Mark New Posts


Highlight unread WordPress posts.


  • Works right out of the box
  • 4 different types of markers for highlighting posts:
    1. text label (new!)
    2. orange circle
    3. picture
    4. flag icon
  • An option to select on which event any given post is considered read:
    1. when its page is opened…
    2. or when it’s been shown in the post list…
    3. or after opening any page of the blog
  • 2 functions for developers:
    1. checking if a post is unread
    2. getting the total number of unread posts


  • Marker type: "New" text (Twenty Twenty-One)
  • Marker type: "New" text (Twenty Twenty)
  • Marker type: Circle (old WP theme)

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

1. How can I see that the plugin works?

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Open your blog’s main page.
  3. Add a new post to your blog.
  4. Open the main page once again. An orange circle should appear to the left of the new post’s title.

2. Is it possible to highlight all the posts published in a recent few days for new visitors?

Yes. Just activate these two options:
* “Published post stays marked as new only for N days” (specify for how much time the post will be considered fresh)
* “Mark all existing posts as new to new visitors” (so all new visitors will see those posts marked as new)

3. The plugin is exploding my page’s markup. How to fix it?

Try to enable the option “Check page markup before displaying a marker” (plugin options, advanced settings).

4. What do I need the mnp_is_new_post() and mnp_new_posts_count() functions for?

These two functions can be useful for developing WordPress themes.


Returns true if specific post is unread, otherwise false.
Parameters: $post (optional) – post ID or object.


Returns the total number of unread posts.
Parameters: $query (optional) – WP_Query query string.

echo mnp_new_posts_count('cat=1');

This will show the number of unread posts in category with id = 1.



25 Σεπτεμβρίου 2023
Good plugin with simple mechanism
15 Μαΐου 2020 1 απάντηση
I am genuinely grateful for such a nifty plugin. Although it was not easy to find, as soon as I found it it was working perfectly in seconds. How Wordpress does not have anything like this as core functionality is beyond me. Thank you for your contribution and sharing this lifesaver of a plugin.
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Συνεισφέροντες & Προγραμματιστές

“Mark New Posts” είναι λογισμικό ανοιχτού κώδικα. Οι παρακάτω έχουν συνεισφέρει στη δημιουργία του.


Σύνοψη αλλαγών


  • Fixed a conflict with Buddypress. I hope now we can be buddies again. Thanks a lot to teeboy4real and r-a-y!
  • Improved performance
  • If you’ve read this far AND if you like this plugin, why not give it a nice review? It would be lovely!


  • Fixed a conflict with WPForms plugin. A message “Notice: is_404 was called incorrectly” appeared when trying to open the Settings page of WPForms.


  • The “New” marker type now has a better support for the old built-in WordPress themes, because they’re awesome.


  • Post title background colour validation
  • Marker type “Custom image” removed for security reasons


  • An option to change the background colour for unread post titles
  • Open your blog with ?mnp-test=1 in the page title to test the plugin (all posts will be shown as unread)
  • mnp-title-wrapper class replaced with mnp-unread


  • “Disable for custom posts” option


  • Added a new colour for the “New” text to fit in the Twenty-Twenty WordPress theme. Now it’s the default marker type.
  • Changed buttons placement in the settings screen. Yeah, I know… Sorry for that.
  • Fixed flickering pieces of code on blog pages that appear when the “Check markup” option is active


  • Back after 4 years of inactivity!
  • Temporary new logo
  • Fixed a CSS bug for Image and Flag marker types, where the marker would float away to the left of the screen
  • Fixed warnings in Debug mode


  • New translation: Russian
  • New option: mark posts as read after opening any page of the blog
  • New option: posts stay marked as new only for a certain amount of days after publishing
  • New option: mark all existing posts as new to new visitors
  • If the two options above are activated, then when someone visits your blog even for the first time, he will see all the most recent posts highlighted


  • Fixed notices in debug mode


  • mnp_new_posts_count() speed up


  • Fixed minor bug: 2nd argument might not be passed to the_title filter in some themes


  • Fixed blank screen when not running on Apache


  • Unicode flag marker replaced with an image (because of Unicode issues in Firefox)
    icon by Vectors Market from, CC BY 3.0 license
  • Code refactoring and optimization
  • Better way of markup checking
  • Settings page redesign


  • Detect prefetching


  • New marker placement: before and after post title
  • Incorrect markup check is disabled by default to use less memory


  • Fixed: incorrect markup when the_title() is being called from an attribute value


  • “Mark posts as read only after opening” option now works for post excerpts too


  • New marker type: flag (unicode character)
  • New option: the marker can be placed before or after the title of a post
  • New marker type: custom image
  • Fixed bug: after opening a post’s preview it’s getting marked as read
  • Fixed bug: sometimes the marker falls on another line
  • Fixed: marker gets wrapped on new line in post’s navigation block


  • i18n
  • Added “Mark post as read only after opening” option
  • New marker type: image. “Label New Blue” icon by Jack Cai, CC BY-ND 3.0 license


  • This plugin is based upon KB New Posts 0.1 by Adam R. Brown
  • New functions for using in WordPress themes: mnp_is_new_post and mnp_new_posts_count
  • 2 new ways of highlighting unread posts