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Don’t let hesitant customers slip away! Install the onWebChat live chat plugin in under a minute to provide exceptional customer support and boost customer satisfaction.

New Elevate your customer service even further with our AI chatbot—designed to enhance user experience and automate responses. Support your visitors 24/7!

Our live chat plugin seamlessly integrates with WordPress and WooCommerce websites, allowing you to Chat with website visitors in real-time, monitor web traffic and boost your conversions.

We permanently offer a 100% free live chat plan.
Plus, we are giving you a 1-month free trial of our Premium Plan with simply signing up on our live chat service! Explore our plans here.

Don’t hesitate, start now! It takes less than a minute, to get started, just install onWebChat live chat plugin and sign up for our service on
Special Offer: Enjoy a 1-month free trial of our Premium Plan by simply signing up for our live chat service! Plus, test out our AI chatbot with 50 free bot credits. See our plans here.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Track your visitors’ behavior.
  • AI Chatbot: 24/7 automated customer support.
  • Customizable Widget: Tailor the chat widget’s appearance.
  • Live Chat Triggers: Engage users automatically.
  • Department Routing: Direct chats to the right operator.
  • Chat Ratings: Let visitors rate your support.
  • Typing Insights: See what visitors are typing in real-time.
  • Mobile Support: Android app available.
  • Transferability: Easily switch chats between operators.
  • Metrics & Analytics: Measure performance.
  • Data Security: GDPR-compliant and SSL-secured.
  • …and many more!

    Enhance Customer Experience:

  • Free direct chats
  • Offline email messaging
  • In-page chat integration
  • Easy file sharing
  • Your customers will love the convenience!

    Need Assistance?

    Have questions? Chat with us directly on onWebChat!


    • Operator Console homepage
    • Chatting with a visitor
    • Monitoring visitors in real-time
    • onWebChat live chat widget on WordPress website


    1. Install the Plugin: Activate the onWebChat live chat plugin on your WordPress site.
    2. Sign Up: Create an account with onWebChat.
    3. Connect: Link the plugin to your onWebChat account using your email and password.
    4. You’re Live: The chat widget appears on your site instantly!

    Note: If you encounter issues connecting via email/password, use your Chat ID found in the Operator Console or registration email.

    Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

    How can I integrate the AI chatbot into my website?

    If you haven’t joined onWebChat yet, simply sign up for an account. Once registered, you’ll gain access to the Premium plan and receive 50 AI bot credits to start using our AI chatbot. Integration is effortless, just provide some training data (questions-answers), and you’re ready to test your AI chatbot on your website!

    How is the AI chatbot priced?

    You can try our beta AI bot with 50 free bot credits that we provide with registration. In general, to use the AI chatbot, you’ll need to be on our Premium plan with at least one operator. Pricing starts at $5 for 100 chat dialogues, with lower prices available if you want to buy more chatbot credits.

    Can the AI bot understand questions, even those with errors, in any language?

    Absolutely! Our AI chatbot excels at understanding questions, even those with mistakes. It leverages your data to provide accurate and freshly crafted responses, akin to human communication. Additionally, it offers multilingual support, allowing it to converse with your visitors in their preferred language, regardless of the language of your data.

    Is onWebChat Free?

    Yes, we offer a no-cost Free Plan. Additionally, new sign-ups enjoy 1-month access to our Premium Plan. To learn more, visit our pricing page.

    Do I need additional software?

    No extra software required. Simply install this plugin and register on onWebChat.

    How can I customize the chat widget?

    Adjust widget settings via your onWebChat Operator Console.

    Is the chat widget translatable?

    Absolutely! You can customize the language and text to your liking.

    Can I hide the chat widget when offline?

    Yes, you can proactively reach out to visitors listed on your console.

    Can I hide live chat widget when I am offline?

    Certainly. Just deselect “use offline form” in your Operator Console.

    Is there a white-label option?

    Yes, our Premium Plan allows you to remove the onWebChat logo.

    Can I monitor visitor activity?

    Absolutely. Monitor real-time visitor activity, including geolocation, browsing behavior, and more.

    Can chats be transferred between operators?

    Yes, active chats can be handed off to other available operators.

    Can I invite visitors to chat?

    Yes, employ automated Triggers or manually click on a visitor to initiate a chat.

    How secure is our data?

    We prioritize security with SSL encryption, ensuring all chat communications are secure.

    What languages are supported?

    Our Operator Console supports multiple languages including English, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Greek, and Turkish. You can customize the chat widget in any language.

    I’m not able to connect to my live chat account using email/password. Why?

    If your connection is blocked (e.g., by a firewall), use your Chat ID from the Operator Console to connect.


    14 Σεπτεμβρίου 2023
    OnWebChat is the perfect solution for adding a live chat to your WordPress website. It’s easy to install, visually appealing, and has great functionality. It increases customer engagement and has made our support much more efficient. I recommend it!
    4 Φεβρουαρίου 2023
    I’ve tried many chat plugins most claim the plugin is free but this is usually not the case. Onwebchat is the exception here- they offer a free version with limits of 100 chats per month- totally fair in my opinion! There are some other extra features that require the pro subscription which is reasonably priced as well. The dashboard you log into on their website has a number of metrics you can track including what pages users are currently viewing, customized responses (pro feature) custom chat bubbles, and so much more. I’ve reached out to their support team on a number of occasions and they are quick to respond, helpful, and professional- keep in mind, I have not purchased a pro subscription yet and the service level is a breath of fresh air. Give it a shot I think you’ll agree! Shout out to the Onwebchat team for a great plugin that does exactly what is described, no bs! Oren
    4 Ιουλίου 2022
    After I installed this plugin, I was able to chat with my website visitors in real-time in just one click. I can easily assist and answer their queries. I is also easy for me to monitor my website traffic.
    25 Ιουνίου 2022
    This Plugin is very easy to integrate to my WordPress website. Highly recommended!
    6 Μαΐου 2021
    Works great and they are receptive and responsive to feature updates. Big savings over most competitors, too.
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    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 3.3.2)

    • Bug fix

    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 3.3.1)

    • AI chatbot support & fix bug

    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 3.3.0)

    • AI chatbot support

    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 3.2.0)

    • Security bug fix

    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 3.1.0)

    • Javascript api commands support

    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 3.0.4)

    • bug fix

    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 3.0.3)

    • bug fix

    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 3.0.2)

    • Ability to show/hide live chat widget on selected pages – bug fix

    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 3.0.1)

    • Ability to show/hide live chat widget on selected pages

    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 2.0.2)

    • Support for new Chat id format

    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 2.0.0)

    • Add login option by username/password or Chat id.
    • Option to show/hide live chat widget

    onWebChat Live Chat (Chat version 1.0)

    • First onWebChat livechat plugin version