Price Based on Country for WooCommerce


Price Based on Country for WooCommerce allows you to sell the same product in multiple currencies based on the country of the customer.

How it works

The plugin detects automatically the country of the website visitor throught the geolocation feature included in WooCommerce (2.3.0 or later) and display the currency and price you have defined previously for this country.

You have two ways to set product’s price for each country:

  • Calculate price by applying the exchange rate.
  • Set price manually.

When country changes on checkout page, the cart, the order preview and all shop are updated to display the correct currency and pricing.


Sell and receive payments in different currencies, reducing the costs of currency conversions.

Country Switcher

The extension include a country switcher widget to allow your customer change the country from the frontend of your website.

Shipping currency conversion

Apply currency conversion to Flat and International Flat Rate Shipping.

Compatible with WPML

WooCommerce Product Price Based on Countries is officially compatible with WPML.

Upgrade to Pro

This plugin offers a Pro addon which adds the following features:

  • Guaranteed support by private ticket system.
  • Automatic updates of exchange rates.
  • Add an exchange rate fee.
  • Round to nearest.
  • Display the currency code next to price.
  • Compatible with the WooCommerce built-in CSV importer and exporter.
  • Thousand separator, decimal separator and number of decimals by pricing zone.
  • Currency switcher widget.
  • Support to WooCommerce Subscriptions by Prospress .
  • Support to WooCommerce Product Bundles by SomewhereWarm .
  • Support to WooCommerce Product Add-ons by WooCommerce .
  • Support to WooCommerce Bookings by WooCommerce .
  • Support to WooCommerce Composite Product by SomewhereWarm.
  • Support to WooCommerce Name Your Price by Kathy Darling.
  • Bulk editing of variations princing.
  • Support for manual orders.
  • More features and integrations is coming.

Get Price Based on Country Pro now


  • WooCommerce 3.4 or later.
  • If you want to receive payments in more of one currency, a payment gateway that supports them.


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  1. Download, install and activate the plugin.
  2. Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Product Price Based on Country and configure as required.
  3. Go to the product page and sets the price for the countries you have configured avobe.

Adding a country selector to the front-end

Once you’ve added support for multiple country and their currencies, you could display a country selector in the theme. You can display the country selector with a shortcode or as a hook.


[wcpbc_country_selector other_countries_text=”Other countries”]

PHP Code

do_action(‘wcpbc_manual_country_selector’, ‘Other countries’);

Customize country selector (only for developers)

  1. Add action “wcpbc_manual_country_selector” to your theme.
  2. To customize the country selector:
    1. Create a directory named “woocommerce-product-price-based-on-countries” in your theme directory.
    2. Copy to the directory created avobe the file “country-selector.php” included in the plugin.
    3. Work with this file.

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

How might I test if the prices are displayed correctly for a given country?

If you are in a test environment, you can configure the test mode in the setting page.

In a production environment you can use a privacy VPN tools like TunnelBear or ZenMate

You should do the test in a private browsing window to prevent data stored in the session. Open a private window on Firefox or on Chrome


25 Νοεμβρίου 2022
Got help with some incompatibility issues together with another app. great and fast support from Oscar! Thanks
10 Νοεμβρίου 2022
We had an issue with pricing not working properly with our very particular edge case (variation bundles of products with subscriptions in them). In a few days they were able to confirm the issue and update the plugin to fix it. This plugin has such good compatibility with WooCommerce extensions and awesome support staff.
28 Οκτωβρίου 2022
Awesome plugin, works like magic. We had a very difficult situation trying to manage multiple custom prices for different countries that we do business in. Using this plugin we were able to solve every single problem and offer custom pricings on products for visitors from different country. Another cool thing was the pro plugin allowed us to display and manage the content the visitor see based on their country. The support is awesome too. Quick and very helpful support
27 Οκτωβρίου 2022
I installed this on recommendation and it was 90% there. So I asked for some help and 24h later it was 100% there after an update! Fantastic.
18 Οκτωβρίου 2022
This plugin worked out of the box and was easy to set up. However, I had issues with Sucuri Firewall preventing the real IP address of a viewer from using the Geolocation settings. So I'm in the UK but everything was defaulting to USD. It took me days to figure out what was happening, but Oscar was able to solve the problem for me and offer more support than Sucuri themselves. So bare in mind that if you are using the Sucuri firewall with your website and this plugin (or any other currency conversion plugin), you will need to add some PHP to your site to get this to work.
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Σύνοψη αλλαγών

2.2.9 (2022-11-24)

  • Tweak: PayPal Payments by WooCommerce” 2.0 compatiblity improvements.

2.2.8 (2022-11-21)

  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with “PayPal Payments by WooCommerce” 2.0+.

2.2.7 (2022-11-09)

  • Added: Tested up WooCommerce 7.1.
  • Added: Declare incompatibility with WooCommerce HPOS feature.
  • Fixed: “Unexpected currency from order API call” error on “PayPal Payments” after country changing on the checkout.

2.2.6 (2022-10-25)

  • Added: Tested up WooCommerce 7.0.
  • Fixed: “Illegal mix of collations” error on Analytics queries when the table charset differs from the default server charset.

2.2.5 (2022-09-01)

  • Added: Tested up WooCommerce 6.9.
  • Fixed: Using remove_filter( “the_posts”,… ) in a “the_posts” callback causes the following “the_posts” callback not to be executed.

2.2.4 (2022-08-05)

  • Added: Tested up WooCommerce 6.8.
  • Fixed: Minor bugs.

2.2.3 (2022-05-25)

  • Added: Tested up WooCommerce 6.5.
  • Added: Tested up WordPress 6.0.

2.2.2 (2022-03-23)

  • Fixed: The pricing fields are visible on the variable products when the “WooCommerce Subscriptions” plugin is enabled.
  • Fixed: The net sales amount of the Products Report in Analytics is not converted to the base currency.
  • Tweak: Copy the order metadata to the refund orders to improve the accuracy of the reports.

2.2.1 (2022-03-03)

  • Added: Tested up WooCommerce 6.3.
  • Added: New filter wc_price_based_country_ajax_geo_skip_wrapper.
  • Fixed: “Load product price in the background” option does not work if “Discount Rules by Flycart” is enabled.
  • Fixed: Pricing zone settings does not display is “Caldera Forms” plugin is enabled.

2.2.0 (2022-02-07)

  • Added: Tested up WooCommerce 6.2.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with PayPal Payments plugin.

See changelog for all versions.