WP Ever Accounting – Accounting for small business


WP Ever Accounting is a free WordPress plugin to offer a one-stop accounting solution for small businesses all over the world. The primary goal of this plugin is to provide an easy yet professional solution for a business to manage their finance and keep logs of their income and expenses.

Managing a small business has lots of challenges and the adoption of a proper tool can save you from some of the hardships and challenges. Keeping track of the cash flow is one of the most important tasks for all businesses.

WP Ever Accounting will give you the opportunity to manage your income and expenses in the most professional way without any prior accounting knowledge. It will help you overcome the accounting related problems and allow you to focus more on other business operations.

With the ability to create multiple types of expense or income you will be on top of your accounting tasks. Apart from that, creating multiple accounts and the ability to transfer funds between them will give you the ease of smooth accounting operations.

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How will WP Ever Accounting Benefit you:

✅ Manage your income and expense in the most professional way
✅ No need to hire a person with accounting knowledge
✅ Access your accounting information at any given moment.
✅ Ability to extend features and make it more powerful


✅ Multi-Currency
✅ Cash Flow
✅ Expense Tracking
✅ Income Tracking
✅ Transaction Categories
✅ Powerful Reporting
✅ Customer Management
✅ Vendor Management
✅ Bank Accounts
✅ Deposits & Transfers
✅ Bulk Import
✅ Bulk Export
✅ Custom User Roles


Do business all over the world with multi-currency accounting. Track income or expense in any currency you want and let the plugin convert them into your main currency.

Cash Flow

Get a realtime view of your Cashflow. Stay on top of your Cashflow and make smarter decisions about your business anytime. Know how your incomes, expenses & revenues are flowing in realtime.

Expense Tracking

Create and manage your business expenses in any currency you want, so your finances are always accurate and healthy. Know what and when to pay.

Income Tracking

Create and manage your business incomes in any currency you want, so your finances are always accurate and healthy. Know what and when to get paid.

Transaction Categories

Create categories for incomes, expenses, and see how your business’s flow at a glance. Track which category is your business is spending most as well is making money.

Powerful Reporting

Get detailed financial reports to help you better visualize all the information you need to improve your business. Tailor smart financial reports and budgets to understanding and track what matters most.

Customer Management

Create customers to assign revenues, and later you can filter the transactions you made with them. You can store the name, address, email, phone number, etc. of a customer.

Vendor Management

Create vendors to assign payments, and later you can filter the transactions you made with them. You can store the name, address, email, phone number, etc. of a vendor.

Bank Accounts

Create unlimited bank and cash accounts and track their opening and current balances. You can use it with any currencies that you want. Ever Accounting will take care of the currency

Deposits & Transfers

Add deposits to and transfers between accounts and keep the balance of your bank accounts active regardless of currency. The transferred amount will automatically adjust to the account currency.

Bulk Import

Ever Accounting lets you export most of your accounting records like customers, vendors, revenues, payments, accounts in CSV format, which you can import later or analyze.

Bulk Export

Using bulk import, you can import customers, vendors, revenues, payments, accounts, etc. from any 3rd party application.

User Roles

WP Ever Accounting has builtin fine grained permissions setup. By default it support 2 user roles accounting manager & accountant. Control permissions to protect and simplify your management experience.

Open Source

WP Ever Accounting is an open-source project and hosted on your space.You must be sure that data is safe, and nobody can abuse them. Open Source software provides you full privacy.

How does WP Ever Accounting Work:

WP Ever Accounting creates a new menu option called Accounting on the dashboard. Under this new menu, you will find several sub-menus titled as Dashboard, Transactions, Contacts, Payments, Revenues, Accounts, Transfers, Categories, and settings. The dashboard is dedicated to a detailed summary with highlights of the most important and recent accounting events.


  • Overview of Transaction
  • Transaction Listing
  • Revenues Listing
  • Customers Listing
  • Payments Listing
  • Vendors Listing
  • Accounts Listing
  • Transfers Listing
  • Categories Listing
  • Currencies Listing
  • Export
  • Import
  • Expense Report
  • Income Report
  • Profit Report
  • Settings


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress

What do I need to properly use WP Ever Accounting?

Apart from a fully functional WordPress installation, WP Ever Accounting does not have any dependency. The minimum required version of WordPress is 4.7.0.

What is the minimum PHP version that I have to maintain to use this plugin?

To enjoy the sweet features of this powerful plugin you have to at least have PHP version 5.6 or higher installed. If you have a lower version of PHP then you may face problems.

Can I ask/suggest for a new feature?

Yes, of course. We do not create products for ourselves. You are always welcome to suggest new features and improvements.


23 Μαΐου 2020
This plugin is really useful. I searched a lot to find a plugin to record all my project income and expenses inside the WP admin panel without the need to use third party service or excel sheets. You can record all your vendors, customers, wallets, and transactions. Then it will show you the total expenses, total income, and total profits. 5 stars
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Σύνοψη αλλαγών

1.0.3 (22 October,2020)

  • Fix – PHP v5.6 compatibility
  • Fix – Repeat setup wizard

1.0.2 (18 October,2020)

  • Feature – Export and import support
  • Feature – Muti-Currency support
  • Feature – Custom user roles support
  • Feature – Cashflow graph
  • Feature – Interactive Quick Setup Wizard
  • Enhance – Full rewritten plugin
  • Enhance – Update Settings options
  • Enhance – Updated UI for adding Category, Customer, Account, Vendor and Currency
  • Enhance – Updated Dashboard with custom filter options
  • Enhance – Added more search option in transactions, sales and expenses list table

1.0.1 (7 December,2019)

  • Fix – revenue payment method is not showing
  • Fix – transfer date is not saving
  • Feature – upload files to own directory
  • Feature – Expense by categories dashboard widget
  • Feature – Income by categories dashboard widget
  • Feature – Contact table payment & expense visibility
  • Feature – Income summary report
  • Feature – Expense summary report
  • Feature – Income vs Expense summary report

1.0 (23 November,2019)

  • Initial release