PublishPress Revisions: Duplicate Posts, Submit, Approve and Schedule Content Changes


PublishPress Revisions is the ultimate tool for making content changes. Users get a safe space to work on content updates. When the changes are ready, they can ask for approval to publish the update. Administrators can approve or reject the changes. They can also schedule them to go live in the future.

Your users can update posts using the normal WordPress editor, but their changes will not be published automatically. Instead, the changes are stored in a “Revision Queue”. The changes can be approved, rejected or scheduled. PublishPress Revisions works with the familiar WordPress interface, including Gutenberg and the Classic Editor.

PublishPress Revisions Pro

Upgrade to Revisions Pro
This plugin is the free version of the Revisions Pro plugin. The Free version of PublishPress Revisions supports the WordPress core. The Pro version of PublishPress Revisions supports ACF, Yoast SEO, PODS, WooCommerce, WPML, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and many more plugins and themes. Click here to purchase the best premium WordPress content update plugin now!

Submit Change Requests for Posts

PublishPress Revisions allows your users to submit change requests for published posts. Your users can update posts using the normal WordPress editor, but their changes will not be published automatically. Instead, the changes are stored as a “pending revision” that can be approved or rejected.

Click here to see how to submit revisions.

Schedule Future Updates to Posts

PublishPress Revisions allows you to schedule WordPress revisions to be published in the future. When you’re editing a published post, all you need to do is select a future date and click “Schedule Revision”. Your changes will be published at the specified time.

Click here to see how to schedule revisions.

Manage and Moderate Changes to Content

After you create a revision with PublishPress Revisions, you can find that revision on the Revision Queue screen. This screen shows you all the revisions that have been submitted for approval. Underneath each duplicate post you can choose from several moderation tools: Edit, Delete, Preview and Compare.

Click here to see how to manage and moderate revisions.

Compare Current and Former Versions

Pending and Scheduled Revisions can include changes to post content, categories, tags, featured image, page parent and other options. Each of these changes can be reviewed in the familiar Compare Revisions interface.

Click here to see how to compare revisions.

Frontend Moderation of Content Changes

It is possible to preview and moderate revisions via the frontend of your WordPress site. If you click Preview for a pending revision, you’ll see a toolbar across the frontend of the site. This toolbar will change color so you can easily know the status of the revision. For example, if you’re looking at a pending revision, the toolbar will be green. For scheduled revisions, the toolbar will be grey.

Click here to see how to manage from the frontend of your site.

Email Notifications for Revisions

PublishPress Revisions will notify Administrators and Editors when a new revision is submitted. They can log in to preview, compare and approve the changes. PublishPress Revisions can also send emails for revision approval and publication. The Settings screen lets you disable unwanted notifications.

Click here for more on revision notifications.

Additional Plugins Supported in the Pro Version

Page builder / front end editing integrations:

  • BeaverBuilder integration
  • Divi Theme, Divi Builder integration
  • Elementor integration

Major plugins we maintain compatibility with:

  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Pods
  • WPML
  • The Events Calendar
  • WooCommerce
  • Yoast SEO

Click here for the full list of supported plugins in the Pro version.

You Can Set Very Detailed Revision Permissions

PublishPress Revisions works with the default WordPress user roles, and also introduces a Revisor role:

  • Contributors can submit revisions to their own published posts.
  • Revisors can submit revisions to posts and pages published by others.
  • Authors, Editors and Administrators can approve revisions or schedule their own revisions.

To schedule changes to a published post, just set the desired future date before hitting Update.

By upgrading to Revisions Pro, you also gain advanced permissions control through the PublishPress Permissions Pro plugin. You can customize permissions by role or per-user, granting full editing or revision submission rights to specific posts, categories, or taxonomy terms.

Click here for more on revision permissions.

Join PublishPress and get the Pro plugins

The Pro versions of the PublishPress plugins are well worth your investment. The Pro versions have extra features and faster support. Click here to join PublishPress.

Join PublishPress and you’ll get access to these Pro plugins:

Together, these plugins are a suite of powerful publishing tools for WordPress. If you need to create a professional workflow in WordPress, with moderation, revisions, permissions and more… then you should try PublishPress.

Bug Reports

Bug reports for PublishPress Revisions are welcomed in our repository on GitHub. Please note that GitHub is not a support forum, and that issues that aren’t properly qualified as bugs will be closed.

Follow the PublishPress team

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  • Schedule Revisions: PublishPress Revisions allows you to schedule WordPress revisions to be published in the future.
  • Control Revision Permissions: PublishPress Revisions allows you to control which users are able to submit revisions to published posts.
  • Submit Revisions: PublishPress Revisions enables you to submit change requests for published posts.
  • Preview and Compare Revisions: Every requested change can be reviewed in the normal “Compare Revisions” interface in WordPress.
  • Manage and Moderate Revisions: PublishPress Revisions has a Revision Queue screen where you can search, approve, or deny changes to a published post's content.
  • Email Notifications for Revisions: Administrators and Editors are notified by email when a new revision is submitted. PublishPress Revisions can also send emails for revision approval and publication.
  • Support for Plugins: Revisions Pro adds support for the plugins such as Yoast SEO, WooCommrce and Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Divi, Beaver Builder Integration: With Revisions Pro, your Contributors and Revisors will be able to submit revisions to published content using the front end editor of the Divi theme or Beaver Builder plugin.
  • WPML Integration: With Revisions Pro, pending and scheduled revisions work in multi-language sites controlled by the WPML plugin.
  • Advanced Permissions: By upgrading to Revisions Pro, you also gain advanced permissions control through Permissions Pro. Customize permissions by role or per-user.

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

How do I duplicate pages or other post types?

PublishPress Revisions can duplicate pages and any other post types. For example, to duplicate pages, go to the “Pages” screen in WordPress and click “New Revision” next to any page. You will be taken to a duplicate page that you can edit and save to the Revision Queue.

How do I duplicate WooCommerce products?

WooCommerce is the most popular way to build a WordPress eCommerce site. With PublishPress Revisions Pro you can submit, moderate, approve and schedule revisions to your WooCommerce products.

When you are on the “Products” screen, click the “New Revision” link. Inside the product revision, the PublishPress buttons will appear in the top-right corner. When you save the product, it will appear on the main “Revision Queue” screen.

It is possible to schedule updates to WooCommerce products.

  • While updating an post or page created created with Elementor, click “Immediately” in the right sidebar.
  • Choose the new date for these changes to go live.
  • Click the “Update Revision” button.

All key WooCommerce fields are supported by PublishPress Revisions Pro. If you are using 3rd party WooCommerce plugins, we do recommend testing their compatibility with WordPress revisions and PublishPress Revisions Pro.

Click here for more on duplicate WooCommerce products.

How do I duplicate Elementor pages and posts?

PublishPress Revisions Pro has support for the Elementor plugin.

Here’s how to use PublishPress Revisions and Elementor together:

  • Find and a published post or page that was created with Elementor.
  • You will see a “New revision” link.
  • On the next screen, you can click “Edit with Elementor” to make changes.
  • You can use “Submit Revision” in the right sidebar to submit your changes.
  • In the WordPress admin area, you can go to visit the “Revision Queue” screen and you will see the submitted revision of your Elementor page. It will be waiting for your approval.

It is possible to schedule content updates to Elementor posts.

  • While updating an post or page created created with Elementor, click “Immediately” in the right sidebar.
  • Choose the new date for these changes to go live.
  • Click the “Update Revision” button.

[Click here for more on duplicate Elementor posts (

How do I duplicate The Events Calendar events?

The Events Calendar plugin is one the most popular ways to create and list events in WordPress. PublishPress Revisions Pro and The Events Calendar work together successfully.

  • Make sure you are using the Gutenberg option for creating events.
  • After installing PublishPress Revisions Pro, you will be able to submit revisions to events using the “New Revision” option on the main “Events” screen.
  • You will see the normal Event screen, but with additional PublishPress Revisions button in the top-right corner.
  • Your event revisions will appear in the “Revision Queue”.
  • You will not be able to use the “Compare” link because The Events Calendar does not support that WordPress feature yet. However, all the other key features of PublishPress Revisions Pro will work. For example, PublishPress Revisions Pro will record changes to all your event fields and settings.

[Click here for more on duplicate The Events Calendar events (

How do I duplicate posts with Advanced Custom Fields?

