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Styble is the latest Gutenberg blocks plugin. It comes with the powerful blocks and easy-to-use customizations you’ve been waiting for. So, you can now build super fast and modern websites with the native WordPress page builder (Gutenberg editor) easier and faster than ever before. 

Its powerful features, thoughtful user experience design, intuitive interfaces, and super ease of use offer you the best web-building experience. Say goodbye to hassles and build fast and trendy websites without coding knowledge. 

Styble Blocks:

  • Accordion (FAQ) – Click on the block and paste your content; your initial accordion is ready. You can customize it as per your website design style guide. Live Demo

  • Buttons – Create eye-catching and converting buttons with huge customizations and increase your website conversion rate. Live Demo

  • Info Box – Display key information on attention-grabbing beautiful info boxes seamlessly. Live Demo

  • Tabs – Create horizontal and vertical tabs in a few clicks to display your closely related content smartly in an organized and easy-to-navigate way. Live Demo

  • Icon List – Create beautiful lists with various types of icons effortlessly with the Icon List block of this user-friendly Gutenberg block plugin. Live Demo

  • Container

  • Video

  • Image Gallery

And many more on the way.

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  • Video Styble video block.
  • Container Unleash boundless creativity with our infinitely customizable containers
  • Tabs Organize your content in easy-to-navigate Tabs.
  • Buttons Add multiple buttons and stylize in your way.
  • Accordion Add a beautiful Accordion FAQ group to your page.
  • Info Box Create attention-grabbing info boxes with the Info Box block.
  • Image Gallery Image Gallery with Styble.
  • Icon List Create a beautiful list with eye-catching icons and customizations.
  • Accordion Item Add a beautiful Accordion FAQ to your page.
  • Icon list Item Add a beautiful Icon list item
  • Button Add a beautiful button.
  • Column Unleash boundless creativity with our infinitely customizable containers
  • Tab Item Tab Item.

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

Who should choose Styble?

If you want to build websites in the most popular way – with the default WordPress editor (Gutenberg), Styble is the best choice for you. It’ll take your Gutenberg editing experience beyond limitations. From beginners to experts, everyone can use Styble seamlessly to build modern websites faster and easier than ever before with no code.

What are the requirements to use Styble?

All you need to start with Styble is WordPress’s latest version (at least 5.2) and PHP 7.0.

Is Styble compatible with all popular themes?

Yes, it is. Styble works perfectly with all themes.

Can I use Styble with another Page Builder?

Yes, you can. Styble is compatible with all plugins, including page builders. So, you can use it with any other plugins and page builders without any hassle.

Can I use Styble on clients’ websites?

Of course, you can. You can use Styble on any website you have access to.

Will Styble slow down my website?

Absolutely not. Styble has been built with cutting-edge technologies and best coding practices. So, it’s slick, lightweight and super fast. It doesn’t hamper your website’s speed and performance at all. 

What more can I get with Styble?

More blocks are on the way. You will get regular plugin updates with better features and fast expert support whenever needed.


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Σύνοψη αλλαγών

1.2.0 – Dec 01, 2023

  • New: The Image Gallery block with a lot of advanced features.
  • Fix: Dynamic CSS issue with classic themes.

1.1.1 – Nov 16, 2023

  • Fix: WordPress 6.3 compatibility issue.

1.1.0 – Nov 13, 2023

  • New: The Video block.
  • New: The Subtitle option in the Tabs block.
  • New: The max width option of the tab title for Vertical orientation.
  • Fix: The unit dependency issue for responsive breakpoints.
  • Fix: The font weight does not work in the front end.
  • Tested: WordPress 6.4 compatibility.

1.0.3 – Oct 27, 2023

  • New: Image icon option of Accordion Block.
  • New: Icon alignment of Icon List Block.
  • Improved: Hover color of Tabs Block.
  • Fix: Responsive option issue of Container Block.
  • Fix: Icon hover color issue of Info Box Block.

1.0.2 – Oct 20, 2023

  • New: Container Block with lots of advanced features.
  • New: The Container Background, Border, and BoxShadow options of Accordion Block.
  • New: The Active Tab Border Color option of Tabs Block.
  • Tested: WordPress 6.3.2 compatibility.

1.0.1 – Oct 06, 2023

  • New: Some social icons added to the icon list.
  • Fix: The style issue of patterns created with the Styble plugin.
  • Fix: The multi-level nested block style issue.

1.0.0 – Sep 28, 2023

  • Initial Release