Om Stripe


  1. Get donation through stripe.

* Donation form contain few custom field are listed below, All detail are save in your stripe customer token.
1. Name.
1. Address.
1. Phone No.
1. Email.
1. Donation Amount.
1. Use below shortcode on any page and stripe form is on that page.
2. Admin will get notification email on each successful donation
3. Om Stripe use the Bootstrap version 3.3.6
4.Very lightweight and easy to use

“Compatible with all major browsers, well tested with ie10”
See Demo

Arbitrary section

  1. Get donation form created card.
  2. Email notification on each successful traction.
  3. Design base on Bootstrap.


  • screenshot One
  • screenshot Two


  1. Put om_stripe folder in your plugin directory of your wordpress.
  2. WordPress directory.
  3. Install it throw admin area,wordpress admin panel.
  4. Now activate the plugin.
  5. Using wordpress admin panel view A.


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