PublishPress Revisions Pro has support for the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin. You can schedule, moderate and approve revisions for content that uses ACF.

  • To create a revision for post that use ACF, click on the “New Revision” link.
  • Go to the “Revision Queue”.
  • Click “Edit” and you can update the revision, including the ACF fields.
  • Click “Compare” and you can see what’s changed in this revision. The “Compare” screen will show you any changes that have happened with ACF Fields.

[Click here for more on duplicate posts with Advanced Custom Fields (

How do I duplicate posts with WPML?

PublishPress Revisions Pro has support for the WPML plugin. For example, you can create revisions for a post in English and create separate revisions for the Spanish translation of that post.

  • Go to your “Posts” screen.
  • Click “New Revisions” and you can create a translated version of your content in any language.

[Click here for more on duplicate posts with WPML (

How do I duplicate posts with Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO plugin in WordPress. With PublishPress Revisions Pro you can submit, moderate, approve and schedule revisions to your WordPress posts, and they will keep all your SEO data.

In the image below, you can Yoast SEO data. With PublishPress Revisions Pro you enter this data and it will be saved throughout the revision approval process.

[Click here for more on duplicate posts with Yoast SEO (

How do I duplicate posts with Beaver Builder?

PublishPress Revisions Pro has support for the Beaver Builder plugin. Here’s how to use PublishPress Revisions Pro and Beaver Builder together:

  • In your WordPress admin area, click “New Revision” for a post or page that uses Beaver Builder.
  • On the next screen, you will be able to click “Launch Beaver Builder” and create a new version of this post.
  • Click “Submit Revision” to submit your updates.
  • In the WordPress admin area, you can visit the “Revision Queue” screen and you will see the submitted revision of your Beaver Builder page. It will be waiting for your approval.

It is also possible to schedule revisions to Beaver Builder content.

  • When you’re editing a revision, click “Immediately”.
  • Choose the date you want your post changes to go live.
  • Click the “Submit Revision” button.

[Click here for more on duplicate posts with Beaver Builder (

How do I duplicate posts with Divi Theme and Builder?

Divi is one of the most popular page-builders in WordPress, and it does integrate with PublishPress Revisions Pro. It is possible for lower-level users to edit a page with Divi and submit an update for approval. This workflow will apply to anyone with the correct permissions to submit revisions.

  • In your WordPress admin area, click “New Revision” for a post or page that uses Divi.
  • You will see the normal editing layout in Divi, with the PublishPress Revisions buttons in the top toolbar and right sidebar. Click “Edit With The Divi Builder” to make content changes.

[Click here for more on duplicate posts with Divi (


5 Αυγούστου 2021
I installed the free version of the plugin found it to be great -- easy to use and exactly as advertised. I contacted PublishPress for a pre-sale question for the pro version and they had an answer for me within an hour. Very impressed!
21 Μαΐου 2021
Convenient! Thank you to the creator. Only one CSS written in <head> of the fixed page is not reflected in Revision Queue. ↓ solved. It was a part that depended on the theme and plugins. Then it can't be helped. Others are great. Thank you very much.
16 Ιανουαρίου 2021
Good support! Only need the revision previews myself. Can see many of the options as addons. Might be nice to have a screen with a table of all revisions with search, filters and sorting
30 Ιουλίου 2020
Had an issue that wasn't working out, but support was very responsive and great communication. I would recommend your products to anyone that has a need for them. Thank you for your great support.
1 Ιουλίου 2020
Actually, it's sort of unfair to compare this plugin with the abandoned TAO one. This one has much more power, even in its free version. Even a low-to-no-budget developer wants to expire or update content on a timed basis. As a musician, I offer a schedule of what I play each week. When the date passes, I can push that info down into an archive section, with next week's information prominently displayed at the top. What's fun and convenient for me is absolutely imperative if you are expiring retail deals after a certain date/time passes. Another very interesting use of the plugin that I only recently discovered is the ability to progressively update a page without committing the update to production. In other words, if I want to do heavy updates, I can do them in a sandbox, save them without publishing into the revision queue, and then later revise the page in the revision queue. When done, I simply push the revision queue page to production immediately, or I can set it to deploy on a timer.
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Σύνοψη αλλαγών

3.0.6 – 29 Nov 2021

  • Fixed : Edit Revision – revisions could not be updated unless SCRIPT_DEBUG is enabled on the site
  • Fixed : Revisions could not be scheduled if Settings > Revisions > Revision Submission is disabled

3.0.5 – 23 Nov 2021

  • Fixed : Published custom post types not listed to Revisors under some configurations (Permissions integration requires Permissions 3.6.4)
  • Fixed : Multisite – network-wide settings screens were non-functional

3.0.4 – 19 Nov 2021

  • Fixed : New Revision button not displayed in Admin Bar
  • Fixed : Revision Queue: revisions not listed in My Activity view

3.0.3 – 18 Nov 2021

  • Fixed : Revisions Queue empty on sites with a large number of published posts
  • Compat : WooCommerce – Hide Product Variations, Linked Products tabs when editing a Product Revision

3.0.2 – 15 Nov 2021

  • Compat : PublishPress Permissions – Revisions Submission permissions did not correctly adjust Edit Posts / Pages listing in some configurations (also requires Permissions 3.6.3)
  • Compat : The Events Calendar – Revisions could not be submitted in Classic Editor
  • Fixed : Classic Editor – Schedule button was incorrectly displayed (leading to failed scheduling attempt) if a single time element is changed followed by OK button
  • Fixed : Scheduled Revisions could not be updated in Gutenberg editor
  • Fixed : Admin Bar button “New Revision” was displayed even if Submitted Revisions are disabled
  • Fixed : Revision Queue: bulk deletion did not reduce revision counts
  • Fixed : Duplicate page selection dropdown in Quick Edit and other instances of wp_dropdown_pages()
  • Fixed : Invalid page hierarchy and broken Pages admin if a past revision that was originally submitted through the Revisions plugin is restored
  • Fixed : Revision Preview was missing “Approve” button caption if revision is of an unpublished post
  • Change : Revisions Settings – clarify some captions

3.0.1 – 10 Nov 2021

  • Fixed : Revisions created using Revisions 2.x were not listed in Revision Queue until plugin de/re-activation
  • Fixed : Front Page setting was cleared at revision submission on some sites
  • Fixed : Front Page setting dropdown in Settings > Reading included revisions
  • Fixed : Classic Editor : Schedule Revisions could not be submitted
  • Fixed : Classic Editor : Schedule button was displayed incorrectly while selecting a future date for scheduled revision
  • Compat : Gutenberg plugin – Edit Revision screen crashed on update attempt
  • API: Allow redirect to be disabled on revision creation

3.0 – 9 Nov 2021

  • Feature: New revision submission mechanism: create an unsubmitted revision first instead of editing existing post. Edit revision directly, then submit for scheduling or publication.
  • Change: Revisions UI in Post / Revision editor
  • Feature: Admin Bar includes “New Revision” button
  • Change: Revision Queue filter captions
  • Compat: Permissions – revise_others_posts, revise_others_pages, etc. capabilties are equivalent to list_others capabilities in allowing uneditable items to be listed
  • Change : Include upload_files capability in the Revisor role

2.6.3 – 11 Oct 2021

  • Fixed : Classic Editor – Error submitting a pending or scheduled revision

2.6.2 – 7 Oct 2021

  • Change : Maintenance queries run at plugin activation to convert version 3.0 revisions back to 2.6 encoding
  • API : Support for WPML Translation Management support in Pro version

2.6.1 – 15 Jul 2021

  • Fixed : Pending / Scheduled Revisions could become disassociated from main post due to third party plugin interactions
  • Compat : Permissions – Specific Permissions were not applied for editing / approval of custom post types under some conditions
  • Fixed : Revision Update triggered redirect back to Revision Queue even if “Confirmation redirect on Revision Update” setting disabled
  • Fixed : Users without full editing capabilities could not submit a pending revision with a future date selection
  • Fixed : Revision Previews were cached on some browsers
  • Fixed : Preview of front page revisions did not trigger front page template display
  • Fixed : Bulk Approval of revisions failed / caused PHP Notice on some sites due to post type not being registered early enough
  • Fixed : Pending Revision checkbox default selection from ‘revisionary_default_pending_revision’ filter application did not trigger revision submission
  • Lang : Revision Queue – Remove sample English translation “My Revisionz”

