Web Push Notifications by PushEngage: WordPress Push Notifications to Supercharge Your Engagement


🤩 Send personalized web push notifications to your website visitors. Improve user engagement and retention with easy-to-use web push notification campaigns. 🚀

PushEngage is the #1 push notification plugin in the world. It’s a marketing plugin that helps you get more web push notification subscribers, increase sales, and grow your business.

With PushEngage’s push notifications, you can turn your website visitors into regular readers, loyal fans, and repeat customers. The coolest part is that it only takes your subscribers two clicks or less to get subscribed to your notifications.

PushEngage gives you a simple, easy-to-use dashboard that helps you create optins, launch marketing campaigns, grow your subscriber base, track your revenue goals, and manage your audience using advanced segmentation and audience targeting rules.

You also get advanced analytics to track your push notification performance with or without using third-party tools such as Google Analytics.

We also offer mobile popup modals so that your marketing messages will always look great on all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop).

Along with the absolute best web push notification software in the market, you also get a top-tier Customer Success team to help you get more success from your push notifications more often.

PushEngage App
PushEngage is a SaaS service. You will need to create a PushEngage account to use our popup builder and to gain push notification subscribers using PushEngage. We recommend getting started with PushEngage Premium!

It’s super easy to create highly targeted and personalized push notification campaigns with our easy campaign creator. Here’s why smart business owners, designers, and developers love the PushEngage marketing toolkit, and you will too!

Send Transactional Push Notifications with PushEngage to Increase Conversions

  • Push Broadcast – Schedule or send web push notification broadcasts to a custom audience in a matter of minutes. Use revenue tracking to keep sight of your goals and A/B testing to improve your campaign performance.
  • Welcome Push Notifications – Send automated welcome messages to your push notification subscribers. Get higher retention rates and send discounts and offers to increase your sales.
  • Automatic Segmentation – Quickly segment your push notification subscribers as soon as they subscribe based on their interests.
  • Audience Group – Create retargeting push notifications and advanced targeting groups within your audience. Filter your audience by behavior, engagement, and interests.
  • Timezone Push Notifications – Schedule your push notifications to automatically get sent when it has the most impact. Send push notifications in your timezone or in your subscribers’ timezones with a single click.
  • Custom Drip Campaigns – Send personalized drip push notifications to improve your repeat traffic, engagement, and sales. Retarget your customers and turn them into loyal superfans.

The PushEngage Dashboard Makes it Easy

We were tired of the push notification software that in the market that are too difficult to use and are built for developers instead of business owners. That’s why we built PushEngage to help you create powerful marketing workflows and custom web push notification campaigns even without a developer.

With PushEngage, you can create powerful marketing campaigns from a simple dashboard in a matter of minutes even if:

  • You’re not a developer and don’t know how to use code to send push notifications
  • You’ve never used push notifications before and you have no idea where to start
  • You tried another push notification software and hated the experience

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Amanda had to say:

It’s uber-easy to use, the support team is helpful, and the results are impressive. Especially when you take into account how little work they are to build and send. Highly recommend PushEngage to anyone wanting a way to reach customers that’s fast, reliable, and effective.
– Amanda Hyciek, Digital Marketing Strategist, Wicked Weasel (See Case Study)

Time-Tested Push Notification Campaign Templates

Don’t know what push notification campaigns you need and how to get started?

No worries. We built campaign templates into our dashboard that you can use to get started.
The technical stuff is all taken care of. All you have to do is:

  • Select a campaign type
  • Create your push notifications
  • Select an audience to send to
  • Send/Schedule your campaign

Even with advanced trigger campaigns, you can start with a template that comes with pre-built triggers so that you don’t have to configure them yourself. All you have to do is focus on growing your business.

Smart Page Targeting and Behavior Based Personalization

All PushEngage popup modals come with advanced page targeting and behavior based personalization.

This means you can show a custom popup for:

  • A specific page or set of pages of your site
  • Different website visitors based on their geolocation
  • Users who click a specific link

And more!

You can even segment your subscribers automatically when they visit your site. PushEngage allows you to create custom segmentation rules. And if you want your visitors to click a button on your site to subscribe to your push notifications, you can create click to subscribe buttons as well.

If you like, you can even create a subscription widget where your visitors can choose what kind of notifications they want to receive.

This allows you to send targeted web push notifications that fetch you more subscribers, higher engagement rates, and more sales.

PushEngage is our best converting paid traffic channel. The open-rate is about 400% better than sending out newsletters and also the time to create a push notification is far more effective. The overall performance of sending out push notifications with PushEngage has been a pleasant surprise last year.
– Domingo Karsten, CEO & Co-Founder, Saleduck

Advanced Analytics and A/B Testing

Unlike other WordPress push notification plugins, PushEngage comes with reliable A/B split testing and accurate analytics without slowing down your site. Most other plugins face significant issues with caching that can skew your campaign analytics and A/B tests.

But PushEngage offers far better infrastructure for more accurate results. You get detailed analytics on all your campaigns and optins right from your dashboard.

