Database Cleaner: Clean, Optimize & Repair


With a ton of features and the ability to handle even the largest of databases, Database Cleaner is built on years of experience with the other related plugins and the latest versions of WP and PHP. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to easily navigate everything and make sure everything is just right. Plus, if you have a lot of work to be done, Database Cleaner uses asynchronous requests to tackle it slowly and steadily, helping to avoid errors and timeouts. You’ll find more information here: Database Cleaner.

IMPORTANT: Always create a backup of your data before using such a plugin! It works well, but better be safe than sorry! 🙂


  • Easy and Expert modes.
  • Auto Clean button. Choose the items you’d like to clean automatically, and let the plugin do the job!
  • Keep statistics and historical data about your database size.
  • Allow you to browse your data to better understand it and to categorize it.
  • Handle oversized databases through asynchronous and decently sized requests.
  • User-friendly UI, solidly built, that will evolve with time.

What does it clean?

The usual, which are: Revisions, Auto-Drafts, Deleted Posts, Orphaned Post Meta, Orphaned Term Meta, Orphaned Term Relationships, oEmbed Caches, Unused Terms, Duplicated Term Meta, Duplicated Post Meta, Orphaned User Meta, Duplicated User Meta, Unapproved Comments, Spammed Comments, Deleted Comments, Orphaned Comments Data, Duplicated Comments Data, Expired, Transients, All Transients.

Database Cleaner also gives you specific tools to analyze and check how your data is used for:

  • Post Types
  • Tables
  • Options
  • Cron Jobs

Database Cleaner use its own references and analysis to figure out by which plugins or themes your data is used. An even better support of this feature is supported in the Pro Version.

Why this plugin?

There are other database cleaners. I used them, but I always found them were imperfect, with old UI, too many missing (or half-cooked) features, limited ways to look into the data. The worse for me is that none of them can actually can handle big databases! Based on all those issues, I craft my own, and here is the result. And now, I am working hard to make it the best for all of you, and for all kinds of WordPress and databases.

Any feedback? I am here 🙂 I would love to talk with you and make Database Cleaner better for you.


  • No screenshot yet.


  1. Upload the plugin to WordPress.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Meow Apps -> Database Cleaner in the sidebar and check the appropriate options.
  4. Click on the button to clean your database automatically.