2.6 – 23 Jun 2021

  • Fixed : Background fatal error on some sites on revision scheduling
  • Fixed : Scheduled Page Revisions – If published page has a non-default template which was not changed in the revision, the Compare and Edit Revision screens indicated a change to default template. This change was not actually applied unless the stored revision was updated prior to publication.
  • Feature : Option to send notifications on Revision Update
  • Feature : Option to redirect to confirmation screen after Revision Update
  • Compat : Custom Permalinks plugin
  • API : New filters allow submission confirmation message to be customized: revisionary_submit_message_links, revisionary_submit_message, revisionary_schedule_message_links, revisionary_schedule_message

2.5.5 – 26 May 2021

  • Compat : Google Web Stories – Loss of story data due to clearance of post_content_filtered column
  • Fixed : Fatal error in post editor on sites that apply filter “rest_{$post_type}_collection_params” incorrectly (Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function)
  • Fixed : PHP Warning on rvy_is_full_editor() call under some configurations
  • Change : Revision Queue – Standard link coloring (like Edit Posts)

2.5.4 – 6 May 2021

  • Fixed : Database error on Revision approval – Unknown column ‘filter’ in ‘field list’ for query UPDATE wp_posts SET post_author =
  • Compat : TablePress – Tables could not be updated by non-Administrators

2.5.3 – 6 Apr 2021

  • Compat : WP Rest Cache – Revision submission from Gutenberg failed
  • Compat : PublishPress Permissions – Edit Category / Term: Permissions metaboxes were not displayed
  • Compat : PublishPress Permissions – Pending Revision Monitors group ineffective; notifications were sent to all Editors and Administrators (also requires PublishPress Permissions 3.5.1)
  • Compat : Enable revisioning of non-public post types if they have type-specific capabilities defined

2.5.2 – 30 Mar 2021

  • Fixed : Fatal error due to incorrect vendor library load request

2.5.1 – 30 Mar 2021

  • Fixed : Revisors could not preview other users’ pending revisions, even if they are listed in Revision Queue (Permissions integration requires 3.5.1)
  • Fixed : Post Title changes were not applied at revision publication
  • Fixed : Database error on revision publication, on some installations
  • Fixed : Compare Revisions – uneven column widths with WordPress 5.7
  • Feature : Option to update modified date on revision publication
  • Compat : PublishPress – Custom Status dropdown was hidden in post editor
  • Compat : Kinsta object cache – Revision submission using “Save as Revision” checkbox failed
  • Compat : Kinsta object cache – Revision submission clears Featured Image from published post

2.5 – 4 Mar 2021

  • Fixed : After a Pending Revision is published, Compare Revisions screen for past revisions did not order it correctly
  • Fixed : Revisors could not access Compare Revisions screen unless PublishPress Permissions was active
  • Fixed : Some attachment fields implemented by third party plugins were not saved to Pending Revisions
  • Fixed : Revision submission – “submit another revision” link (following future date selection) led to submission failure on some sites
  • Compat : Advanced Custom Fields – attachment image fields were cleared out of new revision
  • Compat : REST API Cache – “Save as Revision” checkbox ineffective on some installations
  • Compat : PublishPress – Editing a revision caused it to be converted to a non-revision draft
  • Compat : PublishPress – Custom Status module interfered with Revisions scripts on Edit Revision screen
  • Compat : PublishPress – Adding an Editorial Comment on the Edit Revision screen, then updating, caused revision to become inaccessible
  • Compat : Some third party plugin interactions could cause Revision publication to fail, leaving published page unreadable
  • Change : Display a Revisions link (for past revisions) in Classic Editor for Revisor
  • Lang : Add Swedish translation

2.4.9 – 14 Jan 2021

  • Compat : REST API Cache – REST caching failed for attachments
  • Fixed : Non-public post types displayed ineffective preview link. Now suppress link or link to Compare Revisions screen instead.
  • Fixed : Error loading Revisions > Settings page if nullstring license key is stored, on some installations
  • Fixed : Deprecated jQuery event handlers
  • Feature : Display notice to Revisor if they have already submitted a revision (in Gutenberg only if constant REVISIONARY_GUTEN_NOTICE defined)
  • Change : Enable Compare Revisions link (for past revisions) in page editor for Revisor

2.4.8 – 17 Dec 2020

  • Compat : WPML – Revision Queue was not filtered by WPML language selector
  • Compat : WPML – Hide non-revisionable Languages settings in Revision editor
  • Compat : TablePress – Tables could not be updated by non-Administrators
  • Fixed : Revision Queue – PHP Notice if no revisions listed

2.4.7 – 15 Dec 2020

  • Fixed : WP 5.6 – Pending Revision submission failed (since 2.4.6)
  • Fixed : Compare Pending Revisions always credited assigned post author for Current Revision, now shows user who created the last published update. To revert to previous behavior, define constant RVY_LEGACY_COMPARE_REVISIONS_AUTHOR_DISPLAY.
  • Change : Clarify captions for permissions-related checkboxes in Revisions > Settings > Revision Queue
  • Compat : PublishPress Capabilities – organize Revisions capabilities into own area

2.4.6 – 8 Dec 2020

  • Lang: Include a .pot file (translation template)
  • Fixed : If no revisions are accessible to user, all revisions were listed in Revision Queue
  • Fixed : Post deletion triggered revision submission redirect under some conditions
  • Compat : REST API Cache plugin – “Save as Revision” checkbox was ineffective
  • Compat : PublishPress Authors – revision submission failed under some conditions

2.4.5 – 30 Nov 2020

  • Compat : WP Engine, Kinsta object cache – “Pending Revision” checkbox was ineffective
  • Compat : PublishPress Permissions – Revision editing or deletion was improperly blocked under some configurations
  • Fixed : Revision submission by Administrator or Editor caused corruption of published block content (by slash removal) on some installations
  • Fixed : Edit Revision screen did not display Approve Revision button to users who cannot delete the revision
  • Fixed : Revision Queue – other plugin / theme filters could cause all revisions to be listed when a requested published post has no accessible revisions
  • Fixed : Revision Queue – filter links worked, but had original URL reconstructed incorrectly
  • Fixed : Revision Queue – pagination links had badly formatted arguments if a filtering argument is active
  • Fixed : Revisors had non-applicable elements hidden in post editor, but orphaned labels for those elements remained visible
  • API : New filter ‘revisionary_notify_publishers_eligible’ to modify eligible “Publishers to Notify” when Email Notification is optional
  • API : New filter ‘revisionary_notify_publisher_default_ids’ to modify default “Publishers to Notify” when Email Notification is optional

2.4.4 – 18 Nov 2020

  • Fixed : Revision submission caused Post Thumbnail to be cleared from the published post
  • Fixed : Revision submission by a Revisor caused corruption of published block content (by slash removal) on some installations
  • Fixed : Compare Past Revisions – Editors did have “Preview / Restore” or “Manage” buttons

2.4.3 – 5 Nov 2020

  • Compat : Polylang – language settings were not stored to revision (Fix also applies to other plugins using hidden taxonomies)
  • Compat : Project Nami (Microsoft SQL Server / ODBC) – No confirmation redirect on revision submission
  • Lang : Added .pot file

2.4.2 – 26 Oct 2020

  • Compat : PublishPress Permissions – Users assigned Revise permissions for specific pages or categories could not compare Pending Revisions
  • Compat : PublishPress Permissions Pro – With Status Control module active, Edit Revision screen had invalid “Workflow” button (also requires Permissions Pro 3.3.8)
  • Compat : Public Post Preview – Author selector was hidden in post editor
  • Compat : Public Post Preview – Make public post previews of published posts redirect to the published post
  • Change : Revision Settings – Revision Queue section, includes “Compatibility Mode” setting to prevent revisions from being hidden from the queue in the case of plugin integration issues
  • Fixed : “Prevent Revisors from editing others’ revisions” setting was not applied
  • Fixed : Error when Revision submission includes a template setting
  • Fixed : Custom plugins path caused PHP error
  • Fixed : Revison Queue – PHP Notice “Undefined variable: post_id” when URL includes published_post argument
  • Feature : If Revisors are blocked from editing other users’ drafts, those can now be included (unclickable) in Edit Pages if the list_others_pages capability is granted
  • Feature : New filters “revisionary_do_submission_redirect”, “revisionary_do_schedule_redirect”

