Sync Post With Other Site


Allows user to sync Posts, Pages and Custom Post Type with multiple websites.

If you run multiple websites and want to synchronise them automatically and securely for specific post operations, then Sync Post With Other Site is the plugin to use.

You just need to enter website URL & login credentials of other website to sync the post from there.


This plugin adds the following major features to WordPress:

  • admin page: a “Sync Post” menu to manage remote sites.

  • Import and Export: Connected sites’ present posts base can be synchronised manually thanks to the provided import/export tool.


  • Setting Page
  • Post Add / Edit Select Website.


Install Via WordPress Uploader : In your WordPress admin, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and upload the available ZIP of Sync Post With Other Site to install the Plugin.

Manual Installation :
Download the latest version of the Sync Post With Other Site.
Unzip the downloaded file to your computer.
Upload the /SyncPostWithOtherSite/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your site.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

Do I need to Install SyncPostWithOtherSite for Content on both sites?

Yes! The SyncPostWithOtherSite for Content needs to be installed on the local or Staging server (the website you’re moving the data from – the Source), as well as the Live server (the website you’re moving the data to – the Target).

Can it be tested on localhost first?

Yes, As long as the sites can reach every other, WP Remote User Sync will do the job.
This implies that two sites in localhost can convey. But if one of those sites is on localhost and the other one isn’t, token exchange can’t occur and the sites won’t have the ability to communicate.

Does this plugin Synchronize all of my content (Posts) at once?

No. WPSiteSync for Content will just synchronize with the one Post content which you’re editing. And it is going to only Synchronize the content once you let it. This Permits You to control Just What content is transferred between sites and when It’ll Be transferred


23 Οκτωβρίου 2021
I don't understand why this does not get more positive reviews. This is a game changer when working with local / staging sites. Setup was easy and worked out of the box. Thanks for the great work @kp4coder!
28 Απριλίου 2021
This actually works. Thank you. There's one improvement that can be made: please make the selection of the website to sync sticky once the selection is made. Currently, every time when a post is updated, a selection to sync has to be manually made again.
30 Μαρτίου 2021
Great work! Two ideas: 1) It would be great to configure if the post should be live or draft mode on the remote site. 2) If you could carry on the plugin configurations (in my case videography for instance), this would be also great. But as is it is already a milestone! Thanks a lot for your tool!
3 Μαρτίου 2021
If you manage 2+ sites that have shared content, this will be a huge asset. It is quick to setup and the second site is updated nearly instantly. Initiative and well thought out. My only hope is the next version includes the option to request that the Code version markup can be sent for formatting reasons between the two sites, but we are super excited to use this plugin in the meantime.
10 Ιανουαρίου 2021
It is very help fool to maintain my multiple sites. This awesome feature is working best. I recommended using this plugin instead of copy and paste work.
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Σύνοψη αλλαγών

1.1.0 – Jan 10, 2021

  • Enhancement: Sync Category and Tags with Post. ( Thanks zfbd. )

1.2.0 – Jan 18, 2021

  • Enhancement: Sync Custom Post Types and Pages. ( Thanks iu7489, moshe and anthov50000. )

1.2.1 – Jan 19, 2021

  • Fix: While Custom Post Types edit on main site then post added on other sync site instead of update post.

1.2.2 – Feb 27, 2021

  • Enhancement: Sync Custom taxonomy with post. Like Category, Tags, Product Category, Product Tags.

1.2.3 – Mar 06, 2021

  • Fix: Gutenberg editor blocks and HTML tags are carried over to other site. ( Thanks lisaburger. )

1.2.4 – April 11, 2021

  • Fix: Post meta senitize field data. ( Thanks lisaburger. )
  • Enhancement: Sync post content images to other server. ( Thanks ale8521. )

1.3 – May 15, 2021

  • Fix: Strict mode.

1.3.1 – Oct 01, 2021

  • Fix: Featured Image Update.