31 Ιανουαρίου 2023
I am not a WP professional, but I have an educational website that recently got attacked by virus. After installed this plugin, the page got recovered. That was magical 😉
27 Ιανουαρίου 2023 1 reply
I've just started to use this plugin for all it's worth. I knew that WordPress databases get bloated over time as plugins and themes are installed and eventually uninstalled, but boy was I surprised to find more than 1,500 autoloaded options on a website I manage, which has been in existence for well over 5 years! I have used free database cleaners before, but this one is the best from what I can see. The interface is clean and straight-forward, and the actions don't hang on a large database either (unlike some plugins I've used). The Pro version includes the ability to see hints about which plugins the data in the database is coming from, which is pretty accurate (accurate enough to be helpful), and will doubtlessly become more accurate over time. I highly suggest purchasing the Pro version if you're website is more than two years old and you have enough experience to work with WordPress database data. Thanks Jordy for a great plugin! You deserve to be much more well-known! I hope this review helps a little in that regard. P.S. As mentioned in several places, including in the plugin itself, always make a backup of your website before making changes to your database with this, or any plugin like it.
5 Ιανουαρίου 2023
I was concerned about this plugin and ran several tests in which it seemed to have not recognized several graphics that were actually attached. So I backed up the uploads directory to an external drive and ran it. I was amazed. I have not been able to locate any missing graphic. I cannot recall how many MEGs of graphics it removed but it was substantial. This is the best database cleaner I have found. Thanks Jordy!
30 Δεκεμβρίου 2022
Dear creator of the WordPress database maintenance plugin, I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your amazing work in developing this plugin. I am completely amazed at how well-built it is and how easy it has been for me to use. Thank you for your dedication and for putting so much effort into making sure the plugin runs optimally. Your attention to detail and passion for quality are evident in every aspect of the plugin and have saved me so much time and effort in maintaining my database. I wish I could give you the recognition you deserve for all the work you've put into this plugin. You are a true professional and I am deeply grateful for your generosity in sharing it with other WordPress users. Warm regards and thank you again for all your hard work. Sincerely, JUAN LUIS MARTEL
12 Δεκεμβρίου 2022
I've been using Meow Gallery and Meow Lightroom for a good while. Last year I started using Meow Media Cleaner and I have just renewed my license. Meow Media Cleaner is a great tool for cleaning out legacy images from the WordPress Media Library and a great companion to Meow Database Cleaner. This year I opted to try out Meow Database Cleaner (Pro). It follows the same guidelines of the other Meow products I have been very happy with. It is powerful and presented in both a simple version and an advanced version. Like Meow Media Cleaner take note of the Health Warning. Back up before you use in case you need to roll-back. My recommendation is that you take multiple-back ups! is our hobby blog. It's about 8 years old. Over that time we've used a few themes, we used to used NextGen Gallery, we've used multiple contact forms... - in fact there was load of legacy crud in the database after 8 years! Meow Database Cleaner has allowed me to clean up a lot of the legacy crud, cleaning up the PostTypes, removing lots of legacy Tables, cleaning up the cron jobs and cleaning up the Options. The latter is where a huge amount of work was done. The data here is dived into: Not Used, Used and Unknown. After lots of interrogation, that allows you to look at each record, I've been left with Not Used (10), Used (529) Autoloaded (486) and Unknown (67). Unknows started off at nearly 500! For the Not Used and Unknown after looking at the records, I am left with stuff I cannot that I cannot link to a legacy theme or app. As I have no way of knowing what these unknowns are linked to my mantra has been "if you cannot deduce what the record is linked to keep it" With Meow Database Cleaner I have been given the tools to help me clean up 8 years of legacy crud that I was previously scared to do. I cannot emphasise how important it is to heed the warning on the packaging. TAKE MULTIPLE BACK-UPS. You can really screw up your site if you clean / delete the wrong thing. Let me share my experience. My first go was a failure - I deleted too much and lost all my Tablepress tables - and had to do a roll back. My host is SiteGround and they give you the tools to take manual back-ups. After I did the roll-back I thought I had really screwed up. What I forgot to do having rolled-back was to manually clear the SiteGround cache. Once I did that, PHEW, the roll-back put me back to my pre Meow Database Cleaner condition and I could re-start. My second attempt was very successful as I was much much more diligent with the cleaning and cross checking. This is why having back-ups is so so important. My second go has taken hours of work cross-checking with interim back-ups I'm very happy with the Meow's new database cleaner. Jordy and the Meow dev team really want to make this a great database cleaning tool. I also urge you to share your feedback with the Jordy et al. Well done team Meow.
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Σύνοψη αλλαγών

0.7.9 (2023/02/01)

  • Add: Support for more plugins.
  • Update: Hide the counters when an action is being done.
  • Info: Please leave a review here 💕 That would help me a lot 🍀 Thank you!

0.7.7 (2023/01/27)

  • Add: Support for more plugins.
  • Update: Enhanced the entries modal, but still some work to do.

0.7.6 (2023/01/09)

  • Add: Checkboxes to avoid seeing everything in the entries modal (will make this better later).
  • Add: Support for more plugins.

0.7.5 (2023/01/09)

  • Add: Repair tables.
  • Add: Support for more plugins.
  • Info: Happy 2023! 🎁

0.7.4 (2022/12/24)

  • Add: Support for more plugins.
  • Update: Better handling for Duplicated Post Meta.

0.7.3 (2022/12/12)

  • Add: Ability to browse the data in a table. All the columns are displayed, we’ll add a way to hide/show the columns independently later.
  • Add: Better titles for modals.
  • Add: Additional support for plugins.

0.7.2 (2022/11/23)

  • Add: Support for a lot of new plugins.
  • Update: Cleaner UI, let me know how to improve it further.