2.4.1 – 9 Oct 2020

  • Compat : PublishPress Permissions – On new post creation, Revisors get a Publish button instead of a Submit button. Publishing fails; the only way to submit successfully is Save Draft, then Submit for Review.
  • Compat : PublishPress Permissions – Revisions were not listed in Queue under some configurations with PublishPress Permissions active
  • Fixed : With pre-Publish checks enabled in Gutenberg, after first save “Pending Revision” checkbox was moved off of pre-Publish Panel

2.4 – 1 Oct 2020

  • Fixed : Revisors and other limited editors had editor elements hidden when adding a new post, under some site configurations
  • Fixed : Revision publication always set post publish date to current time. Now does only with enabled setting Revisions > Settings > Pending Revisions > Update Publish Date
  • Fixed : Classic Editor – after Preview Changes is clicked, limited editors see “Submit Revision” button recaptioned to “Update”
  • Compat : PublishPress Authors – Authors could not be changed on Edit Revision screen with Gutenberg editor if PublishPress is also active
  • Compat : Gutenberg Ramp – Revision submission UI did not load for post types that have Gutenberg enabled

2.3.12 – 27 Aug 2020

  • Fixed : WP 5.5 – Post previews did not display correctly for Revisors
  • Fixed : Pending, Scheduled revisions not listed in Revision Queue following mirroring of posts database table from another installation (or possibly under other conditions)
  • Fixed : Editorial Comments added on “Edit Revision” screen did not trigger email notification to post author or revision author
  • Feature : Option to copy revision’s editorial comments over to published post (at revision publication)

2.3.11 – 13 Aug 2020

  • Compat : WP 5.5 – “Pending Revision” checkbox sometimes ineffective
  • Compat : WP 5.5 – Posts with pending or scheduled revisions stored had misplaced links in Gutenberg editor sidebar
  • Compat : WP 5.5 – With Classic Editor, javascript errors in post editor
  • Compat : WP 5.5 – PHP warning on post edit (deprecated function escape_attribute)
  • Compat : WP 5.5 – Edit Revision screen – Duplicate Preview link, misaligned
  • Compat : WP 5.5 – Edit Revision screen – View / Approve link misaligned
  • Fixed : “Has Revision” post state displayed for posts that have comments but no revisions (since 2.3.10)
  • Fixed : Scheduled revisions were not published under some conditions (since 2.3.9)
  • Fixed : In some conditions, fatal error on Plugins screen

2.3.10 – 10 Aug 2020

  • Fixed : Revisions submitted without modifying tags had tags removed
  • Feature : Edit Posts screen – display “Has Revision” as a post state after post title

2.3.9 – 6 Aug 2020

  • Fixed : Featured Image was removed from pending revision at creation
  • Fixed : Scheduled revision publication failed under some conditions, caused post to be unpublished
  • Fixed : Scheduled revisions could not be published ahead of schedule using “Publish Now” link on preview (since 2.3.4)
  • Lang : Add German translation
  • API : New filter ‘revisionary_apply_revision_data’ to adjust standard revision fields prior to publication

2.3.8 – 30 Jul 2020

  • Feature : Revision Queue – new bulk action to Unschedule selected revisions
  • Lang : Add Spanish translation
  • Fixed : Revisors could not preview changes prior to submitting a pending revision
  • Fixed : Classic Editor plugin – when “Edit (Classic)” link is used, Revisors did not have Update button recaptioned to “Submit Revision”
  • Fixed : API – revisionary_enabled_post_types filter was not fully effective
  • Compat : Public Post Preview – support preview link generation on Edit Revision screen

2.3.6 – 10 Jun 2020

  • Fixed : After revision submission, preview link was not always to latest revision
  • Fixed : Preview button on editor screen loaded preview with invalid thumbnail under some conditions
  • Fixed : When network-activated, Network Settings menu item loaded site-specific settings screen

2.3.5 – 29 May 2020

  • Fixed : Compare link on Editor screen linked to Edit Posts screen instead of Compare Revisions

2.3.4 – 29 May 2020

  • Fixed : Duplicate email notifications to users who have more than one WordPress role
  • Change : Suppress email notification when an Administrator or Editor creates a pending revision, if constant REVISIONARY_LIMIT_ADMIN_NOTIFICATIONS is defined
  • Compat : Relevanssi – Scheduled revisions were not published with Relevanssi active
  • Fixed : Scheduled revision publication caused other scheduled revisions (for the same post) to be hidden from Revision Queue
  • Fixed : has_revisions postmeta flag was not cleared when a post’s last revision was deleted
  • Fixed : Revision Queue – Search function did not work
  • Fixed : Revision Queue link in Edit Posts / Edit Pages row was not removed after post’s last pending or scheduled revision published or deleted

2.3.3 – 14 May 2020

  • Compat : PublishPress Permissions – Fatal error on post creation

2.3.2 – 12 May 2020

  • Fixed : Post meta flag “_rvy_has_revisions” was not cleared after last remaining pending / scheduled revision was published or deleted, affecting Revision Queue performance
  • Fixed : Revision Queue listed uneditable revisions under some conditions
  • Fixed : My Published Posts count was wrong under some conditions
  • Fixed : Dashboard At a Glance link for Pending Post Revisions linked to Revision Queue without filtering display to Posts only
  • Compat : PublishPress Permissions – suppress Permissions metaboxes on Edit Revision screen
  • Fixed : Published post content cleared on pending revisions submission, on a minority of installations

2.2.4 – 6 Apr 2020

  • Fixed : Possible fatal error loading Revisions screen on a small percentage of installations

2.2.3 – 3 Apr 2020

  • Fixed : Classic Editor – Category and Post Tag revisions were not applied

2.2.2 – 2 Apr 2020

  • Feature : Option to disable revision preview links for non-Administrators (to work around themes that force a 404 Not Found response)
  • Fixed : Inline styles were stripped or modifield on scheduled revision publication
  • Fixed : Possible fatal error loading Revisions screen on a small percentage of installations
  • Fixed : PHP Notice for deprecated function contextual_help_list()
  • Change : Standardize sanitization of database queries
  • API: revisionary_enabled_post_types filter was not applied consistently
  • Compat : CMS Tree Page View – Suppress Pending Revisions and Scheduled Revisions from Page Tree View

2.2.1 – 16 Mar 2020

  • Fixed : Page Template was cleared on revision submission in some installations
  • Fixed : Revision Queue – “Filter” link was ineffective in showing only revisions of the selected published post. This also applies to “View Revision Queue” link after revision creation.
  • Fixed : Edit Revision – Move to Trash button did not work (and created new pending revision)
  • Fixed : Duplicate email notifications for scheduled revision publication on some installations
  • Fixed : Safeguard to prevent duplicate email notifications
  • Feature : Plugin API – new filter ‘revisionary_mail’ allows adjustment to notification email address, title or message (or blockage of a particular email)
  • Change : Pro top banner on Revisions screens
  • Compat : New setting “Revision publication triggers API actions to mimic post update” causes save_post and transition_post_status actions to fire on revision publication
  • Compat : Yoast SEO – Revision submission stripped accented characters and emojis out of FAQ block
  • Compat : On revision publication, trigger ‘transition_post_status’ action, for plugins that use it

2.2 – 12 Feb 2020

  • Feature : Email Notification – option to notify Editors and Administrators when a Pending Revision is approved
  • Fixed : Block Editor – Custom Taxonomies, if unchanged, were not saved to revision. Publication of revision cleared custom taxonomies for published post.
  • Fixed : Block Editor – Error setting Featured Image
  • Fixed : Revisions submitted by Administrators or Editors using “Pending Revision” checkbox caused published post title and content to be cleared if a future publish date was also selected
  • Compat : PublishPress Permissions Status Control – “Prevent Revisors from editing other users’ drafts” setting also prevented other non-Editors from editing posts of a custom workflow status that uses custom capabilities (also requires PP Permissions Pro 2.9.1)
  • Compat : Block data from some plugins had html formatting tags displayed as unicode character codes
  • Fixed : Edit Revision screen – Date selector was displayed even if scheduled revisions feature disabled
  • Fixed : Compare Pending Revisions – Non-administrators could not edit Scheduled Revisions
  • Fixed : Compare Pending Revisions – for page slug change, original published slug was not displayed
  • Fixed : ‘revisionary_skip_taxonomies’ filter triggered a database error
  • Fixed : PHP Notice if third party code registers a post type without defining the edit_published capability
  • Fixed : PHP Notices on revision submission notification
  • Change : By default, enable “Prevent Revisors from viewing others'” setting
  • Change : Apply possible workaround for Revision Queue capability issues on some sites

