Watermark Images for WP and WooCommerce


Add Text and Image watermarks to your images in your WordPress website.

The best Watermarks Editor to place the watermarks easily on images. Preview watermarks on images before applying them. Apply watermarks on single or bulk images

Free Version

  • Create 3 Watermarks Templates.
  • Add 3 watermarks in each template or in single-image watermarks editor.
  • Apply watermarks templates on bulk images selected directly from the media library.
  • Preview and apply watermarks on single image.
  • add custom fonts for text watermarks.

Pro Version

Pro version includes all free features plus:

  • unlimited Watermarks Templates
    You can create unlimited watermarks templates.
  • Apply unlimited watermarks
    You can add unlimited watermarks in watermarks templates or single-image Watermarks Editor.
  • Auto Watermarks
    Customize watermarks templates to be applied automatically on uploaded images, You can filter the auto-apply based on the image dimension [ max|min width and height ], the image filename prefix and the image uploaded location which it can be media or posts.
  • Watermarks Apply Type
    Choose to overwrite the image or create a new watermarked image.
  • Watermarks Apply Sub-sizes
    Choose which sub-sizes to apply the watermarks on.
  • Backups
    You can choose to create backup from images before applying watermarks in case of overwriting. You can restore original images either from image single image page or bulk-restore.
  • Bulk images Select
    Select images in bulk mode based on image’s post parent. You can select posts directly or based on filters [ posts availability – posts date range – posts authors – posts terms ]



  • screenshot1.png
  • screenshot2.png
  • screenshot3-pro.png
  • bulk-restore-backup4-pro.png


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