SEO Checker


SEO Checker: covering page-by-page

This plugin is designed to better optimise your website’s SEO, page-by-page, allowing them to rank better in search engines organically.

SEO Checks

  • Checks to see if meta robots are blocking the page
  • Checks for a meta title and description
  • Checks for the correct usage of heading tags
  • Checks for accessible images
  • Checks for responsive design
  • Checks for inline CSS
  • Checks for Google Analytics
  • Checks for a favicon
  • Checks for SSL
  • Checks for HTTPS redirection
  • Checks for WWW redirection
  • Checks for secure links
  • Checks for broken links
  • Checks for redirected links
  • Checks for correct usage of article tags
  • Checks for Schema markup



After installing this plugin, you can start to check for all the SEO faults your pages may be having.


27 Ιανουαρίου 2019
It's a plugin we actually use on our blogs every single day.
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