2.1.8 – 15 Jan 2020

  • Fixed : Custom Post Types did not have Pending Revisions or Scheduled Revisions available (since 2.1.7)
  • Lang : Correct textdomain on numerous translation calls
  • Lang : Improve translation string construction
  • Lang : Support translation of Revisor role name
  • Lang: Updated language files

2.1.7 – 13 Jan 2020

  • Fixed : Excessive resource usage with some caching solutions
  • Fixed : Multisite – Super Administrators without a site role could not access Revision Queue
  • Fixed : Classic Editor – After updating a revision, “View Post” message linked to published post instead of revision preview
  • Feature : New filter ‘revisionary_enabled_post_types’, unset post types by key to disable PP Revisions involvement

2.1.6 – 23 Dec 2019

  • Fixed : Edit Revision – Classic Editor “Approve” button ineffective
  • Fixed : Edit Revision – Classic Editor “View / Approve” button loaded live preview (of unsaved changes) instead
  • Compat : By default, prevent third party post query filtering on Revision Queue (to avoid non-display of Revisions)
  • Compat : PressPermit Pro – Updating a saved revision caused it to be changed to a regular pending post

2.1.5 – 11 Dec 2019

  • Compat : PressPermit Pro – Pending revision previews could be viewed by any user (including anonymous) if “Prevent Revisors from viewing others’ revisions” disabled (since 2.1.4)
  • Fixed : Contributors had other users’ uneditable, unreadable revisions listed in Revision Queue
  • Fixed : Revision Preview – Under some configurations, users with read-only access to revisions had no top bar in revision preview display
  • Fixed : Revision Preview – Under some role configurations, users saw an ineffective “Publish” button in preview top bar
  • Fixed : PHP warning for undefined index ‘preview’

2.1.4 – 10 Dec 2019

  • Fixed : Revision previews were not displayed to Editors under some configurations
  • Feature : Separate settings for “Prevent Revisors from editing others'” and “Prevent Revisors from viewing others'”

2.1.3 – 6 Dec 2019

  • Compat : Classic Editor plugin – View / Approve buttons missing on Edit Revision screen if Classic Editor active but settings default to Block Editor
  • Compat : Classic Editor plugin – Javascript errors on Edit Post / Edit Revision screen if Classic Editor active but currently using Block Editor
  • Compat : Thin Out Revisions plugin broke Preview / Approval buttons on Compare Pending Revisions screen
  • Compat : Multiple Authors – Revision Queue “Post Author” links did not work for secondary authors
  • Compat : Multiple Authors – Revision Queue “Post Author” links did not filter Revision Queue
  • Compat : JReviews – Live preview from Edit Revision screen failed if JReviews plugin active
  • Fixed : Preview Top Bar blocks admin bar dropdown menu if another fixed-position element on the page (other than #wpadminbar) has a z-index of 99999 or higher

2.1.2 – 4 Dec 2019

  • Fixed : Scheduled Revisions were not published (since 2.1)
  • Fixed : Edit Revision – Preview of unsaved revision did not work from Gutenberg
  • Change : Edit Revision – Display “View / Approve” button if editor is unchanged from saved revision, otherwise “Preview” button for unsaved changes
  • Fixed : Classic Editor – Preview caused “Update Revision” button to be recaptioned to “Save Draft”
  • Feature : Support Post Slug revision
  • Fixed : Other users’ revisions were not listed in Revision Queue even if “Prevent Revisors from editing others’ revisions” disabled
  • Fixed : With “Prevent Revisors from editing others’ revisions” setting enabled, Revisors and Authors could edit others’ revisions by direct URL access
  • Feature : Support list_others_revisions capability to grant read access to other users’ revisions (applies if “Prevent Revisors from editing others’ revisions” is enabled)
  • Compat : PressPermit Pro – Revisors could not submit Beaver Builder revisions
  • Compat : PressPermit Pro – Revision Exceptions (“Also these” category / taxonomy assignments) assigned to Authors were not applied correctly
  • Compat : JReviews plugin

2.1.1 – 26 Nov 2019

  • Compat : Multiple Authors – Fatal error on revision creation (since 2.1)

2.1 – 26 Nov 2019

  • Feature : Bulk Approval / Publishing in Revision Queue
  • Feature : Revision Edit: Approve Button on Editor screen
  • Feature : Option for Approve, Edit buttons on Compare Revisions screen (instead of Preview button)
  • Feature : Email Notification Buffer to avoid failures due to exceeding server send limits
  • Fixed : Email Notification – For pending revision submission, submitter was misidentified on some sites
  • Fixed : Revisors could restore previous revisions through manual URL access
  • Fixed : Fatal error when WP_Privacy_Policy_Content::text_change_check() is triggered
  • Fixed : “Pending Revision” checkbox was displayed in Gutenberg editor, even for unpublished posts
  • Fixed : After clicking “Pending Revision” checkbox, unchecking did not prevent revision save
  • Fixed : Revision Preview – unsaved changes to saved revision could not be previewed with WP 5.3
  • Fixed : Revision Preview – top bar for edit / approval was not displayed on some sites
  • Change : Revision Preview URL – Default to using published post slug with revision page_id argument, for better theme compatibility. Option to use Revision slug or ID only.
  • Fixed : Edit Revision screen links to published post discarded customized slug
  • Fixed : Classic Editor – “View / Approve” link from Edit Revision screen loaded wrong preview URL and no top bar display for approval
  • Fixed : Classic Editor – No preview button was available to Revisors
  • Fixed : Classic Editor – Invalid Revisions > Browse link displayed to Revisors
  • Compat : Classic Editor plugin – with “Allow users to switch editors” enabled, non-default editor did not have correct javascript loaded for Revisions
  • Compat : On themes that use a fixed position header, display preview top bar above header
  • Compat : PressPermit Pro – revision preview could not be viewed by Contributors under some configurations
  • Fixed : On standard Compare Revisions screen (for past revisions), Preview and Manage button links did not update with slider selection change
  • Fixed : Pending, Schedule Revision notification – invalid preview link in some emails
  • Fixed : Trashed revisions were not identified as revisions in Edit Posts listing
  • Fixed : Trashed revisions were not deleted on parent post deletion
  • Fixed : Trashed revisions showed an invalid comment count value in Edit Posts listing
  • Fixed : PHP Warning in Gutenberg editor when editing is not being limited to revision submission
  • Compat : Multiple Authors – Compare Pending Revisions screen showed revisor as original post author under some conditions
  • Compat : Multiple Authors – Revision submission / approval caused published post author to be changed to revisor, under some conditions
  • Compat : Plugin interaction caused published post permalink custom slug to be replaced with default permalink structure at revision publication, on some sites
  • Change : Revision Queue – recaption “My Posts” to “My Published Posts”

2.0.12 – 29 Oct 2019

  • Fixed : Fatal error on Post Preview

2.0.11 – 28 Oct 2019

  • Fixed : Classic Editor – Post Preview showed last stored copy, not unsaved changes
  • Fixed : Revision Preview top bar covered admin menu dropdown
  • Fixed : Revision Edit – live preview showed revision author instead of published author (if Multiple Authors plugin not active)

2.0.10 – 25 Oct 2019

  • Fixed : Post Preview showed last stored copy, not unsaved changes
  • Fixed : Post Preview (to view unsaved changes) was not available when editing a revision
  • Fixed : Revision Preview – Buttons were not clickable with some themes
  • Fixed : Filter revisionary_default_pending_revision was not effective in Gutenberg (check Save as Revision checkbox by default)
  • Compat : Multiple Authors – Incorrect author display in revision previews on some sites
  • Compat : PressPermit – Database error on Revision Queue screen under some configurations

2.0.9 – 18 Oct 2019

  • Fixed : Compare Pending Revisions screen – link redirected to Edit Posts screen for some post types

