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The Chat button by GetButton takes website visitor directly to the messaging app such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and allows them to initiate a conversation with you. After that, both you and your customers can follow up the conversation anytime and anywhere!

Why should I use Chat button?

Key Benefits

  • Keep the conversations going even if visitors leave your website.
  • View customers’ profiles, get closer to and engage with them to increase sales.
  • Support customers anywhere, anytime, even on your mobile phone.

Amazing features

  • Plugs Right In: Installs in less than 60 seconds, and can be custom configured to match your personal style.
  • Works everywhere: Works on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Messaging Apps: Supports Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Line, WeChat, Telegram.
  • One or Several Channels: Set up the only one messaging app or add several channels.
  • Greeting message: Proactive greeting message increases chats up to 10X.
  • Multilingual: Supports multilingual sites and multisite networks.
  • Super fast and lightweight: Buttons’ SVG icons are super-lightweight and pixel-perfect at any display resolution.

Why GetButton?

  • GetButton is free but offers advanced PRO features.
  • We’re clean and cool. Our chat widget is simple, beautiful and convenient.
  • No signup, no login, no account necessary.

Free Widget

In the free version, you can:

  • Add two buttons.
  • Change the color of the main button to Gray, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black.
  • Change the position to the bottom Left or Right corner of your website.
  • Change the call to action message.

Pro Widget

Get more chats and sales with PRO features:

  • Enable the Greeting Message.
  • Remove the ‘GetButton’ link.
  • Add up to ten buttons to the widget.
  • Choose any custom color for the button.
  • Add your company logo to the Greeting Message.
  • Place the widget anywhere on your site, adjusting the position vertically and horizontally.
  • Choose where to use the widget: on mobile, on desktop, or everywhere.
  • Track clicks in Google Analytics.


GetButton offers 24×7 support, send us an email at

Don’t have a GetButton account? Create one for free here!

Arbitrary section


  • GetButton Chat Button.

  • Facebook and WhatsApp chat for website.

  • Greeting message.


Adding GetButton Chat Button to your WordPress site is really easy, follow these steps :

  • Install and activate the GetButton Plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • After installation, click the GetButton section in the left toolbar.
  • Create you own button at and copy the button code.
  • Go back to WordPress console, paste the code and press Save changes.
  • Done!

For the full feature list and additional information check

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10 Ιανουαρίου 2021
It's not free. 2,49usd per month. Try others.
24 Νοεμβρίου 2020
100% Free ага! Обманщики! Заходишь, надо что то генерить, максимум 2 мессенджера, платные есть и получше этого плагина. Зачем врать?
11 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020
"Chat button is 100% free, forever." No puedes cambiar nada! totalmente limitado! es un plugins muy sencillo y parece que están vendiendo oro.
2 Μαΐου 2020
They lie that their chat is free. more than that, this chat won't work until you register on their site and get some code to paste intoi their chat to work.
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Added support for WordPress version 5.6.


Added support for WordPress version 5.5.


Added support for WordPress version 5.4.


Added support for WordPress version 5.2.


Added support for WordPress version 5.1.


Added ability to disable branding. A behavior of Viber button for desktop and mobile was changed.


The widget size has been reduced by 6 times. A behavior of WhatsApp button for desktop and mobile was changed.


The text of the button (call to action) has been added.


  • Now the widget supports SMS (on mobile only), Phone number and Email.


  • Telegram and Vkontakte have been added.


  • Welcome our very first version of the plugin!