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Blogger Hub

Από themesglance

Έκδοση: 0.8.2

Τελευταία ενημέρωση: 24 Νοέ 2021

Ενεργές εγκαταστάσεις: 300+

Έκδοση PHP: 7.2 ή νεότερη

Αρχική σελίδα Θέματος

Blogger Hub is a minimal WordPress theme designed aesthetically for giving modern look to your site. This multipurpose theme can be used for food blog, fashion blog, lifestyle blog, news, writers,portfolios, tech blog, seo blogs, musical blog, informational blog, wordpress blogs, product review blogs, sports blog, Genre-based movie or TV review sites, Funny pet videos, Musical theater fans, Opera and classical music fans, movie reviews, fan base, counselling blogs, personal blog, travel blog, craft blog, Stand-up comedy instruction, Upcoming events for a specific group, locale, genre, architecture blog, interior blog, food blogs, travel journals, personal blogs, youtube bloggers, photography blog etc. It can prove to be a landing page. Magazines and newsletter sites can seamlessly blend into its design. If you are looking for a theme for writing journal or your biography then Blog Hub is the answer for you. It can be used as a writer’s theme. It is a bloggers’ junction. The Blogger Hub WordPress theme can be customized to make small to big changes. It is a fully responsive, cross-browser compatible and translation ready theme. It has various styling options making it versatile to be used in various forms. This mobile-friendly theme has short codes implemented which make your site clean and secure. The stunning design, interactive and user-friendly interface attract everyone’s attention and make them adhere to your site for longer time. Its SEO-friendliness gives your site a higher rank in Google search engine. Though the theme has various features and functionalities, still it has faster page loading ability. The social media integration makes your site reach wider audience. Demo: https://www.themesglance.com/blogger-hub-pro/


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