2.0.8 – 18 Oct 2019

  • Change : PostMeta Failsafe: to avoid the possibility of accidental clearance, Featured Image removal is not revisioned, until further testing. API filter available for experimental usage with specified meta keys.
  • Fixed : Featured Image, Page Template revisioning failed under some conditions
  • Fixed : Scheduled Revisions created with Gutenberg stored selected terms to published post, previous terms to revision
  • Fixed : Scheduled Revisions – If “Update Publish Date” enabled, 404 Not Found redirect after manually publishing a scheduled revision if the post type uses post date in permalink structure
  • Fixed : Revision Preview – Buttons were not clickable with some themes
  • Fixed : Settings – Disabling Pending or Scheduled Revisions did not remove UI from post editor
  • Fixed : Settings – If Pending Revisions disabled, Revisor could still edit published posts

2.0.7 – 17 Oct 2019

  • Fixed : Scheduled Revisions – published post tags and categories were stripped out on scheduled revision publication
  • Fixed : Scheduled Revisions – manually publishing prior to scheduled time caused published post status to be set to Future (unpublished)

2.0.6 – 17 Oct 2019

  • Fixed : Featured Image and Page Template revisions were not applied (but did work in PublishPress Revisions Pro)
  • Fixed : Publishing a revision imported from Revisionary 1.x caused tags and categories to be stripped out

2.0.5 – 16 Oct 2019

  • Fixed : Import script for Revisionary 1.x revisions did not run on plugin activation
  • Fixed : Administrators, Editors and Authors were blocked from Quick Edit
  • Compat : Multiple Authors plugin
  • Fixed : Pending Revisions – Published post date was not updated even if “Update Publish Date” setting enabled
  • Change : Pending Revision Notification – Include link to Revision Queue
  • Fixed : Pending Revision Notification – If enabled for author only, email was sent with a blank title and message
  • Fixed : Empty Revision Queue was displayed to Subscribers with no Revision capabilities
  • Fixed : PHP notices on Revision Queue screen

2.0.4 – 9 Oct 2019

  • Change : On installation over Revisionary 1.x, display a “heads up” notice about plugin name change, admin menu and Revision Queue
  • Fixed : Classic Editor – Revision Preview did not always include top bar (for Edit / Compare / Publish) if PressPermit Pro active
  • Fixed : Revision Preview – Edit url did not work on installations with non-conventional admin paths, due to hardcoded /wp-admin
  • Fixed : Schedule Revision notifications sent redundantly under some conditions
  • Change : On Revision Edit, recaption Preview button to “View” to clarify that it’s a preview of the saved revision, not unsaved changes. (Future release will make it a true preview).

2.0.3 – 3 Oct 2019

  • Fixed : Revisionary settings could not be changed
  • Fixed : Pending / Scheduled Revisions were listed in Revision Queue even if feature disabled in Revisions > Settings
  • Fixed : On post edit for revision, Revisors could not see the current or newly selected Featured Image
  • Fixed : On revision edit, Administrators and Editors did not have Trash button available
  • Fixed : Revisors could edit or delete their scheduled revisions
  • Fixed : Scheduled revision publication did not work with “Asynchronous publishing” setting enabled
  • Fixed : After revision publication reloading, the old revision preview returned “Not Found”. Now redirects to published post and marks as “Current Revision”
  • Fixed : PHP Notices throughout wp-admin when WP_DEBUG enabled
  • Change : Revision Queue headline indicates when results are being filtered by post type, revision status, revision author or post author

2.0.2 – 2 Oct 2019

  • Fixed : On post date change in Gutenberg editor, Publish button was recaptioned to “Schedule Revision” even on a past date selection (unless SCRIPT_DEBUG enabled)

2.0.1 – 2 Oct 2019

  • Fixed : Fatal error if another copy of Revisionary already active

2.0.0 – 1 Oct 2019

  • Feature : Submit revisions to Categories, Tags, Custom Terms, Page Parent, Featured Image, Page Template
  • Feature : Revisions editable in Gutenberg, Classic Editor
  • Feature : Voluntary pending revision submission by unrestricted editors in Gutenberg
  • Feature : Revision Queue screen is a sortable, filterable list of pending and scheduled revisions for all post types
  • Feature : Revision Queue screen includes “My Revisions” and “My Posts” filtering links
  • Feature : Revision Queue – Published Posts have “History” link to compare past revisions
  • Feature : Compare Revisions – for past revisions, add button links for “Preview / Restore” and “Manage”
  • Feature : Compare Pending Revisions using standard WordPress UI (link from Editor or Revision Queue)
  • Feature : Compare Scheduled Revisions using standard WordPress UI (link from Editor or Revision Queue)
  • Feature : Compare Pending / Scheduled Revisions shows changes to Categories, Tags, Terms, Page Parent, Featured Image, Page Template
  • Change : Improved styling for revision preview / approval top bar
  • Feature : “Update Publish Date” setting for Pending Revisions (defaults to disabled)

1.3.8 – 30 Aug 2019

  • Fixed : Revisors could Quick Edit published posts (changing post title, slug, author, date, parent or template) since version 1.3. This could be used to unpublish (but not publish) posts. Sites also running PressPermit Pro were not affected.
  • Compat : PressPermit Pro – Under some configurations, Revisors were not allowed appropriate access (due to publish capability check)

1.3.7 – 24 May 2019

  • Feature : Filter ‘revisionary_default_pending_revision’, return true to select “Send to Approval Queue” in Classic Editor by default

1.3.6 – 30 Apr 2019

  • Fixed : Scheduled Revision publication updated post date even if “Update Publish Date” option disabled
  • Fixed : Gutenberg: Pending, Scheduled Revisions did not work for post types with show_in_rest property set false
  • Fixed : PHP Notice if REST Posts query executed without a corresponding rest_base property set for post type
  • Fixed : Better hiding of non-applicable sidebar metaboxes when post is being edited for Pending Revision

1.3.5 – 3 Apr 2019

  • Fixed : With Classic Editor, Revision submission reset Page Template

1.3.4 – 2 Apr 2019

  • Fixed : Pending Revision Notifications were not sent from Gutenberg editor if configured to send “by default” (selectable recipients)

1.3.3 – 2 Apr 2019

  • Fixed : Scheduled Revision preview: “Publish Now” link failed with a fatal error
  • Change : Settings link in Plugins Row

1.3.2 – 29 Mar 2019

  • Fixed : Email notifications were missing “Post” / “Page” caption
  • Fixed : PHP notices with Classic Editor
  • Fixed : With Classic Editor, revision approval from preview did not redirect back to Edit Posts / Pages screen
  • Fixed : In Classic Editor, setting a future date did not recaption Publish button to “Schedule Revision” if post has private visibility

1.3.1 – 29 Mar 2019

  • Fixed : Scheduled Revision publication stripped out categories and tags, if “Update Publish Date” setting enabled
  • Fixed : Publish button was not recaptioned to Submit Revision under some conditions
  • Change : With Gutenberg active, revision approval defaults to front end preview
  • Feature : Better redirect logic following revision approval, scheduling or restoration (returns to screen that preview was linked from)
  • Feature : Preview link in Notification Emails
  • Feature : Previews of Scheduled Revisions and Pending Revisions with a future publish date include link to Revisions Manager to edit date
  • Change : Dismissable welcome message: To allow a user to submit Revisions to your published posts, set their role to “Revisor”

1.3.0 – 28 Mar 2019

  • Feature : Gutenberg editor compatibility for Pending Revision, Scheduled Revision creation
  • Feature : By default, Scheduled Revisions also update publish date. New checkbox on Revisions > Settings to restore previous behavior of leaving publish date unchanged.
  • Feature : List Scheduled Revisions of any post type on Publishing Soon list in Activity dashboard widget
  • Fixed : If Scheduled Revision was first site access after scheduled publication time, changes were not displayed until page reload
  • Fixed : Scheduled post Revisions on Publishing Soon list in Activity dashboard widget had incorrect link
  • Fixed : Past Revisions list on Revision Manager screen had invalid preview links
  • Fixed : Better formatting for Publish Now / Schedule Now link
  • Fixed : Editing revision publication date updated revision author, even if post content not changed
  • Change : Use 12 hour format for revision dates
  • Change : Pending Revision lists show submission date
  • Change : Pending Revision lists show requested publication date if applicable

