Post Type Switcher


This plugin adds a simple post-type drop-down to the post editor interface, allowing you to reassign any post to a new post type. It allows you to switch post’s type while editing your post.

Yποστηριζόμενοι τύποι

The plugin can convert nearly every combination of posts, pages, and even custom post types:

  • Σελίδα σε άρθρο
  • Άρθρο σε σελίδα
  • Post to Custom
  • Custom to Custom

As of 3.0.0, support for switching to or from Attachments was removed. This may come back in a subsequent version.

Invisible post types, such as revisions, menus, etc., are purposely excluded. But, if you need to access invisible post types, you can adjust the boundaries using the ‘pts_post_type_filter’ filter.

Μαζική επεξεργασία

With bulk editing (thanks to Matthew Gerring) you can select all the posts in a certain type and convert them to a new type with one quick action.

Block Editor

With block-editor (aka Gutenberg) support (thanks to Daniel Bachhuber) you can switch between post-types that use either the Block Editor and the Classic one, without losing any of your embedded content.


  • "Type" column in "Posts" screen.
  • "Post Type" interface in "Quick Edit".
  • "Post Type" interface in "Edit Post" screen.



  1. In your WordPress Dashboard go to “Plugins” -> “Add Plugin”.
  2. ροσθήκη ενέργειας «post_type_switcher»
  3. Install the plugin by pressing the “Install” button.
  4. Activate the plugin by pressing the “Activate” button.
  5. From the post edit screen, above the “Publish” button is the “Post Type” interface.
  6. Change post types as needed.

Ελάχιστες Απαιτήσεις

  • WordPress 5.0 ή νεότερο.
  • Έκδοση PHP 7.0.0 ή μεγαλύτερη
  • MYSQL έκδοση 5.7 ή μεγαλύτερη.

Προτεινόμενες απαιτήσεις

  • Τελευταία έκδοση WordPress.
  • PHP έκδοση 8.0 ή μεγαλύτερη.
  • MySQL version 8.0 or greater, or MariaDB 10.5 or greater.

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

Γιατί το χρειάζομαι αυτό;

You need to selectively change a posts type from one to another.

Does this ruin my taxonomy associations?

It should not. This plugin only changes the ‘post_type’ property of a post.

Does this ruin block-editor content?

It should not. Be careful when editing HTML content while switching between editor types!

Will this delete my content?

No. This plugin does not include any code capable of deleting anything.

Plugin conflicts are not unheard of and can be difficult to troubleshoot.

If you’re worried, backup your database and deactivate all other plugins before using this tool.

If you’re still worried, ask for help in the support forums.


1 Απρίλιος 2021
There’s really no other option when you need to filter out posts by type. It would be a nightmare to do it manually, so this plug in is one of a kind! Really helpful and works perfectly. Thanks a lot!
25 Μάρτιος 2021
This was just what I needed to convert a ton of pages to projects and posts. My one concern was that it wasn't a physical move but it appears to me it's moving over all my content properly. As a test I tried disabling the plugin and everything stayed where it was moved. THANK YOU!
20 Μάρτιος 2021
I frequently switch a front-page piece to a post and vice versa. This plugin does the job perfectly.
14 Μάρτιος 2021
One thing that really annoys me is one-stars people have given. Would you like a YouTube video showing the install of the plugin and usage? Also what do you think about an "Ask for help" link in the plugin list? If you have these, maybe we could collaborate on adding it to the public plugin page, so that there is no excuse to < 4-5 star this plugin? Again. Great plugin.
14 Μάρτιος 2021
If you have imported or added loads of posts in the wrong post type, you needn't curse. Just install and convert the posts to the needed one. That's what this plugin does for me. Has saved my bacon so many times. Highly recommended.
9 Μάρτιος 2021
This plugin worked seamlessly with around 150 pages that I needed converted to posts. For some reason this plugin is not supported on Not sure why.
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Σύνοψη αλλαγών


  • Block editor support


  • Fix post targeting when called recursively


  • Improved Quick-Edit and Bulk-Edit support
  • Remove attachment type support for now, as there is no way to switch back
  • Fix bug causing some post-types to switch unexpectedly


  • Ensure quick-edit works with new procedure
  • Quick-edit “Type” column works again!


  • Improved plugin compatibility with WooThemes Sensei
  • Filter post arguments vs. hook to save_post
  • Προσθήκη ενέργειας «post_type_switcher»


  • Προσθήκη υποστήριξης για ενεργοποίηση σε δικτύο (multisite)


  • Βελτιώσεις υποστήριξη μεταφράσεων
  • Load translation strings using load_plugin_textdomain()
  • Before saving data chack if it’s not an autosave using wp_is_post_autosave()
  • Before saving data chack if it’s not a revision using wp_is_post_revision()
  • Security: Prevent direct access to directories
  • Security: Translation strings escaping
  • Προσθήκη στιγμιότυπων οθόνων

1.5.0 – norcross

  • Fix multiple quickedit dropdowns


  • Improve handling of non-public post types


  • Fix saving of autodrafts


  • Improved WordPress 3.9 integration (added dashicon to publish metabox)


  • Add bulk editing to supported post types
  • Props Matthew Gerring for bulk edit contribution


  • Add is_admin() check to prevent theme-side interference
  • Change save_post priority to 999 to avoid plugin compatibility issues
  • Remove ending closing php tag
  • HTML και PHPDoc βελτιώσεις


  • Fix revisions being nooped
  • Fix malformed HTML for some user roles
  • Make a singleton (meh…)


  • Fix JS bugs
  • Audit post save bail conditions
  • Tweak UI for WordPress 3.3


  • Use the API to change the post type, fixing a conflict with persistent object caches
  • Δεν απαιτεί πλέον JavaScript


  • Disallow post types that are not public and do not have a visible UI


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