screenshot
  • fix PHPDoc comment
  • remove $languages_path
  • fix .travis.yml
  • fix tests
  • add nav_menu_submenu_css_class function
  • fix get_options function
  • add default_options
  • fix load_textdomain


  • fix tests
  • fix data validation via wp_kses
  • change output css to here document
  • fix option detect
  • change add_filter from plugin_action_links to plugin_action_links_{$plugin_file}
  • add init function
  • fix codesniffer.ruleset.xml


  • fixed: fix .travis.yml
  • fixed: fix trim_css_class function
  • fixed: check exists class


  • initial release