1.2.7 – 13 Mar 2019

  • Fixed : Pending Revision Notification on Multisite installations. Due to failure to apply settings, e-mail notifications defaulted to “By default” option, which failed for Pending Revisions prior to version 1.2.6.
  • Fixed : Multisite – If network-activated, Revisionary settings screens unavailable. Last stored network-wide settings (or hardcoded defaults) applied instead.
  • Fixed : Multisite – If not network-activated, Revisionary settings screen was ineffective. Site-specific settings were stored, but network-wide settings or defaults applied instead.
  • Fixed : “Display Hints” setting had no checkbox on Settings screen
  • Change : Improved settings captions

1.2.6 – 13 Mar 2019

  • Fixed : “Publishers to Notify” checkboxes were not displayed, and notifications not sent, if Email notification for Pending Revisions set to “By default”
  • Fixed : Revision previews – PHP Warning and failure to output “Publish Now” header
  • Change : Improved styling in “Publishers to Notify” metabox

1.2.5 – 25 Feb 2019

  • Compat : TinyMCE Advanced – Failed to display editor on revision management screen
  • Compat : Multisite – Incorrect site switching, prevents Yoast SEO from saving post meta

1.2.4 – 20 Feb 2019

  • Compat : PublishPress – publish button was hidden
  • Change : Capitalize “Save as Pending Revision” checkbox caption
  • Lang : Update .po file

1.2.3 – 19 Feb 2019

  • FIXED : Scheduled revision publication failure, massive redundant email notifications (since 1.2)

1.2.2 – 19 Feb 2019

  • Fixed : Temporarily disable scheduled revision publication emails, due to recently reported issue
  • Compat : PHP / coding standards – removed needless byref variable assignments
  • Fixed : PHP notices when viewing revision differences

1.2.1 – 14 Feb 2019

  • Compat : Fatal error when another plugin hooks into ‘user_has_cap’ filter

1.2 – 13 Feb 2019

  • Compat : PHP 7.2
  • Compat : WordPress 5.0.3
  • Fixed : Revision approval reset page template setting to default
  • Team : Revisionary is now owned and developed by PublishPress. The original author (Kevin Behrens) is excited to join forces in building and supporting effective tools for publishing teams.

1.1.13 – 13 May 2015

  • Fixed : Previewing a Page revision from Revisions Manager screen caused fatal error / white screen
  • Fixed : When Previewing a revision, Publish Now link was not formatted properly on TwentyFifteen theme
  • Fixed : Pending Revision counts, links were not displayed in Dashboard At a Glance if PP Collaborative Editing plugin is not active
  • Compat : Jetpack Markdown – publishing a revision caused post content to be stripped
  • Compat : various caching plugins – post cache was not cleared after publishing a revision

1.1.12 – 23 Dec 2013

  • WP 3.8 – Fixed Revisionary > Settings styling
  • Fixed : Email notifications were not sent on Pending Revision submission under some configurations
  • Fixed : Email notifications were not sent upon Scheduled Revision publishing unless Press Permit / Role Scoper active and Scheduled Revision Monitors group populated
  • Change : On network installations, email notifications to administrators will include super admins if constant RVY_NOTIFY_SUPER_ADMIN is defined
  • Fixed : Network-wide Revisionary Options could not be modified
  • Fixed : Revisions on Edit Posts screen were displayed with stored post title, ignoring modifications by previous filters (such as translations)
  • Fixed : Administrator did not have “save as pending revision” option when post is currently scheduled for publishing
  • Fixed : Revision Diff formatting (column alignment)
  • Fixed : Revision preview from Revisions Manager screen not displayed correctly under some configurations
  • Change : Revisions Manager screen marks a revision as “Current” only if it is published
  • Change : Better consistency with standard Revisions Manager behavior: post-assigned Revisor role is sufficient to edit others’ revisions, but post-assigned Contributor role is not
  • Change : Better consistency with standard Revisions Manager behavior: prevent diff display of unreadable revisions
  • Change : When comparing revisions, if only one of the revisions is past, force it to left
  • Change : On Revisions Manager screen, add margins to Update Revision button
  • Fixed : PHP Notices for non-static function calls
  • Compat : Role Scoper – when Pending Revision Monitors group is used and notification is “by default”, recipient checkboxes missing on Edit Post form and TinyMCE broken
  • Compat : Duplicate Right Now links on dashboard if Role Scoper or Press Permit active

1.1.11 – 18 Aug 2013

WP 3.6 Compatibility

  • WP 3.6 – Revisors could not submit revisions
  • WP 3.6 – Don’t modify native WP revision links
  • WP 3.6 – In Publish metabox, re-caption Revisions as “Publication History” to distinguish from Pending Revisions (prevent this by defining constant RVY_PREVENT_PUBHIST_CAPTION)
  • WP 3.6 – Post Title metabox was unformatted on Revisions Manager screen

Email Notification

  • Fixed : Publishers to Notify metabox was displayed even if no selections available (when notification for both Publishers and Author is set to Always or Never)
  • Fixed : PHP warning in Publishers to Notify metabox when a user has a very long name
  • Change : If Press Permit or Role Scoper are active but Monitors group does not contain any users who can publish the post, notifications go to all WP Administrators and Editors who have sufficient site-wide capabilities (prevent this by defining constant RVY_FORCE_MONITOR_GROUPS)
  • Change : On Revisionary Settings screen, expand caption to clarify email notification behavior


  • Fixed : Revisors could not select desired publish date on Edit Post screen, even if Scheduled Revisions enabled
  • Fixed : “save as pending” checkbox caused poor layout of adjacent UI in Publish metabox
  • Perf : Eliminate some redundant queries on back-end for non-Administrators (especially with Press Permit or Role Scoper active)
  • Compat : Edit Flow – don’t offer to revise EF Metadata

1.1.10 – 29 May 2013

  • SECURITY FIX : Revisions could be viewed by any registered user
  • Feature : Option to prevent Revisors from viewing other user’s drafts and regular pending posts (imposes edit_others_drafts cap requirement)
  • Fixed : Other users’ revisions were viewable in Revisions Manager even if option to prevent is enabled
  • Fixed : “Publishers to Notify” metabox not displayed under some configurations
  • Fixed : “Publishers to Notify” metabox was displayed with checkboxes even if Revisionary settings are for both editors and author to always receive notification
  • Fixed : Email Notification for Pending Revision was not sent under some configurations
  • Fixed : Monitor Groups (with Press Permit or Role Scoper activated) did not regulate email notifications
  • Fixed : Users who cannot approve a revision received email notification under some configurations
  • Fixed : PHP warnings for deprecated WP function calls
  • Fixed : PHP warnings when “previewing” current revision
  • Fixed : Invalid notifications were sent on revision submission error
  • Fixed : JS warning on Edit Post form
  • Compat : Press Permit Core
  • Compat : Press Permit – revision previews could not be viewed by revisor (also requires PP Collaborative Editing 2.0.14-beta)
  • Compat : CForms (and possibly other plugins) – tinyMCE buttons were suppressed

1.1.9 – 18 Jan 2012

  • Compat : Press Permit – PP roles were not applied under some configurations
  • Compat : Role Scoper – RS roles were not applied under some configurations (related fixes in RS 1.3.52)
  • Fixed: PHP Warning for mysql_get_server_info()

1.1.8 – 20 Dec 2011

  • Compat : Role Scoper – duplicate Pending counts in Dashboard Right Now
  • API : new filter – rvy_hidden_meta_boxes
  • API : new action: – rvy-revisions_sidebar
  • API : new action – rvy-revisions_meta_boxes
  • API : new action – revision_approved
  • API : new action – post_revision_update

1.1.7 – 11 Nov 2011

  • Compat : WP 3.3 – Revision Editor displayed redundantly, didn’t work
  • Compat : Press Permit integration
  • Feature : By default, Revisor role does not enable editing other users’ revisions (option to re-enable)
  • Fixed : If Visual Editor is disabled, html entities not displayed or updated correctly in Revisions Manager
  • Fixed : About Revisionary screen (linked from help menu) failed to display
  • Fixed : Revision previews used wrong template under some configurations
  • Fixed : Various PHP Notices

1.1.6 – 7 Sep 2011

  • Fixed : Quick Edit was not disabled for Page Revisions, usage resulted in invalid revision data
  • Fixed : Revisionary Options were not available when plugin activatated per-site on a Multisite installation
  • Fixed : For Multisite installation, Revisionary Options on Sites menu caused a fatal error
  • Change : For Multisite installation, Revisionary Options Blog/Site captions changed to Site/Network
  • Fixed : Revised Post Title was not displayed in Revisions Manager
  • Fixed : Various PHP Notices