0.7.1 (2022/11/15)

  • Add: New option to add a delay between each request. This is useful when you have a lot of data to clean, and you want to avoid timeouts.
  • Update: The chart now works a bit differently and can switch between DB size and percent change.
  • Fix: Little fixes for better requests.
  • Add: New button to generate random fake data. Only for debugging purposes.

0.6.9 (2022/11/09)

  • Update: Better UI with better buttons, and colored alternative rows.
  • Update: Used By data is now more overridable.

0.6.8 (2022/11/01)

  • Added: Support for WordPress 6.1.
  • Added: Support for PHP 8.1.
  • Added: Custom Queries.

0.6.7 (2022/10/19)

  • Fix: There were a few notices and warnings.
  • Added: Support for more plugins.

0.6.6 (2022/10/15)

  • Update: We can now override the ‘Used By’.
  • Update: Optimize the ‘Used By’ feature.
  • Add: Pingbacks.


  • Add: Improved browsing of the data.
  • Update: Improved the loading of data.


  • Update: Chart use log scale.
  • Update: Options are handled differently (UI will be more responsive).
  • Add: Better support for plugins.

0.6.3 (2022/09/20)

  • Add: A little chart to show the evolution of the DB size.
  • Add: Added support for Expired Transients.
  • Fix: There was a bug while deleting certain cron jobs.

0.6.1 (2022/09/08)

  • Add: Support for more plugins.
  • Update: Store everything in only one option instead of many.
  • Update: Optimized the way options are loaded and updated.

0.6.0 (2022/09/06)

  • Update: Update the size of the DB every day automatically.
  • Update: The UI is now a bit more elegant.
  • Add: We can now disable the message which is above the dashboard.

0.5.9 (2022/08/29)

  • Fix: The columns weren’t aligned properly.
  • Fix: Tiny technical enhancements to make things smoother.

0.5.8 (2022/08/16)

  • Add: Easy/Expert Switch. The plugin now fits two kinds of user.
  • Update: More UI improvements, we are getting close to perfection!? Let me know! 💕

0.5.7 (2022/08/10)

  • Fix: It was not possible to select many tables at once.
  • Fix: Assigning a plugin to a specific cron task wasn’t working.
  • Add: New plugins support.
  • Update: Little changes in the UI and how it works, should feel natural.

0.5.6 (2022/08/04)

  • Update: Assign Plugin now refreshes the items right away.
  • Update: Assign Plugin now features a filter to associate to plugins faster.
  • Update: Better UX when the plugin is busy.

0.5.5 (2022/07/23)

  • Fix: Could not delete or optimize tables without prefix.
  • Update: Use a button instead of a link to associate an item with a plugin.

0.5.4 (2022/07/19)

  • Add: Now possible to select a range of checkboxes/items by using SHIFT.

0.5.3 (2022/07/12)

  • Fix: There was a little UI issue with the columns.
  • Add: Deep-Cleaning option for Pro.
  • Add: We can now see/check all the data of all Posts through paging (by using the glass magnifier icon).

0.5.1 (2022/06/24)

  • Update: My library Neko UI was improved (that will impact the UI positively).

0.4.9 (2022/06/03)

  • Update: Enhanced the loading of the data of the first tab, for a smoother and nicer experience.
  • Update: Additional support for other plugins.

0.4.7 (2022/05/25)

  • Update: Lot of little UI enhancements.
  • Update: Additional support for other plugins.

0.4.6 (2022/05/19)

  • Fix: The handling of the _user_roles option was wrong.
  • Update: Icons have been updated; the trash means some data will be removed, while the cross means the item will be entirely removed (in a case of a table, it means it will be dropped).

0.4.5 (2022/05/16)

  • Update: Better handling of the Used By column with support of regexp.
  • Update: Little UI enhancements to avoid extra clicks.
  • Fix: Retrieve better option value for the modal.

0.4.4 (2022/05/10)

  • Add: We can now check what is the data stored by an option.