What’s more is that you can create Intelligent A/B tests to improve an ongoing campaign. With Intelligent A/B testing, you can select a small audience to split test your browser push notifications and then send the winning notification to the rest of your audience.

BrandsMart USA Got a Whopping 2.9 Million Views from Push Notifications by using A/B testing. If you’re new to push notification analytics and split testing, you should check out our guides on:

Powerful Integrations

PushEngage just works no matter what device or browser your visitors are using including:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Opera
  • Samsung
  • UC Browser

It also works out of the box with all major website builders and eCommerce platforms and solutions. Check out our installation guides:

And it integrates seamlessly with marketing tools such as:

Get started with PushEngage today!


This WordPress web push notifications plugin was created by Syed Balkhi.

Branding Guidelines

When writing about the browser push notification plugin by PushEngage, please make sure to uppercase the letter P and E.

  • PushEngage (correct)
  • Push Engage (incorrect)
  • pushengage (incorrect)
  • push engage (incorrect)

See our Press & Brand Assets page for more details.

What’s Next

To get the most value out of your growing browser push notification subscriber list, see our push notification best practices.

You should also check out our article on 75 Epic Push Notification Examples You Can Steal Right Now.

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PushEngage is hands down the best push notifications plugin on the market. No other WordPress notification plugin even comes close to PushEngage and the features it offers.

We are pioneering the world of push notifications. For the longest time, push notification software was nowhere as powerful or flexible as email marketing software. With PushEngage, that’s changing. And fast!

Also I’m the founder of several popular online businesses, so it was a huge priority for me to make a WordPress push notification plugin that can help us grow our subscribers & sales.
I feel that we have done that. I hope you enjoy using PushEngage.

Thank you,
Syed Balkhi


  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Personalized marketing through segmentation
  • Opt-in analytics data overview
  • Safari style popup modal
  • Safari style popup modal with segment preference
  • Browser permission request dialog
  • Powerful push notifications for user engagement
  • Comprehensive analytics overview for detailed insights
  • Notification Look and Design
  • Boost user engagement with A/B testing
  • Targeted campaigns through audience selection
  • Send campaigns at the perfect time


  1. Install PushEngage web push notifications either via the WordPress.org plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate the PushEngage plugin from the plugin section.
  3. Navigate to the PushEngage tab in your WordPress admin and connect your PushEngage account to your WordPress site to start displaying subscription popups to build a subscriber base.
  4. Click on the Campaigns tab to configure campaigns or send out automatic posts with every post being published.
  5. Want more push notification features? Upgrade to PushEngage Business, Premium, or Growth plan.


28 Ιανουαρίου 2022
While signing up, it's asking for my credit card. Where else does the business model of "trust me with your credit card even though you've never heard of me and haven't even had the chance to experience the free or trial version of our product" work? Then not a second after I navigated away, there's a message in my email letting me know that I didn't finish signing up. What?! I never subscribed to anything and in certain countries, subscribing someone to your email updates without opt-in is illegal. (Something I need to be extremely conscious of because my country has strict anti-spam laws.) If that isn't bad enough, the number of popups I ran into during signing up was obnoxious. If this is how PushEngage intends to engage perfect strangers, then I don't want them anywhere near my site. Update: I ended up going with OneSignal. They have far better CAN-SPAM compliance.
1 Ιουλίου 2021
It doesn't deserve any star support that is delayed for days, paid plans are too high. And other than that, when you reach a high number of subscribers, problems begin to appear The free plan is not obligated to activate it as written in the terms and conditions. I do not recommend this plugin
13 Νοεμβρίου 2019 2 απαντήσεις
They didn't like the content of my blog so they barred me from using their widget. I'm a law-abiding, tax paying UK business.
11 Νοεμβρίου 2019
In addition to this good plugin, they have excellent customer service on the site a very accessible site. I would be happier if they did something with the customers' requests for system improvement and adaptation to the other systems in the field...
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Most Recent Changes:


  • Fixed: Spacing conflict in the classic editor.
  • Fixed: Allowed pasting longer notification title and message in the post editor.
  • Fixed: Resolved PHP warning when the allow_url_fopen directive is disabled.
  • Fixed: Corrected CTR calculation for the smart A/B notification.


  • Resolved an issue regarding PushEngage section in post editor appears to hide other sections.


  • Added setup wizard process for plugin.
  • Enhanced push notification creation flow.
  • Autoresponder campaign functionality added.
  • Added Analytics for the subscriber, notification, and opt-in data.
  • Segment and audience group management tools.
  • Improved auto segmentation using WordPress categories.
  • Advanced push notification options on the post editor.
  • Default and advanced setting management.
  • Support for popup modals, widgets, and targeting rules.


  • Fixed DOING_CRON variable fatal error in PHP version 8.0.


  • Fixed wp-cli fatal errors in PHP version 8.0.
  • Fixed development mode warnings and notices.
  • Removed welcome notification UI.


  • Plugin tested up to wordpress version 5.8.


  • Added category segmentation feature.


  • Plugin tested up to wordpress version 5.7.

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