1.1.5 – 29 June 2011

  • Fixed : Markup error in Revisions Manager for Administrators / Editors, especially noticeable in WP 3.2
  • Fixed : “save as pending revision” checkbox in Publish metabox caused formatting error with IE9
  • Fixed : Previews did not display post thumbnail or other meta data
  • Fixed : Previews could not be displayed for past revisions
  • Compat : WP 3.2 – revision previews did not work
  • Compat : WP 3.2 – preview link not displayed for Pending Revisions in edit.php listing
  • Compat : Builder theme – previews of page revisions could not be displayed
  • Compat : Events Calendar Pro – filtering fails when WP database prefix is non-default
  • Change : Better styling for revision approval link displayed above preview
  • Change : Remove Asynchronous Email option
  • Change : Change all require and include statements to absolute path to work around oddball servers that can’t handle relative paths
  • Change : jQuery syntax change for forward compatibility

1.1.4 – 5 Apr 2011

  • Fixed : Role Options, Role Defaults menu items were not available on 3.1 multisite
  • Fixed : Pending / Scheduled Revisions could not be previewed by Revisors
  • Fixed : “Submit Revision” button caption changed to “Update” or “Schedule” following publish date selection
  • Fixed : PHP Warning on post creation / update
  • Change : Hide Preview button from Revisors when editing for pending revision submission

1.1.3 – 3 Dec 2010

  • Fixed : Autosave error message displayed while a revisor edits a published post prior to submitting a pending revision
  • Fixed : Email notifications failed on some servers if Asynchronous option enabled
  • Compat : Role Scoper – With RS 1.3 to 1.3.12, if another plugin (Events Manager) triggers a secondary edit_posts cap check when a Revisor attempts to edit another user’s unpublished post, a pending revision is generated instead of just updating the unpublished post

1.1.2 – 29 Nov 2010

  • Compat : Role Scoper – Post-assigned Revisor role was not honored to update another users’ revision with RS 1.3+
  • Fixed : While in Revisions Manager, invalid “Revisions” submenu link was displayed in Settings menu

1.1.1 – 5 Nov 2010

  • Fixed : Fatal Error if theme displays post edit link on front end
  • Fixed : Did not observe capability definitions for custom post types (assumed capability_type = post_type)
  • Compat : Event Calendar Pro – revisions of sp_events were not included in Edit Posts listing due to postmeta clause applied by ECP

1.1 – 2 Nov 2010

  • Fixed : Revision Approval notices were not sent if “always send” option enabled
  • Feature : “save as pending revision” option when logged user has full editing capabilities in Edit Post/Page form

1.1.RC3 – 29 Oct 2010

  • Fixed : Revision preview link returned 404 (since 1.1.RC)
  • Fixed : Revision Approval emails were not sent reliably with “Asynchronous Email” option enabled (since 1.0)
  • Fixed : Custom taxonomy selection UI was not hidden when submitting a revision
  • Fixed : In Quick Edit form, Published option sometimes displayed inappropriately

1.1.RC.2 – 11 Oct 2010

  • Fixed : Listed revisions in Revision Editor were not linked for viewing / editing (since 1.1.RC)

1.1.RC – 8 Oct 2010

  • Feature : Support Custom Post Types
  • Change : Better internal support for custom statuses
  • Fixed : On Options page, links to “Pending Revision Monitors” and “Scheduled Revision Monitors” were reversed
  • Fixed : Revision Edit link from Edit Posts/Pages listing led to uneditable revision display
  • Change : Raise minimum WP version to 3.0

1.0.7 – 21 June 2010

  • Fixed : Revisionary prevented the normal scheduling of drafts for first-time publishing

1.0.6 – 18 June 2010

  • Compat : CForms conflict broke TinyMCE edit form in Revisions Manager

1.0.5 – 7 May 2010

  • Compat : WP 3.0 Multisite menu items had invalid link

1.0.4 – 6 May 2010

  • Fixed : Pending Revision Approval email used invalid permalink if permalink structure changed since original post storage
  • Fixed : Schedule Revision Publication email used invalid permalink if permalink structure changed since original post storage

1.0.3 – 6 May 2010

  • Compat : WP 3.0 elimination of page.php, edit-pages.php, page-new.php broke many aspects of page filtering
  • Fixed : Trash link did not work for revisions in Edit Posts/Pages listing
  • Change : Administrators and Editors now retain Quick Edit link for non-revisions in Edit Pages, Edit Posts listing
  • Fixed : “Publishers to Notify” metabox was included even if no eligible recipients are designated

1.0.2 – 11 Mar 2010

  • Fixed : Email notification caused error if Role Scoper was not activated
  • Fixed : Database error message (nuisance) in non-MU installations (SELECT meta_key, meta_value FROM WHERE site_id…)
  • Fixed : Publish Now link on Scheduled Revision preview did not work
  • Fixed : With WP > 2.9, newly published revisions also remained listed as a Pending or Scheduled revision
  • Fixed : With WP > 2.9, revision date selection UI showed “undefined” caption next to new date selection
  • Fixed : Link for viewing Scheduled Revisions was captioned as “Pending Revisions” (since 1.0.1)
  • Compat : WMPL plugin

1.0.1 – 6 Feb 2010

  • Fixed : Submitting a Pending Revision to a published Post failed with Fatal Error
  • Fixed : PHP short tag caused Parse Error on servers which were not configured to support it
  • Compat : Support TinyMCE Advanced and WP Super Edit for custom editor buttons on Revision Management form
  • Feature : Revision preview bar can be styled via CSS file
  • Lang : Fixed several string formatting issues for better translation support
  • Change : Use https link for Revisionary css and js files if ssl is being used / forced for the current uri

1.0 – 30 Dec 2009

  • Feature : Use Blog Title and Admin Email as from address in revision notices, instead of “WordPress <wordpress@>”
  • Fixed : Revision Approval / Publication Notices used p=ID link instead of normal post permalink
  • Compat : Display workaround instructions for FolioPress conflict with visual revision display

1.0.RC1 – 12 Dec 2009
Initial release. Feature Changes and Bug Fixes are vs. Pending Revisions function in Role Scoper 1.0.8


  • Feature : Scheduled Revisions – submitter can specify a desired publication date for a revision
  • Feature : Any user with the delete_published_ and edit_published capabilities for a post/page can administer its revisions (must include those caps in RS Editor definitions and assign that role)
  • Feature : Scheduled Publishing and Email notification is processed asynchronously

Revisions Manager:

  • Feature : Dedicated Revisions Manager provides more meaningful captions, classified by Past / Pending / Scheduled
  • Feature : RS Revision Manager form displays visually via TinyMCE, supports editing of content, title and date
  • Feature : Revisions Manager supports individual or bulk deletion
  • Feature : Users can view their own Pending and Scheduled Revisions
  • Feature : Users can delete their own Pending Revisions until approval


  • Feature : Preview a Pending Revision, with top link to publish / schedule it
  • Feature : Preview a Scheduled Revision, with top link fo publish it now
  • Feature : Preview a Past Revision, with top link for restore it

WP Admin:

  • Feature : Pending and Scheduled revisions are included in Edit Posts / Pages list for all qualified users
  • Feature : Delete, View links on revisions in Edit Posts / Pages list redirect to RS Revisions Manager
  • Feature : Add pending posts and pages total to Dashboard Right Now list (includes both new post submissions and Pending Revisions)
  • Feature : Metaboxes in Edit Post/Page form for Pending / Scheduled Revisions
  • Fixed : Multiple Pending Revions created by autosave
  • Fixed : Users cannot preview their changes before submitting a Pending Revision on a published post/page
  • Fixed : Pending Post Revisions were not visible to Administrator in Edit Posts list
  • Fixed : Both Pending Page Revisions and Pending Post Revisions were visible to Administator in Edit Pages list
  • Fixed : Pending Revisions were not included in list for restoration
  • Fixed : Bulk Deletion attempt failed when pending / scheduled revisions were included in selection


  • Feature : Optional email (to editors or post author) on Pending Revision submission
  • Feature : Optional email (to editors, post author, or revisor) on Pending Revision approval
  • Feature : Optional email (to editors, post author, or revisor) on Scheduled Revision publication
  • Feature : If Role Scoper is active, Editors notification group can be customized via User Group