0.4.3 (2022/05/03)

  • Fix: Better UI for handling the Used By.

0.4.2 (2022/04/29)

  • Fix: Better support for ACF and various other plugins.
  • Fix: Little UI enhancements to handle the “Used By” data.

0.4.1 (2022/04/24)

  • Add: Support for item used by frameworks.
  • Fix: Better support for Elementor.
  • Update: Lot of UI enhancements. More to come next week!

0.3.9 (2022/04/18)

  • Fix: Removed some warnings on the PHP side which were sometimes breaking the asynchronous requests.
  • Add: We can now copy/paste the whole customized data related to Used By.

0.3.8 (2022/04/15)

  • Add: Sort by name, size, used by, etc.
  • Add: Search for name, used by, etc.
  • Fix: There was an issue with the count for transients.
  • Update: Better filters, improved UI.

0.3.7 (2022/04/13)

  • Add: User can now choose a plugin for the “Used By” column.
  • Fix: Removed a few warnings and enhanced the filters.

0.3.6 (2022/04/10)

  • Fix: The count was wrong for Post Types.

0.3.4 (2022/04/08)

  • Fix: Better handling of “Used By” overrides (to make sure we get some better information about how an item is used).
  • Add: Checkbox to hide the items “Used by WordPress”.
  • Add: Paging for Post Types, Tables.
  • Fix: Statistics were not updated after Auto Clean.
  • Update: Again, many UI enhancements.

0.3.0 (2022/04/05)

  • Update: Many UI enhancements, buttons were simplified and actions moved on the left (to make it clearer which item it is linked to), smoother busy statuses.
  • Add: Autoload is now a checkbox (which we can enabled/disabled).

0.2.9 (2022/03/30)

  • Update: Changed the way (and filters) the items can be selected in bulk.

0.2.8 (2022/03/29)

  • Fix: There was some issues with deleting cron jobs.
  • Fix: Little UI issues.
  • Update: Possibility to select more than one item at the time.

0.2.7 (2022/03/22)

  • Add: Cron Tabs.

0.2.6 (2022/03/18)

  • Fix: The percentage was sometimes off.
  • Add: Support for Meow Apps plugins.

0.2.5 (2022/03/15)

  • Add: Ability to see how much the DB increased or decreased over time.
  • Add: Checkbox to select tables.
  • Update: Improved UI.

0.2.4 (2022/03/11)

  • Fix: Compatibility with MariaDB.
  • Add: Optimize for tables.
  • Update: Better UI for Options.
  • Update: UI enhancements.

0.2.1 (2022/03/08)

  • Add: Support for “Used By” for WordPress Core, WooCommerce, and the whole system behind it (actions, filters).
  • Update: Better SQL queries.
  • Update: Better UI.

0.1.5 (2022/03/04)

  • Add: A way to look into the data which is going to be removed.
  • Add: More ways to delete in bulk.
  • Fix: A few UI bugs related to refreshing.
  • Update: The UI is always evolving! Better and better! (and we are not done)

0.1.2 (2022/02/21)

  • Update: Better buffered deletions.
  • Update: Dynamicity of the UI has improved a lot.

0.1.1 (2022/02/15)

  • Add: Finally, support for big installs, with buffered deletions!
  • Update: A bunch of fixes and enhancements.

0.1.0 (2022/01/26)

  • Update: Doesn’t work with risk level anymore, but a simpler option.
  • Update: UI improvements.

0.0.7 (2022/01/11)

  • Add: Logging.
  • Update: More information about what the plugin is cleaning after clicking the Clean DB button.

0.0.6 (2021/12/20)

  • Update: Nice UI improvements.

0.0.5 (2021/12/14)

  • Add: Support for removing tables, and check by which plugins they are used.
  • Add: Ignore status for Risk column.
  • Info: Additional and various enhancements.


  • Fix: The default Risk Treshold was too high.


  • Update: Small improvements, tables percentages, etc.


  • Add: Table statistics.
  • Update: Improve UI (buttons, organization, etc).


  • Info: First release.