StatCounter – Free Real Time Visitor Stats


  • Example Summary Stats
  • Using the magnify tool, you can "zoom in" on individual visitors and get a detailed report on where they are from, their system settings, and most importantly, what link reffered them to your site and their navigation path through your site.


StatCounter is a free web traffic analysis service, which provides summary stats on all your traffic and a detailed analysis of your last 500 page views. This limit can be increased by subscribing to their paid service.

To activate the StatCounter service for your WordPress site:

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5 Νοεμβρίου 2018
since many years I work with Word Press and building each year several sites, and of course without plugins the WP is very naked, this plugin (STATCOUNTER) belongs to my number one on each site, during all those years I saw it growing up and getting better more and more, it is now absolute perfect, so many features - unbelievable! my advice to all: JUST INSTALL IT - you will find nothing better ! many thanks to the programmers !!!
20 Ιουνίου 2018
Researched the plugin, visited a total of two pages on the statcounter website to learn more. TWO pages. Not exactly bot-like behavior, right? So I installed the plugin, then clicked the link in plugin settings to go to the statcounter website to sign up. Got a "server not found" error. Looked like the statcounter site was down. Tried copying link and visiting externally; same error. Checked down detector, which said the statcounter site is up. Tried accessing via hideme proxy; that worked fine from 3 different countries. So apparently Statcounter is arbitrarily blocking my Spectrum/Time Warner IP. Why? Because I visited two pages on their site after finding them via a normal Google search? I did not even click on any ads to get there.
3 Μαρτίου 2018
Sorry, I can't sign up StatCounter. I can't see the captdhe verification code in China. Captdhe was used to act as a high wall.
28 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017
Obviously works with WordPress 4.8.2 Hopefully it will be updated as such soon. Been using this for years, It's a very good plugin. Make sure you read and follow prompts. Very easy to set up and use. Suitable for beginners as well. 🙂 A+++ Pleeeease don't abandon this awesome plugin! It's too good to be abandoned 🙂
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Readme fix


Bug fix for async JS support


Async JS support


Compatibility enhancements


Security enhancements


StatCounter Tags supported.


Removed unnecessary type attribute from script element


Updated constant definitions to be case sensitive


Fixed small bug with form


Addd StatCounter https compatible code


Support https/http for wordpress admin section when viewing StatCounter stats


Removed deprecated function calls


Modified url used for dashboard to not include project id when it has not been set.


Improved UI to give error message in dashboard when no project id has been set


  • Bug fix to prevent user entry of whitespace characters for Project ID and Security Code


  • Bug fix for Upgrade with PayPal link.


  • Correct incorrect spelling of ‘invisibility’


  • Removed the ‘Logging Enabled/Disabled’ option (you can deactivate the plugin instead). Updated installation instructions.


  • Removed option to set partition – no longer required.


  • Added noscript to StatCounter code – allowing non-javascript enabled visitors to be tracked.


  • Added counter position option. Allows you to specify the position of the counter in the header or footer.
  • Added ‘forced invisibility’ option. Allows you to enable an invisible counter without logging into your StatCounter account.


  • Fixed critical bug.


  • Added ability to view StatCounter Stats from within the WordPress Admin.